NOTD Decorating Contest 2020! Back Again!

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Slythara, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Slythara Member

    Calling all NOTD lovers!
    I (Slythara) am hosting a Night of the Dead decorating contest starting October 8th running thru October 30th. Houses will be judged the 31st and prizes will be given accordingly. (Sorry the announcement was late. Real life intervened again. <sigh>)

    Prizes are:
    1st place – 1m plat
    2nd place - 500k plat
    3rd place - 250k plat
    There could be surprise prizes as well along with the monetary prize!

    Rules for contest:

    1. No pre-done houses. Must be one that has never been published or shown.

    2. Can only be a one, two or three room inn room. Absolutely NO prestige homes.

    3. NOTD made items, NOTD merchant items and NOTD quest items are only items to be used. NO marketplace items. (would not be fair to those players that don't have money to spare) Exception items are: all house actors( plain, ghost and shadow are included) , mannequins and player made books for story telling

    4. Can be expanded by player made expander only

    5. Houses must be published with NOTDiy_2020 in the heading (that way the judges know which houses to look at)
    6. Do NOT publish before the 30th. This prevents copycatting.

    7. Please only use one toon per server please. (People will tell on you if you use more than one toon. Yep this happened last year)

    Not following the rules will result in disqualification. A list book with the rules will be handed out to each participate so that there is no doubt what will be allowed in the houses, also a list book so you can look at what items I have allowed other then NOTD. The list book is two part because there is so many things for NOTD.

    ALL US SERVERS ARE WELCOME! (The servers that FTP can access) We will be doing this game wide so no need to come to Halls of Fate unless you just want to!

    We will get a tour together and view the houses after the contest! Tour will be Nov 2nd (This is not set in stone and could be a later date depending on what Real life is thrown at us at the time)

    I wish everyone luck and can't wait to see the fabulous creations everyone comes up with.

    My characters on different servers:

    (I would prefer questions be by mail so I can give them my full attention but if emergency questions come up and I am on then please feel free to send me a tell on any of the above toons)

    Several judges will be involved. All with decorating experience and familiar with NOTD items.

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  2. Rushd Active Member

    Sign me up!

    Player: Rushdnotes
    Server: Halls of Fate
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  3. Rushd Active Member

    Sly do you realize there is only the Sinister Set of clothing along with the new Witch outfits only for NOTD? Am I missing something? Can you apply costume to house actors?
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  4. Dasi Member

    Are break outs allowed ?
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  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Aw; I have FTP toons on Public Test and Thurgadin; I can access those just fine that way. :-/

    But then again, it's been awhile since I've done stuff on AB -- no, no, no; I have TWO (may the gods help me) deco irons in the fire for NotD right now; I'd lose what tenuous grip I have on sanity if I were to do a third one. X-P

  6. Dasi Member

    Question, is this for Qeynos Inn room only ? The Freeport side has them listed as apartments. Please clarify the Inn :)

    From 3, No break out, as the teleport pads would need to be required and those are a city fest item ?

    Sorry, I just wanna make sure I dont do something outside of the rules :D
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Plus, it's really tricky/impossible to break out of a house that's smaller than 6- or 7-room, even with a teleport pad, so yeah, no doing that in a 2- or 3-room place (there are no 1- or 5-room houses any more [I don't care what the devs say on the layout file, they don't exist according to the physics of it when you're in one. High time they fixed that], just 2- and 4-room ones. Three room houses still exist, though they're fairly rare). :-/

    Teleport pads can be used within a house normally, but unless you've got things really blocked off, you probably wouldn't need them in a really small place. :)

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  8. Rushd Active Member

    There are breakout possibilities in the smaller homes (in maj' apartment)... but not for displaying. I used breakout last year in order to achieve some tricky celling mount placements to make my door to hell. Although I fell to the city plenty of times, got stuck and had to evac... the end result was worth it. Im not using it this year, I don't think its possible in jade tiger Inn as the ceiling threshold is too low.
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  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Ah! Okay, cool! Didn't know it was possible at all in the smaller places; New Halas and Kelethin tease one with those "windows"... :-/

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  10. Enertocter New Member

    Getting my house done real nice. Looking forward to see what everyone else have created!
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  11. Slythara Member

    If you want to forego one of your other rooms then yes otherwise no.
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  12. Slythara Member

    I am not restricting costumes on house actors this year. So if you find something wildly fantastic then go for it.
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  13. Misstake Well-Known Member

    I know I am late to the party but would love to join in. I will be participating on Devilkiss on AB. Thank you so very much.
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  14. Slythara Member

    will send you books shortly
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Is this the "WL" event that Oaky is videoing? 'Cause the only other one I know of is the ToT20 one...and we have until the 13th of November on that one. :-/

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  16. Rushd Active Member

    Slythara, assuming you may have edited an existing book or perhaps overlooked some items here are the possible mistakes found in the books:
    1. Autumnal Hanging Shrub should be Autumnal Hanging Tendril (NOTD Recipe)
    2. Missing Autumnal Leaf Pile (NOTD Recipe)
    3. Missing Blackhearted Pillow (NOTD Recipe)
    4. Missing Cave Spider Plushie (Hedge Hollow reward)
    5. Missing Crow Plushie (Hedge Hollow reward)
    6. Missing Dalnirian Sarcophagus (NOTD Recipe)
    7. Missing Direful Blazing Skull (NOTD Recipe)
    8. Missing Engraved Headstone (NOTD merchant)
    9. Missing orange Candle ringed by Russet Leaves (NOTD recipe)
    10. Missing Screeching Noise Box (Plundered in Loping Plains when you have "a lost necklace" for HH PQ)
    11. Missing Seeping Shadow (Hedge Hollow reward)
    12. Missing Sinister Candelabra (NOTD Recipe)
    13. Missing The Eternal Dirge (NOTD merchant)
    Muhahahaha 13.... This was just what I found when I ran a check of my Editor list using your books. Please let me know if some or all of these were left out intentionally.
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  17. Slythara Member

    Winner announcement will be delayed. I have a judge that lost their electricity so they haven't had a chance to look over the houses. I am hoping it won't take long so stay tuned!
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yikes! Hope they're not in the hurricane/'tornado/winter storm path! :(

    just waiting for fires/earthquakes/mudslides here :-/
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  19. Misstake Well-Known Member

    When will the winners be posted? I am so excited to see who won!!! Thank you for hosting. It was amazing.
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  20. Slythara Member

    Getting all the paperwork together so I don't mess these titles up lol Will post shortly!
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