Oceansfull Feedback & Bugs – 2022

Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kaitheel, Jul 22, 2022.

  1. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    got the jubi coins, far and few in between, but most importantly I got a tip to /dance with othmir until I get a buff to get older pool of rewards /yay

    Got both recipe books on test now too.

    Would you guys consider putting 1 jubi medal in ALL the shells? as an extra reward, guaranteed, not just random every now and then
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  2. Chrol Developer

    Moved the shinies out of water in Trench of Terrors so no need to scuba dive for them.
  3. Denmum Developer

    The medals can be found in shells in any of the locations. They all use the same loot pool. The issue, as always, is Bristlebane (the RNG) watching over your random rolls, knowing exactly what you want, and keeping it from you. (I swear, he stalks me regularly.) I did get a medal while poking at the shells on Test, so I know they made it in.
  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I know too I found a bunch in a very short time in Antonica, Bristlibanes loves Ratongas
    o and thanks for leaving the floats in there, I use those for fencing around my camp.
    I heared manny complaints that they are useless as floats, so I tried to find another use.
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  5. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Oh, I found a nice problem! Using call of the veteran within the zone makes the minerals disappear. It also killed my pearl. So die if you want a fast TP, don't call to another player. Pearl respawns in its place as soon as you lose it/drop it down (yeah, I obviously took the wrong cuda-infested shaft first and found another copy of the first one I had picked up and placed down).
    This should be fixed I think as it's easy to want to rely on it to move back to the hub or something.

    I couldn't find the mana drain yet, I'll let you know if I can replicate, I killed everything way too fast to get it I think. Still haven't find the use of the minerals down there either, they're never clickable but I did focus every major-damage spell on those summoners so they went down fast.
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  6. Denmum Developer

    As an aside, I've learned that the medals are only available when you're NOT under the influence of the Othmir Tribe Blessings (which is how you get the second subset of the old returning items). So make sure you don't have that buff on if you want the rewards that include the new items and the tokens.
  7. Manafizzle Active Member

    Found 4 things that look to be for making something. Didn't find any way to make something with them if it's in on Test yet.

    Some of the terrorcuda seem to cast both 'Surging Maw' and 'Thrash', which is why they still kill me sometimes. One of those stifles, so I can't fix it and survive. Definitely happening less now, and it's not a one-shot like when I first ran it.
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  8. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the stiffle is a big long. As I'm trailing my AWESOME mystic around, I AE while climbing up and she cures/ward when the stiffle hit so I can climb stright to the top (usually leaving half the fisheses alive). But solo, that's another matter as I can't cure myself and by the time I can cast again, I'm usually dead (I obviously don't pull the whole shaft in that case)
  9. Chrol Developer


    Will fix that.
  10. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    Slower respawn for Trench Lashers in the final room, pls.

    hp nerf for mobs might be required, it normally takes 40~45 mins to clear the zone for me.

    General pathing issues. This is getting rather annoying...

    Adds spawned from those 'holes' seem to give bosses invincibility/immunity.

    Does Reef Beast Scraps(collectible) have lower chance to appear than others?

    Sentinels of the Deep(mobs surrounding tavalan summoners) having similar issues with terrorcudas when it comes to their dps.

    Lighting all the braziers doesn't make portals appear, need to install two pearls on top of that.
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  11. Gelenor Active Member

    Anyone else not getting updates for the exploration achievement "Deep Dive"? The are not hard or unobvious places, but my alt completing the zone has completed the solo collection,, more than halfway through the final Festival achievement, have the tradeskill materials (with no idea of hw to utilise them at this stage) .... yet the obvious exploration spots (such as the centre of the zone (such as the Nautilus Ark) are not updating. Just cecking, s it could just be my character
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  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Kaitheel, I just went out and finished the collection Sacraments of the deep in 3 of the zones available on Tarinax.
    I would like to remind you, that we have the Rise of Kunark expansion unlocked.
    I did not even need the latest expansion to finish the collection, I found all collectables on the Kelethin Nursery
    beach, Commonlands, and Antonica.
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  13. Chrol Developer

    Do you have approximate locs of where pathing appears buggy in Trench of Terrors?
  14. Chrol Developer

    Deep Dive is the Heroic instance exploration medal. The solo version is called Depth Charge.
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  15. Gelenor Active Member

    Mia culpa. I have completed Depth Charge without even noticing and yes I now see Deep Dive is heroic. Thanks for advice
  16. cellinaire Well-Known Member

    Swimming down elevators in the 'four sub-towers' especially. My pet/merc almost always seem to pull mobs from somewhere far away and I normally end up using Call Servant.

    (I mean, those water tubes in general...when I send my pet/merc to attack mobs within arm's reach, they take a circuitous route like 400m)
  17. Manafizzle Active Member

    Pathing...The worst area that I noticed are the tubes that are in the places through the water portals at the lowest level. My merc and pet end up going somewhere completely different if I swim down the tube, pulling a school of murder fish and a ray or an octopus or whatever...then they run back to me, some of it leashes, and I have to kill the rest before I can use the portal. Pet is set on assist, merc is set on passive.

    At the reef area, my merc and a mob dove right off the edge together for no obvious reason. Don't try to track there, either...the golden path tries to lure you right off the side. Nice try, EQ2! I'm not falling for that again!
  18. Gelenor Active Member

    In the solo zone, there are multiple duels between two attacking immune to damage (white con) NPCs. If you move to them, one will die, If you stay at the fight site, the dead one will revive and you get a very short window of time to attack the winner. When the dead one revives, the two remain as dueling and non-attackable from then on.

    If, however, you move to or through the dueling NPCs and away from them, one will die, and if you stay away from the winner, will turn attackable and then you can come back and "finish him".

    Not in anyway an exploit of any value, but I am mentioning it in case it was not intended.
  19. Chrol Developer

    Fish will be removed from all the water tubes.

    @Gelenor - Looking into the issue with the respawning duelers.
  20. Chrol Developer

    Issue with the respawning duelers will be fixed with the next test update. Thanks again!