Not all blue stats are created equally.

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Okanagan, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. Okanagan Member

    Just spent 30minutes on the 'be all end all' encounter of mid content, Matron, to receive the below hat.


    Does it have more green stats? Yes! Does it have more potency and crit? Yes!

    Unfortunately, because it was itemized for 22 Ability mod, and nothing else, this hat is worthless. Even if it only had casting speed or reuse, it still wouldn't be worth wearing because the hat from Labs (The easiest raid zone) has 4 blue stats, including both casting speed reuse. 22 Ability mod is no where even close to as equal as the equivalent casting speed or reuse.

    'End game' loot needs to have both casting speed and reuse, or even 5 stats (Cast + Reuse + Abmod) in order for it to actually be an upgrade, regardless if you give it a higher 'ilvl' with more potency / crit.
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  2. Adoninilol Well-Known Member


    You guys should just go ahead and remove aoe auto, accuracy, max health, and ability mod from like every single item if you're gonna itemize them in such pitiful amounts that it makes any item with the stats on them entirely worthless.

    It's really fun to go and kill raid encounters and get gear that is on par with random drops from ^ mobs.

    I hope this is solved going forward in EoF.
  3. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Also the bottom finger is the OLD mythical, the top is the new one that you guys itemized.

    It's pretty fun that you guys spent all this time re-itemizing all this gear just to make this gear actually worse than it was before.

    It's kinda cute, anyways please fix. I like killing a mob for half an hour that requires ACT timers, co-ordinating blockers, jousting, curing with 1 second or the tank dies, timing other things to stay alive. Plus 30 minutes of power regeneration just to get a ring worse than a mastercrafted ring that I can buy off the broker for 70 gold at the moment.
  4. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Also here's the super cool loot from Mutagenic Outcast, a mob that's harder than any instanced content; requires swipe, cures, blockers, etc.

    I reported this in discord like two months ago, and got no response.

    I guess i'll turn this into my complain about itemization thread and just keep linking items that make me really confused.

    Look up the zone Lyceum of Abhorrence, and Halls of Seeing. All of those items are the same, comparable to like the gear you get from solo quests.

  5. Ghorast Member

    grats on kill but big yikes on loot, was really worth delaying the content...
  6. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Bonus round:
    Before you thought +175 mod was = 0.5% reuse.
    Now 25 mod is = 5% reuse.
    Where was the math theories behind all of this. Can you guys please explain to me how you came up with these new numbers.

    I'm completely lost honestly in the itemization the more I sit down and think about it. I run it through a basic script in Python which rolls my abilities 1000 times and gives me averages.

    Do you guys do this? Or do you just guess what's a equal stat, or do you just kinda go uhhh this stat looks cool.
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  7. Krov Active Member

    I have simple question's regarding itemization .

    I left eq2 at SH due to itemization and 2 TLE's later , you are still revamping stuff that was done years ago over and over.

    Even then there was player feed back and fricken spreadsheets wrote out for you , every single item for every fricken zone and it was down to a handful of adjustements and itemization to be damn near perfect.

    I simply want to know why , you thought adjusting ALL the items was the way to go? Instead of a handful that needed to be fixed YEARS ago ?

    Why keep revamping every fricken TLE to cause the same problems over and over ?

    Why not just stick with what is already semi balanced and fix the few that are borked ?
  8. Seth Active Member

    Lol matron encounter does Not require Any ACT triggers lul.
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  9. Kalika Well-Known Member

    They totally screwed non tank itemizattion, tanks get 5-6 blue stats, healer/mage get like 3.

    On top ability mod equivalence is around half of waht it should be.

    25 ability mod is kind of studpi when tanks do have 25 000 hp.
  10. Seth Active Member

    And quit moaning if it was going to be fixed it would have been. Just rotate that matron heart just for a clicky... Sucks that you only do the content to moan about it. Cant wait till EOF. Sure majority of the items are scuffed but they dont do anything about it, or at least not to adequate quality, so dont waste your breath.
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  11. Rayzor Member

    I quit EQ2 also because of bad itemization. I agree with all the item complaints listed here, but I would like to hereby request that the development team review these legitimate concerns as if they were expressed with kind, hopeful optimism. Thanks. Love to all.
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  12. Ghorast Member

    Yeah how dare people whine about no gear progression in game based entirely around gear progression
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  13. Xevran Well-Known Member

    Exactly why I quit TLE too. The itemization is terrible and it ruined a lot of what I enjoy about the game.
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  14. Rayzor Member

    Vinegar and honey bro. I know some of you been fighting this battle a long time and it has rightfully pissed you off, but a huge expansion is coming this way and I think most of us want to enjoy it with good item progression. As a developer I guarantee you I'd do more for a user community that was appreciative and hopeful than one that insults me left and right.
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  15. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    "still waiting for when you will realise that a full set of raid armour will be a decent upgrade in mit and stats. Guess i just told you though."
    Arent you that guy that thought 30 mitigation and like 1 primary stat and stamina was a decent upgrade on Relic gear from heroics. I think it was you, but I could be wrong; oh wait I pulled this quote.

    Feel free to go and kill it without tracking the tank mem wipe, and the trigger for needing to instantly cure the tank or he gets one shot by the next auto that comes in. Oh also the triggers/timers for the aoes.

    If you kill this mob i'll eat my shoe, you have all those 30 mitigation and 1 primary stat upgrades so it shouldn't be too hard right.
    I would give a **** about being appreciative if for the past three years i've gotten at least a "hey we're looking into it" every single time itemization is awful, broken, promised to be better, and undelivered.

    Remember when RoK launched and it had no itemization for 3 weeks during FG, remember when TSO had the same issues, remember when SF was delayed by 3 weeks just to also not launch with any itemization. These aren't new ideas, it's just the same issues repeated over and over again.

    Caith does items and he doesn't respond to anything, I literally sent him an exploit in game and how to do it; no response. Not even a hey we're gonna look it into, or how does this work, I need more info. I just don't think he even reads his PM's or cares? Unsure really.

    This information we're providing is vital to ensure that itemization doesn't fall into the same pits in the following expansions, do I want another contested mob to have gear equal to a mob that I can solo? No.
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  16. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    It's almost like mob difficulty is reflected in the gear that I have equipped, and based on my stats that means the mob will be harder/easier.

    I'm not expert but I think itemization/mob difficulty needs to be closely managed.
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  17. Llllllllisa New Member

    I just wanna see this dudes guild get cucked with rain of thistles without ACT triggers

    Let me know when y’all try and pull it I’ll come watch.
  18. Seth Active Member

    you mean the 60 second recast that deals 30k magic Damage? that can be jousted... aight. look you been using ACT triggers for the last 7 years or whatever so i can understand that you need it to progress. but to say that you NEED act for it. that's just amusing
  19. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I guess I could use a stopwatch or something
  20. Llllllllisa New Member

    You can’t joust it unless you wanna run your whole guild over 100m away. Bye bye tank hello solar moon.

    The AE can skip timers it’s not always 60 seconds earth abduction will cast over top of thistles. congratulations you just wasted blockers, raid gets Tposed.

    Mem wipe is all over the place so have fun when she mem wipes an solar moons right in middle of your raid.

    You must raid with dash or a reload bottom feeder.

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