NotD Neighborhood Contest 2022

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by draidean, Apr 28, 2022.

  1. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Well, it's probably never going to happen, I just can't help having a slightly over-active brain that runs amok no matter what I do.
    HEHE :confused:
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  2. Almee Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a lot of fun. I plan to do a NoTD house on Public Test since there is a dungeon full of free stuff needing a home. I guess I'd better make a character on AB so I can see how others have done their NoTD decorating.
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  3. Misstake Well-Known Member

    I can be a server host on any of the open servers who still need it on Devilkiss and can donate plat on HoF and MD. I would like to participate on AB with Devilkiss unless you need me to host and then I will choose somewhere else.
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  4. draidean Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone! So sorry I got behind on this thread...I could have sworn I had my settings set up to send me email notes when people commented! I was beginning to worry that no one was interested this year lol I am happy to be wrong. I will start working my way back through with responses now =)
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  5. draidean Well-Known Member

    Precisely, thank you Morukta! Several people, including myself, really hate those pop-ups and the screen crawlies too, so I put those on the no-go list this year. They are the only disallowed items! So do join us Quiarrah =)

    Morukta I totally agree and have feedback'd this before, I would love an option to disable them because I sometimes don't tour NotD themed houses if I'm afraid they are in there, and that's sad because I really love NotD!
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  6. draidean Well-Known Member

    You got it again =) And I have you down Quiarrah!
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  7. draidean Well-Known Member

    Correct, thank you Elflover! We've had some folks start ahead of schedule before (I totally get it, the list of rules for this contest is pretty long) so I'm not opening up the houses until the start day and time this year to make sure everyone has the same amount of time to decorate and chance to get the spot they want.
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  8. draidean Well-Known Member

    Gotcha, Smallcorners!
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  9. draidean Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Alyys! Would you please send them to Kallysta there? Or holler at me if you see me online and I'll meet ya =)
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  10. draidean Well-Known Member

    Got it!
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  11. draidean Well-Known Member

    Oh it's easy! And there are houses from previous years that you can tour for examples. There is a Frostfell one too, just check the housing and leaderboards and let me know if you change your mind. Homeshow will always also give you all the help you need =)

    There are "Decoraids" where you can show off your houses and tour others'. Holler at Azzurrite (sp?) in game for information about those.

    Thank you so much for helping out with the expander and plat prize! Please send that to Osterneth, if you don't mind, or contact me in game and I'll meet you. And I have you down as a Judge; I think it's actually a benefit to have some judges with fresh eyes along with our seasoned ones, so that's perfect.

    The Server Overseers keep up with the list of contestants on their servers; answer questions; help with items, rules, advice; check in regularly on the house to make sure everything is going okay and save save save the layout as often as possible in case of problems; give general updates to the Grand Overseer and go to them with problems or questions they can't fix, etc. It spreads the work out over more people and also is a quicker way to address things than when there is only one person that can help.
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  12. draidean Well-Known Member

    What Miss DK wants, she gets! I'll take you as SO on HoF and MD and gladly accept prize money on those servers, thank you!! And got you down to participate on AB <3

    I want to make a note here for everyone that I put all donations for these contests in a separate place from my own money and items. In the case we get more than we need, I leave it there for future contests or return the extra, just let me know if you want any surplus back when you send your donation to me.
  13. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    nowadays when anything dumped in the house depot loses the maker's mark that will be hard to enforce
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  14. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

    Another good point I hadn't considered!
    I feel like the little boat in a game of Battleship. . . SUNK! LOL
    j/k - this idea is still rolling around in my head for some reason, so who knows, maybe some day it will end up happening in some form or another. ;)
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  15. Misstake Well-Known Member

    This is why for my contest I said that only the 200 item expander could not be used. This is easy to check. The problem with not allowing Marketplace items is that the forgeten recipes can be commissioned so other players do have access to them.
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  16. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    I sent along plat and the expander to Osterneth today! Thanks for explaining so much. :) Overseers definitely have their work cut out for them, it seems, but I can understand how that's all very important.

    I did tour the Frostfell neighborhoods yesterday, those were awesome. I'll stay as a judge for the NotD one but might try my hand at competing for FF!
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  17. draidean Well-Known Member

    So I finally broke down and bought a pack of kronos (and also downloaded DarqUI and figured out how to put them up for the extended price) so I'd have contest money on all servers. The ones on MD and HoF sold for nearly 1.5 Billion in minutes, so I am guessing I won't need any donations from anyone for awhile lol If you've given me money so far for this contest I am offering it back with my sincerest appreciation!
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  18. elflover Well-Known Member

    after seeing you post this my jaw dropped at krono price and then fell off when i looked on the broker...all i wanna know is wtf... how do people have that much plats /dropstoflooramdone
  19. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    You can keep what I sent you. :D I am shocked by how high krono is selling for though, it was just 250-300 million a week or two ago!
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  20. draidean Well-Known Member

    Exactly my reaction too and why I decided to dive in after I heard the price mentioned in homeshow the other day! I figured I'd take advantage of it before it drops back down and finally get some real plat on other servers besides my main (AB). The one I posted on SF has since sold as well, for 1.35 billion. There is currently a bidding war on AB I'm waiting out, since luckily that's the server I actually have plats on.
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