Ok, I am thinking about coming back, need help and advice!!!!!

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  1. Darkshadow New Member

    Hi, I havent played since last year and I only was in for a few because I had RL and WoW. Well, I am done with WoW! And, Now I am looking for a new home. So, thought about coming back to EQ2 and getting an all access pass, and playing, but the last time I was here my old guild on AB was really not there if not gone by now. I have some characters I have played over the years, and I have like a 120, 110, 75 etc. But, I am so lost and want to see the game. Which brings me to my first question: Is it even worth or even will i be able to see the game from the being? I dont want to jump any characters. 2nd: is this game friendly to solo play, so when I cant play with someone (my wife will not be playing this time) like guildies? 3rd: should I start over on a new server, hows the population? 4th: What classes are useless and what are need, which ones make good solo playing but can go into a group easily?
    I am now downloading the game.

    I will probably have more questions. And thank you for your help!

  2. Evilary Well-Known Member

    Only issues I can help you with are it is soloable all the way to level cap. If you want to play on Live servers, Maj'Dul is the most populated live server. TLE Varsoon is the most populated server in general. TLE is still possible to solo but it will be a lot rougher going as it takes you back to the by gone days when mobs were less soloable. It also is around 80 level cap at the moment. They are pretty far in their expansion unlocks but I would say you could still catch up if you were determined.

    Everyone says Necromancer for soloability and groupability. I'm not 100% sure on this personally as I just solo.
  3. Darkshadow New Member

    Thank You Evilary, I also with me starting at 1 could I hold of on getting xpan for a couple weeks? Or is there something in it that helps lvling other then the Boost? I am not sure what I have used thats a 1 time use thing from xpan packs, but if I dont know then it is what it is lol.
  4. Evilary Well-Known Member

    There are potions you should be able to claim from veteran rewards to boost your leveling. I do not think there is anything to slow you down much on waiting to get the expansion. You can level to 110 on Free to Play accounts now, sounds like you can get to at least 120 based on previous characters, so you should be good.
  5. Darkshadow New Member

    I was thinking about starting over on Maj'Dul since it more poulated then AB and I would be starting at lvl 1 on AB anyway. I am about to get a All Access Pass anyways. So, with it just being a boost to 125 then I am fine waiting until i get closer to lvl 120 before getting xpan?
  6. Evilary Well-Known Member

    95 to 100 will be a grind but the rest of the levels will flow through quick. Personally I would level one up since I have been away and use the boost on an alt at a later time.
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  7. Darkshadow New Member

    exactly what I was thinking Evilary, thank you so much.
  8. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I solo all the time also, there are some things you can't do solo, but it's never bothered me because there is so much else to do anyhow. I still favor my Pally for soloing, but that is a personal preference. Starting at level one you should get to level 20/25 in no time, but yea after that you'll have months of leveling, but to me that is the fun part, seeing all the different zones and doing all the quest. Good luck and Happy Hunting!
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  9. Stardrama Member

    Maj'Dul is very traffic heavy. Mostly because they split or merged in Butcherblock, where I was when I left the game for a while. I came back to this server. Necromancer is the most solo oriented class in my view. That's what I am. I used to group but there was too much lag back then for me. Must be worse now? And I was abandoned in groups too often as RL events came up with the groupmates. Nothing wrong with that, life happens, but it was inconvenient. Now there are ways around that with escape potions and spells to evacuate everyone. Anyway, I've soloed my Necromancer's entire life pretty much. I have created a full board of alts though, and, since soloing is my thing, I enjoy playing them as well. My guild went bust while I was away, there's still two of us left, so I have entirely quit, but I may have to. 2nd easiest class to solo with, at least imo, is Shadowknight or Inquisitor. Yes, I know, both on the 'bad' side. But that's just how it's turning out. The good side of those classes just can't keep up. All guilds have a 'who we are' section on their guild list info page, shouldn't be hard to find one to your liking.
  10. Siren Well-Known Member

    Class FYI: Inquisitor is playable on both factions.

    There is only one pair per main class (Scout/Mage/Priest/Fighter) still glued to its respective faction on the PvE servers:

    Swashbuckler = Qeynos, while its mirror class Brigand = Freeport

    Conjuror = Qeynos, while its mirror class Necromancer = Freeport

    Mystic = Qeynos, while its mirror class Defiler = Freeport

    Paladin = Qeynos, while its mirror class Shadowknight = Freeport.

    All the other classes can be played on both factions. And to make it even more confusing, on the PvP server Zarrakon, ALL of the classes can be played on both sides quite easily, without having to do any betrayal quests like in the old days. Now you just see a Betrayal NPC who gives you a Betrayal token, and in a couple seconds you can switch factions while keeping your class no matter which class you're playing.

    Have fun!
  11. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Fury for life!
  12. Stardrama Member

    Good to know. Like I said, I've been away for quite a while (years). Still trying to acclimate. A lot has changed!
  13. Stardrama Member

    One thing you can't do solo is that 'running roots' quest for the Panda guy. My gosh! There should be a solo alternative. It's tough to find someone willing to help with that quest anymore. Everyone seems to be up in the Sky regions now. But that's what guilds are for, I could always get a guildmate to help out. But my guild went bust while I was away and since I'm one of the leaders, I feel obligated to try and get things going again to help the guild originator's RL daughter. So, meanwhile, I'll just skip that quest. I'll probably use the chrono mage guys to go back to an earlier level to finish it someday!
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