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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Flossie, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Server firsts are server firsts and the more hardcore raiding guilds compete on those terms. Deal with it.
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    You Axiom guys should lighten up a little. Geeeesh!

    I think I will go server first Darathar on Isle of Refuge today--wish me luck!
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  3. TheCrux Member

    I am not Axiom.

    Facts are facts. Hardcore raiding guilds, in any game, in any server "type" compete for server firsts, to refute that you must be touching or already well within the spectrum.

    Your sarcasm is bad; Darathar has been downed on IoR a few times already. GL about bragging rights on that you casual. /sarcasm
  4. Ummmyeh Active Member

    Wow you really let that guy have it! You almost got better at coherent sentences 5/550
  5. TheCrux Member

    Fair enough; albeit better than having my jealousy maxed out at 550/550 akin to yours.
  6. Ummmyeh Active Member

    You spelled apathy wrong. Apathy 550/550
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    That doesn't mean that being able to buy potions is pay to win, there's nothing left to win anymore. If it was serious pay to win I doubt it would be in the game, but the content has all been cleared multiple times over and all these "hardcore" guilds are using potions anyways so if they are all using pots aren't they all winning? One is going to win just because of a better route, better raid setup, more skill, etc. People wanting to be the first isn't pay to win, because even back in the day when there were no potions there was always going to be one specific team that got it first.

    Pay to win = Familiars (you can only get legendary + in marketplace, not in game)
    Pay to win = Researchable grandmasters (they hardly make a difference in the grand scheme of things but they cannot be earned through actually playing the game, every other tier can)
    Pay to win = Potions (You can get max level no matter how you play, and there's nothing special for being the first, you just lose money in this case)

    Are you guys seeing it yet? Being able to buy to get something first is not the same as winning, here's another thing for example... ACTUALLY buying levels. Heroic characters. You get handed a full set of gear, max level, bags, potions, food and drink. Yet it isn't winning. Why? Because that character is never going to get in a good group, the heroic characters are "pay to win" (at least to you) yet they are useless when put in play. I thought buying levels was supposed to be winning? If it's winning why does it matter WHEN I do it? If it's pay to win, it's always pay to win.

    Let's face it, the hardcore raid guilds are such a SMALL portion of the game that they wont really get listened to, especially a case like this where it's basically a bunch of mindless yammering. Most people who use potions just use it to make their play a little faster, they aren't offered gear, spells, or anything super special just because they are leveling a little faster.
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    We have a new race leader.
    I don't even....
  10. Ummmyeh Active Member

    You have quite a lot invested in this thread to be such a new member. o_O
  11. Xephane Active Member

    Just because you don't agree with something does not mean it is autistic. That just makes everything you say far less effective when you don't legitimately quote something.
  12. TheCrux Member

    The position you put yourself in was undeniably bad. Overall, an easy setup for me - guaranteeing that your future arguments would fail. No real effort.

    Nov 2015 is when I registered to these forums after playing DT / SH launch.

    Your "forum status" is tied to recent post count not account age. You didn't know?
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    There was absolutely nothing in that visual wall of aids that you posted, that was even remotely relevant to the point I was making regarding the drive of hardcore guilds to beat out other guilds for server firsts.
  14. Ummmyeh Active Member

    You are really trying way too hard here. I bet you are sitting in Mommies basement eating Doritios and peeing in 2 liter Mountain Dew bottles being all "hardcore" thinking you have the upper hand right about now? Yes?

    The real question is why you are replying to a rhetorical statement? Maybe you should put a little more effort into this little spat so to speak. I don't expect you to admit that you have an alt forum account that much has been obvious. Wowzers. :rolleyes:
  15. Xephane Active Member

    Real mature way of speaking, my points were more general rather than directed at you, and to be fair, the first paragraph was relevant. You aren't competing for anything if it's already died multiple times. You aren't learning anything new, or doing anything different. So have fun...

    "Aids" "autism" you should be banned from forums with that way of speaking to be fair.
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  17. Ummmyeh Active Member

    That is why he prefers to use an ALT account lol.
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    lol your triggered, so yeah, I won.
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    You got a Dorito stuck in your Shaggy goatee.
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