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  1. Maddest Active Member

    Kaily was all gear. Broncas was a god among men. Dacampzer however was 100% pure unadulterated pro sauce.
    Broncas only good cuz gear lol. Some real haters in here. The only reason you beat me was cause you played harder/smarter to get the gear that was best for pvp on your character. Im shaking my head.
    You may not know this but broncas was possibly one of the best pve tanks of all time. Oh yes, he wasnt a one trick pony. He actually knew how to play the class under two different rulesets.
  2. Notsovilepriest New Member

    Broncas serious could taunt lock better on a monk pre-peel better than most other tanks could at that point. This is not even a joke. If anyone knew how monk taunts back then worked too, would make that much more impressive
  3. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Broncas is and forever will be the nightmare he was in pvp....saying it was all gear is absolute garbage.
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  4. Forged-Night Member

    all these " death" lists posted up there. never knew folks kept lists of peeps i have killed
  5. Forged-Night Member

    Never knew folks kept a list or lists of peeps i have killed.
  6. Schnooky Member

  7. Fivecents New Member

    Not a single name here that I recognize. I am assuming these are more recent players? I quit shortly after they allowed all classes on either faction. Are inquisitors still a force to be reckoned with? Thorny was king of the inqys at the time. I didn't see any Dirges listed either. I have only Freeport toons but I would be interested in coming back if there is action to be had!
  8. Maddest Active Member

    So 7 years ago? I raided in exile for about 4 years. I quit for irl for another 3. So yah. 7 years ago. Max level like lvl 70. Pvp was fun in kos when not getting fusioned off platforms by wizards named fitba. Synter and Borias come to mind but 7 plus years ago I hadnt mosied over to naggy yet. Not sure how many players from 7 years ago stuck with it. Could probably count em on 2 fingers. Maybe 1. Broncas played Jogo in the way back time but again that was Venekor.
    Remember that purity double charm a team. Was ugly. So many moons ago I cant even remember their names. I suspect there was a salsa dacampzer and popsi in it.
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  9. Vlahkmaak Active Member

    Thorny was more than a force to be recognized with: He was the only solo inqy running around way back when in the long, long, ago when Inqys were not super desirable (pre myth buff): He was the definition of someone who could play an underpowered class that others avoided very well in pvp/e situations.
  10. Stylish Active Member

  11. Maddest Active Member

    I dieded! In my defense. Im terrible. I think you saw some onyx tags and mighta mistook us for good players. Just friends n family baddies.
  12. Trasor Active Member

    I love it Phineus, you and Absurdus and Maddaus going at it with the guard + duo healer group
  13. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I love Maddest and Maddaus, they were selfless healers who did a hell of job even if they claim to be mediocre. No good player claimed their dominance, it was earned. When I grouped with these 2, we were unstoppable.
  14. Maddest Active Member

    Correction. You were unstoppable. We were just the cheerleaders in the back while you smashed everything in sight.
  15. Ilovecows Active Member

    Wow, someone considers Obrion good. He was good at fleeing a battle, that's for sure.
  16. Kazooooooooooo Active Member

    Does that actually say Broan?
  17. Kaarkula Active Member

    Also a name from the past but... Corydonn
  18. Marschstiefel Active Member

    You seem to not grasp sarcasm too well
  19. Evka New Member

    MVP in this game was and are Russians mostly:


    also some foreign friends like:
    and some others...

    here are some videos for prove that the most challenge fights was (Russian Dominators, ex-Nexus Rus. vs. Quags Rus. or party vs. raids only):

    I cant find logical reason about why devs cant fix tokens (add new pvp tokens) for Warfields.
    I know for sure that lot of people leave Nagafen due this reason only, because Warfields is the only fun for all PvPers on this server.
  20. Stylish Active Member

    Someone please post the video of the random PUG beating the Russians in a 6v6.

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