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    Wasn't sure which section of forums this should be placed in, but I settled on Lore since the goal of this project has always been the preservation of EQ2's in-game lore.

    That being said I have finally decided to publish my Library in its incomplete form after many years of work. Along with its publishing I am going to place my also incomplete reference material (List of known books) here for anyone else who is masochistic enough to take up this task in the future.

    Published Under: Medium Houses - Norrathian Archives - Owner: Aenema

    Should it be unpublished for updates the house will always be open to public.

    Location: Tower of Knowledge - Qeynos

    If anyone would like to contribute to this project be it through providing missing information or perhaps a rare tome I am missing, I happily invite any assistance as this has been a solo endeavor for a very very long time now. An in game card catalogue has been placed in the main entrance of the library or you may reference the list here that I will try to update as possible. Should you have a tome you would like to contribute that is no trade, arrangements can be made to have it placed in a donation house for transport to main library by contacting me in game. IGN: Aenema or Ulthus

    Donors will be acknowledged in special dedications within the completed library.

    As an aside for those unaware. Many books that are acquired from quests can be re-aquired in duplicate from the following locations once a character or is tagged as having completed a quest Even if the Quest itself was later Removed From Game.

    Qeynos - NPC: Indis Surian - /waypoint 702.83, 81.88, 129.23
    Freeport - NPC: Navarius Orvalis - /waypoint 11, -7, -136

    Also looking for player written books for lower archives section of library - Skyfire is sorely lacking in them in current times.
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    ★ - No Longer Obtainable - Player Made Copy - Need Original
    ◆ - No House item Exists - World Clicky or Quest Lore - Player Made Copy
    ~ - Not yet Acquired - Likely still acquirable through normal means.


    [◆] 1001 Tales of Maj'Dul - The Tale of Ahket Aken
    [◆] 1001 Tales of Maj'Dul - The Tale of Dalgin B'Dynn
    [◆] 1001 Tales of Maj'Dul - The Tale of Mal'Ahkt
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 291 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 313 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Danarg, 315 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 263 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 279 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Dergud, 289 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 289 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 290 AS
    [X] 1st Lieutenant Mugreeza, 291 AS
    [X] 3rd Lieutenant Gerrog - Logbook


    [X] Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy
    [X] Aerekyn History Here and There
    [X] After the Shifting
    [X] Age of Cataclysms, The
    [★] Age of Destiny, The ★ - [ Removed Quest in Permafrost ]
    [X] Age of Monuments, The
    [X] Age of Scale, The
    [X] Age of Turmoil, The
    [X] Age's End - A First Hand History
    [X] Agenda to Carry Out, An
    [X] Alliz Evol Ew
    [X] Alliz Onu
    [X] Alliz Tae Ew
    [X] Amygamalion, The - The Dulling
    [X] Amygamalion, The - The Form
    [X] Amygamalion, The - The Four That Are We
    [X] Anatomy of the Fathomlurker
    [X] Anaz Mal, Blackfang
    [X] Ant Tale, The
    [X] Anton's Bound Writing
    [X] Arasai -Hate Gives Rise To Another Superior Race!
    [X] Architecture of the Vermin's Snye
    [X] Archives of Sebilis,The - [ Templar Epic Wep Timeline ]
    [X] Archtome of Haoaera, The
    [X] Ardathium, Volume I
    [X] Ardathium, Volume II
    [X] Ardathium, Volume III
    [X] Ardathium, Volume IV
    [X] Ardathium, Volume V
    [X] Ardathium, Volume VI
    [X] Art of Killing Iskar, The
    [X] Assistant Researcher's Notes, Vol. 1, Halls of Erudin
    [X] Assistant Researcher's Notes, Vol. 2, The High Council of Erudin
    [X] Assistant Researcher's Notes, Vol. 3, The High Council of Erudin
    [X] At Low Tide
    [X] Atrebe's Sniveling Children
    [X] Aversion
    [X] Awakened, The


    [X] Basic Mining Guide, Part One
    [X] Basic Mining Guide, Part Two
    [X] Bert's Big Book of Health
    [X] Bestest Orc Emperors
    [X] Beyond the Rune
    [X] Big Bang Theory, The
    [X] Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part I
    [X] Bird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part II
    [X] Bird Watching - The Do's and Don'ts of Nektulos Forest
    [X] Blood of the Bear, The - Part I
    [X] Blood of the Bear, The - Part II
    [X] Blood of the Bear, The - Part III
    [◆] Bogstrutter Isle Guide ◆
    [X] Book of Baykzuthak, The
    [X] Book of Bound Mithril, The
    [X] Book of Power
    [X} Book of Sacrifice
    [X] Book of Trials
    [X] Book of Gnollish Orders, A
    [X] Book of the Dead
    [★] Book of Days Past, The ★ (Old GM given Book from random server crash)
    [◆] Bootstrutter's Field Guide to Antonica ◆
    [◆] Bootstrutter's Field Guide to the Commonlands
    [◆] Bootstrutter's Field Guide to the Feerrott ◆
    [X] Bootstrutter's Field Guide to the Misty Thicket
    [X] Bootstrutter's Trail Guide to the Desert of Ro
    [X] Bound Collection of Research Notes, A
    [X] Brien - Clan Icereaver
    [X] Bronsin


    [X] Captain’s Logbook – The Tidebreaker
    [★] Case of the Curious Coalition Housing Inspector, The ★ [Remove Q. Longshadow Alley]
    [~] Case of the Lost Lute, The - [ Traub Epic Weapon - Need Full V. with all text]
    [◆] Case of the Suspicious Sarnak Super Soldiers, The ◆ [Unobtainable Incomplete Quest]
    [X] Case of the Ursa Rhym, The
    [◆] Case of the Windstalker Rumbler, The ◆
    [X] Charred Book, A
    [X] Chronicle of Gromok, Volume I
    [X] Chronicle of Gromok, Volume II
    [X] Chronicle of Gromok, Volume III
    [X] Chronicle of Gromok, Volume IV
    [X] Cleaning with the Cryptkeeper
    [X] Cleft Dweller, The
    [X] Clockwork Chirurgeon User Manual
    [X] Codex of Khati Sha, The
    [X] Coldain Leather Bound Book [No Readable Text]
    [X] Collapse
    [X] Collected Stories of Serpent Sewer
    [X] Collected Tales of the Ethernauts, The
    [X] Collected Writings of a Mysterious Erudite
    [X] Collected Writings of Trepa
    [X] Collection of Epitaphs, A
    [X] Coming to Kunark
    [X] Coming of the True Creator, The
    [X] Commander's Wife, The
    [X] Consequences of Thralldom
    [X] Contentment, The
    [X] Council of the Gods
    [◆] Court of Coin Study Guide, The ◆
    [X] Creatures of the Creators Catalog
    [X] Crusades of the High Scale
    [X] Creature Catalog, Antonica
    [X] Creature Catalog, Barren Sky
    [X] Creature Catalog, Bonemire
    [X] Creature Catalog, Clefts of Rujark
    [X] Creature Catalog, Commonlands
    [X] Creature Catalog, Enchanted Lands
    [X] Creature Catalog, Feerrott
    [X] Creature Catalog, Fire and Ice
    [X] Creature Catalog, Freeport Sewers
    [X] Creature Catalog, Halls of the Dead
    [X] Creature Catalog, Maj'Dul Inhabitants
    [X] Creature Catalog, Minions of the Mighty
    [X] Creature Catalog, Nektulos
    [X] Creature Catalog, Outlying Freeport
    [X] Creature Catalog, Outlying Qeynos
    [X] Creature Catalog, Pillars of Flame
    [X] Creature Catalog, Qeynos Catacombs
    [X] Creature Catalog, Shimmering Citadel
    [X] Creature Catalog, Sinking Sands
    [X] Creature Catalog, Steppes
    [X] Creature Catalog, The Tenebrous Tangle
    [X] Creature Catalog, Thrael'Gorr
    [X] Creature Catalog, Undead of Ro
    [X] Creature Catalog, Zek
    [X] Creepy Creatures Catalog


    [X] Dag the Blasphemer
    [~] Dalron's Small Black Book ★ - [Replaced by Extended Edition]
    [X] Dalron's Small Black Book [Extended Edition]
    [X] Dance of the Ancient
    [X] Dancing with Bugbears
    [X] Dark Diary, A
    [X] Day log of R.F.
    [X] Deadtime sotries of Bertoxxulous
    [X] Deep Marshes
    [X] Deepwater Circle, The
    [X] Desert Beasts, The
    [X] Desert Serpent, The
    [X] Destroy All Vampires!
    [X] Destroyer's Folly
    [X] Diary of Butrus
    [X] Diary of Tserrina Syl'Tor, The
    [X] Dilapidated Journal, A - [ Wizard Epic Timeline ]
    [X] Disciplinary Logbook IV
    [~] Disenchanted Ancient Grimoire, A - [ Assassin Epic Timeline ]
    [X] Djinn Scriptorium Papers
    [X] Donnghail - Clan McNaggle
    [X] Dragoon Zytl - Black Rank
    [X] Dragoon Zytl - Blood Rank
    [X] Dragoon Zytl - Green Rank
    [X] Drakota
    [X] Dwarf's Guide to Surviving a Minotaur Attack, A
    [X] Dying, The


    [X] Edicts of the Emperor
    [X] Efreeti's Scimitar, The
    [X] Elements of Devotion
    [X] End of the Rending
    [X] Enemy Within, The
    [X] Ernie Gimblelock's Adventuring Journal
    [~] Escape from Klik'Anon
    [X] Essay on the Cepholex
    [X] Estate of Rest, The
    [X] Eternal Bloom
    [X] Even More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy
    [X] Evil Eye Musings
    [X] Excerpts from the Journal of Puab Closk
    [X] Eye of the Night, The


    [X] Fall of Erudin, The: Part 1, The
    [X] Fall of Erudin, The: Part 2, The
    [X] Far Seas Research Notes: Draconic Influence
    [X] Far Side of Tears, The: Part I, The
    [X] Far Side of Tears, The: Part II, The
    [X] Far Side of Tears, The: Part III, The
    [X] Far Side of Tears, The: Part IV, The
    [X] Fauna of the Enchanted Lands A-K
    [X] Fauna of the Enchanted Lands L-Z
    [★] Final Days of the Leaky Drake, The ★ - [ Rise of Kunark Pre Expac Prelude ]
    [?] Final Tale of the Ethernauts - [ Unknown Aquisition Method ]
    [~] Fire Within, The
    [X] First Battle, The
    [X] First Flight
    [X] First Vision, The
    [X] First Wife's Tale, The
    [X] Fledglings, The
    [X] Flesh Bound Tome
    [X] Foreman Garz'gog Dyeree
    [X] Forbidden Pages, The - [ Collection During Monk Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [X] Founding of Alivan, The
    [X] Founding of the Whistling Fists Clan, The
    [X] Freeport Citizen's Guide to Opportunity, The
    [X] Freeport Citizen's Guide to Opportunity, The - 2nd Edition
    [X] Freeport Coalition of Tradesfolke's Basic Guide
    [X] From Below to Castle
    [X] From Daughter to Father
    [X] From Pond to Paladin, Vol. I
    [X] From Pond to Paladin, Vol. II
    [X] From the Trial of Kane Bayle
    [X] Frostfell Carol, A
    [X] Frostfell Feast Greeting Card


    [X] Generations
    [X] Geomancy
    [~] Gilzin's Glory
    [X] Glaciermash Log
    [X] Good Eatin'
    [X] Gnollish Contingency Book, A
    [X] Gnome-Scribed Journal, A
    [X] Gnomes and the Art of Clockwork Maintenance
    [X] Goblin's Notebook, A - History of the Condemned Catacomb
    [X] Goblin's notebook, A - The Hideout
    [X] Goblish Stones,The - A Translation
    [X] Great Flood of Blackburrow, The
    [X] Growing, The
    [X] Guide to Collecting Crypt Plates


    [X] Hammer of Below, The
    [X] Handbook of the Academy of Logistics
    [X] Handbook of the Coalition of Tradesfolke
    [X] Handbook of the Dark Bargainers
    [X] Handbook of the Ironforge Exchange
    [X] Handbook of the Ravens of the North
    [X] Handbook of Tunare's Pages
    [X] Haunting, The
    [X] Historic Article
    [X] History of Ayr'Dal, The
    [X] History of Barbarians, The
    [X] History of Dwarves, The
    [X] History of Erudites, The
    [X] History of Feir'Dal, The
    [X] History of Frogloks, The
    [X] History of Gnomes, The
    [X] History of Gynok Moltor, The
    [X] History of Halflings, The
    [X] History of Humans, The
    [X] History of Iksar, The
    [X] History of Kerra, The
    [X] History of Koada'Dal, The
    [X] History of Ogres, The
    [X] History of Poetry, The
    [X] History of Ratonga, The
    [X] History of the Centaur, A
    [X] History of the Fae, The
    [X] History of the Hand - [ Monk Epic Wep Timeline ]
    [X] History of the Hua Mein, The - Part 1
    [X] History of the Order of Nektulos, A
    [X] History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. I
    [★] History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. II ★ - [ Likely Removed Runnyeye Quest ]
    [★] History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. III ★ - [ Likely Removed Runnyeye Quest ]
    [X] History of the Sporconid, A
    [X] History of the Teir'Dal, The
    [X] History of the Trolls, The
    [X] History of the Vah Shir, A - Vol. I
    [X] History of the Vah Shir, A - Vol. II
    [X] History of Veksar, A
    [★] Horguz ★ - [ Likely Removed Runnyeye Quest ]
    [X] How to Serve Mortals - Flowing Thoughts
    [X] How to Serve Mortals - Slow Thoughts
    [X] Hrath's Journal


    [★] Identifying Beetles ★ - [ Removed Quest - Extermination ]
    [X] Idol of Mor'Tael, The
    [X] Ignatia Cellus' Family History Book
    [X] Ilene Cellus' Family History Book
    [◆] Ilucide's battered journal ◆
    [X] In Search of the Wooly Mammoth
    [X] Into the Hive
    [◆] Incomplete Scrawlings of Rikantus Everling ◆
    [X] Iriana Cellus' Family History
    [X] Isabella Cellus' Family History Book


    [X] Jerb Northstar's Journal
    [X] Journal of a Disciple of Marr
    [?] Journal of Meldrath the Malignant, The - [May Not Have Been Added to Game ]
    [X] Journal of Rocco Barisano, The
    [~] Journal of Ryizz' Eianshieoll, Volume 1, The - [ Channeler Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [~] Journal of Ryizz' Eianshieoll, Volume 2, The - [ Channeler Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [~] Journal of Ryizz' Eianshieoll, Volume 3, The - [ Channeler Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [~] Journal of Ryizz' Eianshieoll, Volume 4, The - [ Channeler Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [X] Journal of Samantha Rageshree, The
    [X] Journal of Ubdub of the Reet, The - [ Fury Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [X] Journal of Wu, Seeker of Enlightenment
    [X] Journal of Yasva V'Alear, The - [Inquis Epic Weapon Timeline ]


    [X] Karath Smoothmane - The Breaking of the Pact
    [X] Karath Smoothmane - Winter Comes
    [◆] Knights in the Round ◆
    [X] Know Your Bixies
    [X] Know Your Giants
    [X] Know Your Gnolls
    [X] Know Your Golems
    [◆] Knowledge of a Lost City ◆
    [X] Krymok's Peace Plan
    [◆] Krytoxxulous, Father of Pestilence ◆


    [X] Lady of the Lake, The
    [X] Last Battle, The
    [X] Least of Brell's Creatures, The
    [X] Leatherfoot Brigade Field Training Guide
    [X] Leatherfoot Tales: The Houndslayer, Part I
    [X] Leatherfoot Tales: The Houndslayer, Part II
    [X] Leatherfoot Tales: The Houndslayer, Part III
    [X] Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part I
    [X] Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part II
    [X] Leatherfoot Tales: The Last of the Teir'Dal, Part III
    [X] Legacy of Guk
    [~] Legend of Dalnir, The
    [◆] Legend of Motte, The ◆
    [X] Legend of Nipik, The
    [X] Legend of Puab Closk, The - The Beginning
    [X] Legend of Paub Closk, The - The End
    [X] Legends of the Dragons
    [X] Life Among the Goblins
    [X] Littlest Hill Giant, The
    [X] Local Color - Halas
    [X] Lore of Fauna: The Behemoth, The
    [X] Loresinger's Limericks, The - [ Guide Quest ]
    [X] Loss in Western Wastes, The
    [◆] Lost Legend of Lavastorm, The ◆
    [X] Lyresmith Poetry Collection - Children's Rhymes, The



    [X] Man or Beast: The Drolvarg
    [~] Maiden of Masks, Incomplete, The - [ Illus Epic Wep Timeline ]
    [~] Mairen's Note
    [★] Mariner's Lament, The ★ - [ Rise of Kunark Pre Expac Prelude ]
    [X] Martyr's Tale, A
    [X] Mayong's Cruelty: The Drachnids
    [X] Memories of Misty Thicket
    [X] Merchant's Deal, The
    [X] Minds of Meldrath, The
    [X] Miragul's Earliest Journal
    [X] Missing Pages of the Sword Hiest Journal, The - Rebound
    [X] Mistmoore Researcher's Logbook
    [X] Monastery of the Lost Circle, The
    [X] Monsters, The
    [X] More Adventures of Jorbo and Mappy
    [X] Mortal Alchemy
    [X] Motor Commotion all for Emotion
    [X] Murkies, The
    [X] Mute Bard's Tale, The
    [X] My journey to Harrow's End
    [X] My Time with the Harpies
    [X] My True Beloved
    [X] Mysterious Black Tome, A
    [X] Mysterious Green Tome, A
    [X] Mysterious Red Tome, A
    [~] Myths of the Mephlin


    [X] Naggresh da Hero
    [X] Necessary Elements
    [X] Necropolis of Lxanvon, The: Vol. I
    [X] Necropolis of Lxanvon, The: Vol. II
    [~] Neh'Ashiir's Diary Page
    [X] Nektulos Forest, by Torq De'Rech
    [X] Nerlug's Escape
    [X] New Path, The
    [X] Nhjela's Poem
    [X] Nightblood, The
    [X] Nights of the Dead, The
    [X] Nine Contemplations, The
    [X] Notes on the Akheva of Maiden's Eye
    [X] Notes on the Survival Accord, by Mug
    [◆] Norrathian Code of Trade Standards, The ◆
    [~] Now Hiring: The Far Seas Trading Company ★ - [May Have Never Been Added to Game]


    [X] Oasis in the Desert, An
    [X] Obligation and Duty
    [◆] Observation on Quellious and the Disciples, An ◆
    [X] Of Maj'Dul Am I
    [X] Old Cookbook, An
    [X] Ollg's Memoirs
    [X] On Founding The COnservatory
    [X] On the Origins of Shadowed Men
    [X] On the Origins of the Phylactery
    [X] One Last Voyage
    [X] Oops Factor, The
    [X] Orcs of Norrath, The
    [X] Orc Society
    [X] Order Book: Blackshield Destroyer Saltspew
    [X] Order Book: Blackshield Landing Party
    [X] Order of the Frozen Wastes
    [X] Orthiss and Kirkata
    [X] Our Lady of Betrayal
    [X] Out of Necessity
    [★] Outpost of the Overlord: A Guide, The ★ - [ Aquisition Method Unknown ]
    [X] Over Halas


    [X] Passenger's Journal, A
    [★] Pawn, The ★ [ Likely Removed Runnyeye Quest ]
    [X] Paying Homage to the Past
    [X] Perinius' Log
    [X] Personal Notes of Lorekeeper Solstrin
    [X] Planes of Power,The [Myrist Collection]
    [~] Planes of Power: A Complete History! [ Ranger Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [X] Pirate Grammar Manual - Second Edition
    [X] Pirate Queen and the Heart, The
    [X] Pirate Queen and the Map, The
    [X] Pirate Queen and the Nightmare Creature, The
    [X] Pirate Queen and the Seafury Buccaneers, The
    [X] Pirate Queen and the Temple, The
    [X] Pirate's Tale, A
    [X] Poems of Alyarrah, The
    [X] Poetry of the Djinn
    [X] Poxfiend Dreams
    [X] Purrik's Tale
    [X] Precious Fairy Book, The
    [X] Prophetic Mystery, The


    [X] Qeynos Guard Logbook
    [X] Qeynos Ironforge Exchange's Basic Guide ★
    [X] Quotes of General Urduuk


    [X] Rank Insignia of the Palace of the Awakened
    [X] Rat Queen of Vermin's Snye, The
    [X] Recent History of the Tunarians, A
    [X] Red Lake
    [X] Remembering Rivervale
    [X] Remembrances - Berrox
    [X] Remembrances - DyzAz
    [X] Remembrances - Norrath
    [X] Remembrances - Nyalla-Phon
    [X] Remembrances - Prime
    [X] Remembrances - Tel'riia'mil'an'ane'ie
    [X] Ring Around the Desert
    [~] Rise of the Luminaries, The
    [X] Rise of the Orcs - The Ascension
    [X] Rise of the Orcs - The Deadtime
    [X] Rise of the Orcs - The Fall
    [X] Rise of the Orcs - The Rejoining
    [X] Rise of the Orcs - The Rousing
    [X] Rise of Ykesha, The
    [X] Riddlemaster's Tome, The - [ Guide Quest ]
    [X] Romp Through Withered Lands, A - [ Guide Quest ]
    [X] Rookery, The
    [X] Royal Scroll - [ Templar Epic Wep Timeline ]
    [X] Rules of the Sandscrawler Clan


    [X] Saga of Akelha'Ra
    [~] Sarnak Code of Honor, The [Sarnak racial quest line]
    [X] Sailing with Three Sheets to the Wind
    [X] Scales in Balance
    [X] Scrawled Note, A
    [X] Second Wife's Tale, The
    [X] Seeds of Corruption, The
    [X] Seeker's Diary, A
    [X] Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies: Book One
    [~] Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies: Book Two [ Priest Epic 2.0 ]
    [X] Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies: Book Three
    [X] Selected Poems
    [X] Servant of the Temple
    [X] Set of Memoirs, A
    [X] Shadows of Lonesome Hollow, The
    [X] Shepherd of the Celestial Watch ★ - [ Removed Rodcet Nife World Event ]
    [X] Ship's Log - Bountiful Mane
    [X] Siren's Song, The
    [X] Skeletons
    [X] Smiting of the Werewolf
    [X] Snuffing the Fireknight
    [X] Sojourn of Faith, A
    [X] Sovereignties of Qeynos
    [X] Spirits Ashtray
    [X] Splitpaw Down Under, Part One
    [X] Splitpaw Down Under, Part Two
    [X] Stone Frum Pazt, The: Vol. I
    [X] Stone Frum Pazt, The: Vol. II
    [X] Stone of Sorrow
    [X] Storm Shepherds, The - Darnalithenis of Felwithe
    [X] Storm Shepherds, The - Gremius Hazzengrav
    [X] Storm Shepherds, The - Tammin Whipperwillow
    [X] Storm Shepherds, The - The Calm
    [X] Storm Shepherds, The - The Downpour
    [X] Stormsong Scroll, The
    [X] Story of Ankexfen, The
    [X] Story of Taruun
    [X] Summoning an Elemental


    [X] Tale of Alexander Simond, The
    [X] Tale of Brother Qwinn, The
    [X] Tale of Brother Zephyl,The
    [X] Tale of the Arena, A
    [X] Tale of the Hero
    [X] Tale of the Rujarkian Warrior, The
    [X] Tale of the Silent City, The
    [X] Tale of Tirazzah. The
    [X] Tale of Victory, A
    [X] Tales of the Alliz Ew
    [X] Tales of the Burynai, The
    [★] Tattered Journal, A ★ - [ GM Event - Halting the Plague ]
    [X] Teachings of Master Wu
    [★] Telanius Menonius Ledger - Warmstill ★ - [ Removed Quest -OoLost Souls ]
    [X] Termble Clankerbang Findings Vol. 98
    [X] Testimony of Tranquility, A
    [X] Thelin Poxbourne, The Cursed
    [X] Thexian Log Book, A
    [X] Three Brothers, The
    [X] Three Keys, The: The First Key
    [X] Three Keys, The: The Second Key
    [X] Three Keys, The: The Third Key
    [X] Through the Rathe Mountains
    [X] Thule Iz Good
    [X] Thurgadin: May she Stand Vol 1
    [X] Thurgadin: May she Stand Vol 2
    [X] To Slay a Dragon
    [X] Toes,Teeth, and Death
    [X] Tome of Order and Discord - Buy From Indis Surian
    [X] Tome of True Crushbone History, A
    [~] Tome of Tinkering, The - [ Guide Quest ]
    [X] Torn Diary, A (Diary of a Madman)
    [X] Tragedy of Ysa, The
    [X] Tragic Tale of Brother Balatin, The
    [X] Tragic Tale of Slezaf - [ Dirge Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [X] Trainee's Test, The
    [X] Trainer, The
    [X] Transcribed Notes on Maldura
    [X] Travels into a Remote Corner of Faydark
    [X] Treants
    [X] Trials of Sir Morgan, The
    [X] Trinni's Adventures Abroad
    [X] Trinni's Adventures Aloft


    [◆] Ulteran Spires, The - [ World Clicky - Concordium Tower Qeynos ] ◆
    [X] Unclaimed Eye, The
    [X] Uncle Wrott's Notebook
    [~] Unforgotten, The


    [X] Valorous Tragedy of the Frogloks of Guk, The
    [X] Vanishing of Cauldron Hollow - [ World Clicky - Concordium Tower Qeynos ] ◆
    [X] Varsoon Collection, The: Volume 1 - Varsoon and the Combine Era
    [X] Varsoon Collection, The: Volume 2 - The Quest for Immortality
    [X] Varsoon Collection, The: Volume 3 - The Gift of Immortality
    [X] Varsoon Collection, The: Volume 4 - The House of Varsoon
    [X] Varsoon Collection, The: Volume 5 - The War of Plagues
    [X] Vishra's Letter


    [X] Walking in the Sand: A Case Study in Desert Spiders
    [X] Wall, The
    [X] War of Fay: Armies Across the Sea
    [X] War of Fay: Crossing the Faydark
    [X] War of Fay: Death
    [X] War of Fay: Felwithe
    [X] War of Fay: Kaladim
    [X] War of Fay: The Eve of Battle
    [X] Watcher of the Mauls Theriig
    [X] Waterfalls
    [X] We Will Be Free Again
    [X] Weight of the Past, The
    [X] Welcome to Haven!
    [X] Welcome to Kelethin!
    [X] Welcome to Qeynos, Citizen!
    [X] Welcome to Qeynos, Citizen! - 2nd Edition
    [~] well-worn log book [ Q: High Seas Adventure - Swashbuckler Epic Weapon Timeline ]
    [★] What We Know of Kunark ★ - [ Kunark Rising Pre expac Prelude Event ]
    [X] Why the Grump Hated Frostfell
    [X] Why We Fight, Chronicle One
    [X] Windsisters' Song
    [X] Wisdom of the Flock
    [X] Word of Clotl'thoa, The
    [X] Words of Freedom, The
    [◆] Words of Pure Magic - [ World Clicky - Concordium Tower Qeynos ] ◆
    [X] Words of the Avatar, The
    [X] Words of Zebuxorak, The
    [X] Words to Remember - by Mother Deasie
    [X] Writings of the Deepwater Knights


    [X] Xass's Notebook





    [X] Zapho's Celestial Guide to the Stars
    [X] Zatirre's First Zombie
    [X] Zeke Two Tone's Diary
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  3. Aenema New Member


    Deco Books/Scrolls/Parchment with no Text (or minimal flavor text)

    [X] Affect Scroll
    [~] Affect Scrolls
    [X] Alchemist's Tome
    [X] Ancient Ak'Anon Scroll, An
    [~] Ancient Erudin Scroll, An
    [~] Ancient Felwithe Scroll, An
    [~] Ancient Grobb Scroll, An
    [X] Ancient Halas Scroll, An
    [X] Ancient Kalidim Scroll, An
    [X] Ancient Kelethin Scroll, An
    [X] Ancient Neriak Scroll, An
    [~] Ancient Oggok Scroll, An
    [X] Ancient Rivervale Scroll, An
    [X] Book of Frostfell Carols
    [X] Book of Hate
    [X] Book of Thex, The
    [X] Books of Ancient Lore
    [X] Books of Ancient Myth
    [X] Books of Ancient Spells
    [X] Clutter of Old Books, A
    [X] Dragonscale Tome
    [X] Effect Scroll
    [X] Encyclopedia of Haurelian Bibliophiles
    [X] Fancy Erudite Scroll
    [X] Freeport Heroes' Festival Band Flier
    [X] Frostfell Carol Greeting Card
    [X] Frostfell Feast Greeting Card
    [X] Frostfell Greeting Card
    [X] Frostfell Wishes Greeting Card
    [X] Halasian Hardbound Book
    [X] Icy Books
    [~] Large Book Stack
    [X] Large Row of Midst Books
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 1
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 2
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 3
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 4
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 5
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 6
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 7
    [~] Legends Paintings: Volume 8
    [~] Librarian of Light Arcane Scroll
    [X] Myrist Book Stacks
    [X] Myrist Scrolls
    [~] Pile of Fordel Scrolls, A
    [~] Pile of Research Books, A
    [~] Qeynos Heroes' Festival Band Flier
    [X] Qeynosian Commendation for Material Assistance ★
    [X] Roadyle's Scribing Scroll
    [X] Row of Old Books
    [X] Scaleborn Tome
    [X] Scholar Primarch Research Prospectus
    [~] Scribbled Zombie Note
    [X] Scribe's Arcane Podium
    [X] Scribe's Tome of Combat
    [X] Scribe's Tome of Magic
    [X] Scribe's Tome of Shadows
    [X] Shadowed Tome
    [X] Shadowed Volume
    [X] Stack of three scroll rolls, a
    [X] Sorcerer's Grimoire
    [~] Tome of Knowledge [GM Rewarded]
    [X] Treatise of Trysts
    [X] Undead Monster Tome
    [X] Volume of Romance
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  4. Aenema New Member

  5. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Very impressive. I'm missing most of the epic questline books, but I just haven't put in the time to take a slew of heroic characters through them all.

    If you're interested in cross-referencing, please check out Ouka's Manor, 8 Erollisi Lane in South Qeynos, on the Maj'Dul server. I think I have a few before they were taken out of the game, but I'm missing a couple like the one from Obelisk of Lost Souls and Permafrost that were removed.

    There's also the 3 books from the Tradeskill Epic 2.0, one of each handed out to the three classes of tradeskiller. I have two of the three so far, but the last is coming soon enough.
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  6. Aenema New Member

    I will definitely check it out at some point.. I had a few long breaks from the game over the years so my list is really only complete up to around Altar of Malice or Rum Cellar. I will be filling in others as I finally get away from older content and get to move into newer xpacs.

    Edit: Made it through just the first table and already found a bunch from newer content.. will update more as I make my way through them, but its 3:30 am.. ZzZzz
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  7. Wulfen Active Member

    Maj'Dul is host to Ouka's library on Erollisi street, but also to Omma's Island Library (on the housing leaderboards since 2011) and also to Ceyarreck's Norrathian Estate Library, housed in Fyuri's Uncanny Estate house. Shanette had a Reading Rainbow but that was stuffed inside a Moving Crate some years ago (You could read the item list but not the books themselves). Some research needs to be done to determine if these books have been recovered for all to read. Ceyarreck's books can still be read; If you want to visit his legacy (He has not played in our midst for a while), you can use the purple Secluded Sanctum portal inside Omma's Island Library; Fyuri placed one of her portals in the Sanctum to use. All the libraries mentioned have player-written books, as well as quested ones. Guides may tell stories either told from in-game books, or they may tell stories of Lore-related topics. Sometimes you can find the identical story as a quested book. Sometimes ... not. Recently I copied a Guide's story as told near the Lighthouse. Turns out I missed a sentence, and then missed the correct order. Worse, I cannot find the identical story in any of the above libraries. I'm still looking.
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  8. Aenema New Member

    I am still actively working on this as I can. I have a lot of cross referencing to do and still have to get into more recent content to gather newer stuff. Having more libraries to cross reference is always a good thing. I have been working my way through ouka's. Haven't had a chance to check the other 2 yet. What book were you looking to make a copy of?

    Edit: Finished searching Ouka's - pretty sure I have updated list to include anything I was missing from there. Went to Omma's. While the layout is creative.. its not exactly user friendly when trying to use it for cross referencing purposes.
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  9. Wulfen Active Member

    Each Library player-made is laid out according to how our minds understood the game, over time. They all have organization problems to solve. My choice was by expansions, continents, classes of knowledge. These can hide Lore easter eggs, sure. Thus exploring each other's Library is a good thing. I look forward to discovering a new, real library someone has accumulated. Please share it if you've found another real library, and what server it's on, and if it's open to visitors.
  10. Aenema New Member

    Oh I meant no disrespect at all. I actually very much enjoyed the Library and did manage to find at least one book not on my list. I considered organizing by topic myself and simply went alphabetical for ease of double checking for missing tomes. The duplicate books I find and put in my guild hall are more placed based on topic. I am always happy to visit others who have taken this on. You might want to see if Norrathian Research Institute on Antonia Bayle has finished moving their library yet. I went to check it out but they were in process of moving it to another home when I stopped by.. I probably need to go take another look and see if its up and running again.
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  11. Wulfen Active Member

    I'm very interested. I may even have an abandoned AB character willing to jump ship and visit the library. I've never heard of an institution owning a house (other than a guild hall) instead of a player name... how do I search?
  12. Aenema New Member

    It is indeed a guild, but they were in the process of moving the library to a player home. I just joined their discord server myself. Top result on google for "Norrathian Research Institute" led me to a Reddit post with discord info. Otherwise you might try getting in touch with Gwny, she was nice enough to show me around while I was over there.
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  13. Wulfen Active Member

    There exists, past or present, Adventurer's Journals and a Clutter of Old Books.
    There is a Book of Frostfell Carols, I believe it emits music symbols.
    Bootstrutter's Trail Guide, not Field Guide, to the Desert of Ro.
    Encyclopedia of Haurelian Bibliophiles: Library of Erudin? That's a quest each time you go there.
    Freeport Heroes' Festival Band Flyer (You have a Qeynos one, so why not?)
    Qeynosian Commendation for Material Assistance
    The Book of Thex is probably displayed in your guild hall as a Heritage quest reward..
    It was a crime Sony didn't make a placeable Bogstrutter book, full of lies and hyperbole.
    It had never occurred to me to bring all my alts up to the level of their Epic Weapon rewards. I'm very
    impressed indeed to know there are books for others than Illusionist. And since I am currently intentionally
    locked at 95, I do not have the Myrist books, though I do the Tradeskill Missions frequently. I'm going to
    have fun going through your list to see what I'm missing. Thank you for sharing your item list.
  14. Aenema New Member

    You are indeed correct on the Bootstrutter book. I overlooked the name difference when making my list (Now corrected). The others are separated into the post about books with no, or limited text. I broke this list off from the rest because I kept coming across books with very little information connected to them and wasted a ton of time trying to find text (for books that had no text) so that I could make transcribed copies of books that were no longer attainable. I figured by breaking them into a different section it would save people the time and effort of doing the same down the road. I then started adding things like scrolls and fliers etc that weren't so much actual books and only had a limited amount of text to that separate list. What are these Adventurer Journals? The only reference I can find are to a world clicky that starts a quest in Varsoon.
  15. Celestia Well-Known Member

    I think it's VERY cool that there are people out there doing this kind of thing. Makes the world even more alive in my opinion.

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