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  1. Felston New Member

    I’ve recently started playing and have hit level 61. I only have the basic game (free) as my laptop doesn’t handle the game well. That said I solo everything, what can I do other than the available agnostic dungeons that I’ve done so many times already?
  2. Shatou New Member

    The EQ2 wiki is a great resource for all the different things to do. You can play without buying any expansions through Altar of Malice (AoM) which allows you to reach level 100. You can buy the latest expansion (Renewal of Ro aka RoR) and get all of the latest content after AoM which includes another 6 expansions. One thing to note: a membership is not required to play anything but it helps a lot.

    With that being said, here is the soloing timeline found on the wiki that can help you determine what to do.
    There's a lot of great content between levels 1-100 and I would definitely recommend exploring as much of it as you can
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