Not gonna give up till I get it!!!

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Lunablanco, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. Lunablanco Active Member

  2. Lunablanco Active Member

    I want my realistic star bright pegasus! And rainbow feather wings! I will not give up, I shall keep my post alive! -Tosses cash at the screen- Me wanties rite MEOW!
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  3. Lunablanco Active Member

    Day 1, again not giving up!
  4. Lunablanco Active Member

    Okay day 2 and an added issue - why do sig lines for TS have to be combative? I mean if its about crafting...Then why the sneaky, sneaky, & get aggro and run or die stuff ? I mean if they would drop agro at a reasonable spot, that would be great but they wanna chanse me out the dungon!
  5. Bentenn Active Member

    because it has to be a little bit complicated?? just a touch.. TS at the beginning of the expac was big because of crafted gear with pot reforge.. so it had to be a bit challenging lol :)
  6. Lunablanco Active Member

    @Bentenn Ohh I get it now. - head bonks self -
    I had no idea the gear was that much of an improvment at that time. I am more a house deco / casual player, so to me it seems a lil out there. Again ty for the 411 :3

    Okay day 3 - I know the shop can sell the older season LoN and familiars...but could there be a way, perhaps to let us have a rng chance at both in game? Like the quest familiars wild, could rotate thew the seasons every so often. And with LoN, you could make a quest for a random loot that dose the same. Just food for thought!

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