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    Hi Gambitak I think I noticed you a few times recently hanging around the bank area In Qeynos on the pvp server? Or someone has a name similar to yours:p.. There's not much in general chat as they don't allow all factions to chat or even show up on server number lists. Tarinax has a server wide discord channel & most of the guilds use discord-lot of fighting, grunting and smack talk if that rocks your boat. You may not know this but on the pvp server the overseer quests are set up differently then other servers. You find the starters for overseer in your /claim window...rains of shinies and no gear at all from overseer on Tarinax.
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    hmm about the bannings, recently they had a huge exploit happening on Taranix and they autobanned a bunch of cheaters..and made some mistakes bans ...they stopped the exploit in its tracks and fixed most of the damages.
    They fixed the mistake bans really quickly. It must suck when it happens unjustly but overall I think it's a good thing the devs do try to keep cheaters out o thef eq games.
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    It is good that they stay on top of that, not saying otherwise. I just think if they're going to accuse someone of something, they better have the entire story first.
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    Usually, I make my character names a lot different than my forum names, so it must be someone else with something similar. I've not been on Tarinax for quite some time. It was so quiet and boring, not even talk in the OOC or server-wide channels
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    UPDATE: I still am not getting the game design, especially with "melee"

    I've played many characters up to 30-60 and recently deleted my highest because I found out that betraying to a different city changes not only the character class but also sets everything back to adept. That was a horrible experience. I just thought I would get a new city and then, when it presented me with a class change, I thought, "Sure, why not?" and didn't like the new class and certainly didn't like that all my Ancient spells were gone.

    What's the reason behind "melee" having Power? Why can't there be a pure melee that doesn't need to cast a spell to hit something? I know that my BL's abilities are called "Combat Arts" but they use Power and have the same cast time and cool down as my Templar's spells (as an example). I can see the BL having spells, but a monk, berserker or brawler or other melee, I'm not sure why they have to cast anything.
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    Daybreak has a death wish, I swear. Ff14 used to be different in that one had TP instead of MP as the tank - not sure if you ever played that, they changed it to be like eq2 though. Maybe it’s like energy and they just are lazy to change the name? ( but I feel like that would be giving them too much credit.)
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    Maybe to account for the fact that people swinging a sword might at some point get tired?
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    Eq2 will be what ya make of it. Some folks like to get to the end & earn a place on a varsity team. Others want to buy a letter jacket & just expect to play varsity. There is all the opportunity you want to play clean and enjoy the massive content. There be also ample options to forgo all the story lines and deep culture just to buy toys. Anyway you choose to play, you can find a spot to fish, in this game. Dig into it, Get familiar with the 10,000 things you need to learn to play. Eq2 is the most fun if one shoulders into it. Find your game here!

    -The Ayodi
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    As a trained fighter, fights don't last that long. As a long, long time MMORPG player, this is kind of a backwards melee system. In EQ1, pure melee had only a few buttons to push, but their sustained DPS was great (entirely gear dependent, of course); in WoW, warriors built up rage and spent it, and, the more you spent it, the less it built up

    I like the mmoRPG part of things, which is why I loved OG EQ. I really want to play a melee bad*ss, but I can't get into the character because my Brawler has to cast spells and then becomes ineffective once Power is down, just like my Warlock or Templar or Beastlord. Is there a place where EQ2 is explained so I can learn the lore of why every single player character casts the same spell (regardless of name, spell casting times, cool downs, and damage et al are almost identical); the one exception I see are healer types, such as my Templar that I'm currently playing. They heal fairly well compared to the mixed class characters (such as Paladin, etc).

    I loved my Monk in original EQ. His sustained DPS was phenomenal and, with FD, I could control aggro as required. Outside of disciplines, I had to plan my attack sequence that did not require Power or Mana; however, in EQ2, every single character I've played has Power (took me awhile to realize that Power = Mana, or, pretty much everything for every class).
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    It sounds like you really like other games and not this game. That's fine. This isn't WoW, nor should it be.

    Realistically, fighters get tired. Trained fighters in the highly controlled environment of a boxing ring have to take breaks between rounds.

    Realistically, fights between trained fighters can last days/weeks. That's called combat.
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    Yes in EQ2 every class is reliant on power. It is simply the way EQ2 combat was designed. Think of Combat Arts as specific sequences that require great training and energy to execute. If that doesn't work for you, then yeah, this probably isn't your game. It's not that great a limitation in the solo game really. End game heroics and raids, skilled power feed becomes something everyone wants in their groups.
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    The thing is, this is fun in real life because you have the adrenaline surge of an actual physical encounter. In a video game, the 30 seconds or so most people might last in a real style of fight wouldn't be very thrilling without that adrenaline.
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    Think of "power" for pure melee type classes as stamina (ala ES games) to perform the special abilities they now have instead of just kick, taunt, and bash and be done with it.
    A long time ago, EQ2 used to have quests and flavor text that referenced the use of power for everyone (aka yeah back of in Eq1 tanks and rogues didn't have spells, but now they kind of do, deal with it, except in character).

    It's been so many years, I honestly can't remember the actual text. Something to do with the gods being missing. Think in Qeynos it was mentioned in Starcrest Commune. Might still exist somewhere.
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    2023 Update for potential new players:
    • GROUPING: Outside of the @Tasnee effort to get a guild going with groups, I've not had one single group since I've started playing. Not even an offer of a group. I've had guild members mentor me, but that's not the same. For those unfamiliar with the term, mentoring is when you artificially drop your character's level to group with another person; however, and this is a big one, your gear and AAs do not drop in level and, as a result, the person doing the mentoring steam-rolls the entire zone. The mentor has been so ridiculously over-powered that I could not even keep up with the looting.
    • AGNOSTICS: I made the mistake of doing this with my level 90 Channeler and have regretted it since. Every single piece of gear I either find or receive through quests cannot match the agnostic dungeon gear. It makes the rest of the game unenjoyable because there's nothing to look forward to earn, get as a prize, loot or take part in. If you plan on running agnostics, I would suggest you do so until you're in your late 90s, as far as level goes.
    • POWER: This is the one I still cannot get. Power is everything. Without it, your character doesn't even rate as a paper bag, where damage is concerned. A wet paper bag would do much more damage than your character, once the power has ran out. I've since played a couple of casting classes and have noticed that, outside of their inability to take melee damage, there really is no difference between my warlock's DPS and my Dirge's DPS or my Paladin's DPS. While the names of the spells (or, 'Combat Arts') are different, they have the same cool down, the same damage ratio and the same rotation. I cannot even tell you a single name for any spell in the game. The names simply do not matter. Just get an Expert or Master class for your current level and you're golden. Look at the spell/combat art picture before you memorize it and make sure that you're on your bar and it will even auto replace everything for you.
    • SERVERS: I've played on 4 servers, with most of my characters being on Skyfire. The population on each of these servers is abysmal; Kael Drakkel was, by far, the least populated server, followed by Tarinax; however, it doesn't make any difference for new players, or returning after a long absence, since Skyfire and Maj'dul are extremely top heavy. I'm guessing that the player population will be much better in current expac content; however, for those of us who are not there, the servers are, for all intents and purposes, empty.
    • LORE: There is definitely some awesome lore and stories; I'll take time out to go and read anything I can find on certain storylines. It's well worth the effort. With that being said, I can tell that some of the newer content, at least at level ~90-100, has a lesser quality of storyline development. I'm starting to see fewer NPC expositions and more of the quick dialogue, such as "Go get 12 of these and return." At least previous to this, the NPC would tell me why I would have to get a certain number of quest items or kills.
    • SERVER HELP: Do not count on it. Ever. Come to the forums or head to the wiki. I've asked in General a couple times and was either entirely ignored or laughed at. Yaaay community.
    • GAME COMPLEXITY: Damn, but this game is complex. I'm still learning new things that have an absolute impact on my character's performance, especially as I level. And, I have no idea why, how-to, or even specifically what I need to do. For example, how does one go about leveling their familiars? When can a person level their familiars? Is it from level 1 or do I have to get some magic level before I can choose to do so?
      • Deity Spells: Hell, I don't even know if I have a deity yet, let alone what deity spells are; I've found the window, but they really make no sense to me; for example as a good character, can I choose an evil or neutral spell line? Will it effect my character's standing (I would guess the answer is 'No, deity choice will not effect your character's standing' since that would mean a negative impact and the designers seemed to have removed anything that might negatively impact your character or your character's ability somehow somewhere);
      • Crafting: I have come to completely hate EQ2 crafting. My GF loves it and I think she's crazy. How is it fun to randomly have to push 1-3 buttons to make it faster and yet those same buttons grey out numbers 4-6, which are used to make sure whatever you're crafting is halfway decent. Further, I have dozens of recipes for an item, such as an axe (for example) that has the same stats as a dozen other axe recipes of the same level. Why have those in-game at all and not just make a generic "Crafted Axe" item that's level appropriate? If DBG wanted to save on database space, that would be the first place I would start. And seriously, I cannot transmute most crafted items, even if they're magic? Sad;
      • Overseers: From the first overseer quest to now, this aspect of the game is entirely focused on end-game mechanics. Outside of some extra Overseers and merc/mount training tokens, I've really got nothing useful; hell, up to level 90, I've got exactly 0% useful out of the overseer quests. I'm sure in some magic, as yet-to-be-defined "time" I can use the merc/mount training tokens, but outside of that, pretty much everything gets deleted. The potions go for silver or gold, so they're cheap and the crafting items are useless; even if I did craft, I could buy them for silver pieces they're so ubiquitous;
    • MUSIC and AMBIENCE: This is where EQ2 shines; I love the music and the ambient sounds are immersive and amazing. Most of the time, I'll play the EQ2 soundtrack from YouTube while I level, or, if I enter a new zone, I'll turn on the music or go find it. Along with the graphics, I believe this is where DBG is getting it right, or, whomever it was who developed it before.
    • GRAPHICS: Again, beautiful. While some of them look dated, I still enjoy the scenery; I wish there were a "god-mode" like setting where I couldn't attack and couldn't be attacked so I could just travel around the entire world. Sure, newer games with an upgraded engine might look better, but I love the palette and the design of EQ2 graphics.
    Overall, I still don't get this game. Maybe it's the business model I'm not understanding. Apparently, the shot callers in DBG think they are making enough money with the current player base. I doubt it. I mean, as a business owner and someone who has been in charge of other people's businesses, new customers are always appreciated. But DBG does not seem to give a flying fig about new players. Hell, from some of the feedback I've seen in guild and General chat, as well as some of the messages in these forums, RoR has alienated some of the longtime players, as well. What I've noticed about this is the fact that they've decided to cut costs (server mergers) and up the ante with specialty server reboots; this is obviously a stop-gap measure meant for short-term capital boost. I get it; however, these do not address the underlying issue that there is no pathway to attract new players; there is no incentive for me to invite my family and friends who want to play something, together, and have it be an enjoyable experience. And, without new players, this IP will fade away (if nothing else, by attrition), experiencing an ignominious death where only the white knights will feel sad when it's finally shut down.
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  15. Kenn Well-Known Member

    You are getting it. which is why getting a level boost is so easy.
  16. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    You lack a great deal of understanding even on the points you've raised - and there's a huge amount you haven't raised (yet). You sir, need a guild. It needs to be active, casual and to have some patient members who like helping newbies.

    But I totally agree with the theme; the game either needs to have dramatically better guidance and tutorials, or to be dramatically less complex. You can't have your product be massively complex, provide zero practical help in understanding it, and then expect people to "get it". But the people who make this game are not idiots, so you have to conclude that there is very little appetite for retaining new and returning players, because literally zero effort is made to do so.
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    Hey, Gam, if you want a truly creative challenge, be a Decorator... :D

    actually serious :)
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    EQ2 released Nov 8 2004
    WoW released Nov 23 2004
  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And they stole a lot from each other... ;->

    who's played both, WoW (= don't recall) before EQ2 (= 2006)
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    Don't ever let the facts get in the way of a good rant!