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    I just came back after a hiatus probably about a 4-5 month long one. i am still in a whole lot of PQ gear and dungeon gear. yet im out parsing brigs troubies and some mages as a ranger is this normal or what. also most of the people i am out parsing have either near max aa or max aa allowed im only at 199. so can anyone tell me whats up or am i just late to the shock that i might be good regardless of gear. oh and the people im going against are in T2 shard armor from dov content or better gear some even from raids.
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    rocthorne999 wrote:
    i just got out of pq gear and into ry'gorr, some dungeon jewelry and what not, and at times im on top, most of the time i get outparsed by em raid geared assassins, wiz/lock, even illys, conj's, dirges, necros, etc etc.
    iv spent a decent amount of time on training dummy's getting a good cast order down, and iv got 290 aa's, with all my double attack ca's. granted im not the most experienced in dov i only started heavily into the expansion a month or so ago but im completely mastered, every single ca and my aa build is right in line with the best rangers that i know of.
    so i think your situation may be that your just grouping with crappy people, maybe the raid geared people you group with dont give a crap about the zone theyre running and arent really trying, or your just really good.
    in any case, who cares? just keep trying to be good, progress to whats comfortable with you, and enjoy the game =)