Norrath is heating up with GU 115: Reignite the Flames!

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  1. Ohhno New Member

    Claiming casual players will quit is not a threat anymore. This game is unfortunately Pay to Win, and there are plenty willing to pay rather than just play the game. I have no doubt it is going to continue, and that PTW, not the lack of casual content, is what will ultimately ruin EQ2.
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  2. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Did it ever occur to you that if they actually produced some new content for lower levels that you might?
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  3. Zen Master formless, shapeless

    Everyone thinks they know what is best.
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  4. Melt Actually plays the game

    I have taken a character from 1-100 in literally 45 minutes. There is no place for lower level content until they slow xp considerably, and even then they'd probably have to reset everyone to level 1 for it to matter.
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  5. Tkia Well-Known Member

    I know this might be hard for you to understand but not everyone plays to maximise level in minimum time. Some of us like to stop and smell the roses and it would be nice to have some new roses once in a while. Some people even have the audacity to turn their XP OFF! GASP!
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  6. Melt Actually plays the game

    Yep, some. Not the majority. Content caters to the majority. I've also completed just about all the content in the game, my main toon has 6k quests done, been playing since 07. I really have little intention to do it again, so why would I bother having a character in the level range I've already done everything in?
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  7. Olliphia New Member

    I also echo the call of "sticketh thyne 120 raider updates so far up thy bottoms as to make even Bertoxxy n his boys fear look for them!"
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  8. Abasinolanam Active Member

    I respect your desire stop and smell the roses but the majority of us have smelled those same roses for more than 10 years. It would be crazy for developers to spend what little resources they have making content that only a very small fraction of the population would use.
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  9. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    They basically tailor their content updates to focus on where the numbers tell them that the majority of content consumption is, which is typically heroic and epic content. It's not like they've got the dev team to spread around anymore. This is what EQ2 is now. You can learn to play around it or play on a TLE server as an alternative. Options are thin. Enjoy the holiday events, that's what you get allotted to you.
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  10. Cassta Well-Known Member

    I absolutely agree! It WAS and IS the casual and solo players who stay loyal and, in the process, provide continued financial support of EQ2. I made a similar comment in a post on another forum and was called, "entitled" and accused of putting myself "on a pedestal." Maybe these names are true, but I do believe the solo and casual players are loyal, consistent supporters of the game. I know not all raiders and serious group players leave; however, I have witnessed this happening since the last 2 expansions.

    I purchased the Premium Edition, as I always do, even though I was not close to lvl 120. I could not believe I lost the ability to fly and explore BoL! You are right, it does seem like more of a punishment then a reward for my purchase. Like you, I have been with EQ2 and was with EQ1 since just after their launch’s. I too feel like all rewards for solo and casual players are "...nothing more than a memory." I am still livid about Veteran Rewards being taken away! These items and titles were esteemed and valued accomplishments at one time. However, with some of these rewards now being offered for sale, it has lost the feeling of achievement and prestige I once cherished.

    Although I have never been an end game player and probably never will be, it would be nice to know I could get to end game as a solo player. I have read the argument in numerous forums EQ2 has always been a progression game: solo > grouping > raiding. I do not know if this is true or not. If EQ2 is meant to be a pure progression game why are all types of game play available? If we are expected to buy new expansions, there should be opportunities for all types of players to progress and experience new areas. The name EverQuest indicates a player can quest forever. I would like to able to quest forever, no matter what my chosen style of game play is.
  11. Benito Ancient EQ2 Player: Lavastorm Server 2004.

    PQs satisfy both casual and hardcore players. A PQ should always be in the mix for mid-year/mid-expansion events.
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  12. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Well said!
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  13. CSP84 Active Member

    This GU is just a sign of things to come. It is already being said in a Podcast that the main focus in the upcoming expansion is on Raiding.
    That is why advocate to have an open Beta (as in the old days where you only had to be a member ) so Casual /Solo Player can see what's in store for them. But this is for obvious reasons not happening.
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  14. Arclite Well-Known Member

    If you have farmed all solos, did all achievements solo and have all the appropriate gear from them, even without max infusing it, you can easily do all normal heroics with a decent group. With the introduction of diaku solo, you can almost bypass some of this grind to get a step up on resolve.

    There is no way you can think the heroic require heroic gear. It makes no sense whatsoever. Anybody who played this expansion from launch day can back this. I remember having around 140k potency before i stepped into the heroics with just solo gear + solo achievement stuff, yes it was not all run to the named like it is now but very manageable with a decent group.

    Lastly, who said anything soloing heroic zones being something you must be able to do? They are not meant to be cleared solo but the game is so far beyond the point of making any sense in terms of stats that if you max infuse your gear and meet pot/cb checks most classes with a bit of skill can blow past the heroic content on their own or with a friend.

    So just to summarize:

    1. You do not need heroic gear to do heroic zones.
    2. You can easily get all the resolve you need to get into heroics by just farming solos (show some commitment and don't expect to be carried in the group). No one likes having a tourist in the group.
    3. There is plenty of solo content in this expansion and the last one to warrant any sort of criticism towards not having much to do as a casual/solo player.
    The game is mindbogglingly solo friendly and has been for at least 5 expansions now.
    The end game is designed for players who will spend a lot of time/effort/money to maximise their effectiveness as a player and this area is simply not for solo/casual players as it should be. Personally resent the element of spending money but that's what it is these days..
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  15. frroehn New Member

    Im a very dissapointed non raiding casual player with 2 accts since launch of eq2. after a complete nerf of all crafting issues this is another GU i only can understand as "we dont want your playstyle". for that reason im already thinking about quitting this game since 2-3 years now and .. it looks like its about time right now, it doesnt get better for us.
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  16. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Btw, has anyone tested PoW raids?
  17. LarendalAB New Member

    Again raid content, but nothing included for everyone else. I agree that the raiders need something to keep them around, but the rest of Norrath that doesn't raid needs something to keep us around as well.
    You could have included something for us as well as the raiders...instead we get.a few collections that some of us will never see because we don't raid, the out of control economy or the no-trade tag placed on a piece so we will never finish it.
    Very disappointed again with the lack of inclusion for the non-raiders.
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  18. SgtPmpkn Well-Known Member

    Overall: I am quite confused by some of the sentiments in this thread. EQ2 (and EQ1 for that matter) have the most robust and expansive solo friendly content through the entire game.

    My background: Have played since launch, a firm paying supporter of the game, but I have played through all playstyles. I raided for year when I had more free time, and currently I mostly solo (but do heroics as much as I can, but it is far less than solo).

    I can see the argument from both sides. Solo content spans the entire game from beginning to end, with many paths you can take. I even have gone back and completed prior expansion raid zones solo now after outleveling them for achievements, etc. It would be nice to get content for all playstyles, crafters, decorators, each GU; however, we know the team is small and each playstyle by now knows when to expect certain things. For example, most solo content comes with an expac / seasonal holiday events / spring GU. Most decorator items come at expac/holidays events. Raiders get expac / summer GU. I suspect with the current team numbers this is the norm.

    Even though I have played for all these years, I still have not experienced all the solo / quest / collection / zones the game has to offer. Everyone could find something to do if we look, or if truly unhappy there are a plethora of games on the market, but many come back as very few offer as much as EQ.

    I look forward to trying the content in this GU, but more importantly to see what this team has in store later this year.
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  19. Tierisch Well-Known Member

    Da muß ich dir aber recht geben. Auch das Tradeskilling ist in the letzten zwei/drei Xpacs untergegangen. Es sieht wirklich so aus als ob das spiel nur noch für raiders geschrieben wird.
    Ich würde nicht sagen daß ich mich nach einem neunen Spiel umsehe aber das kann sich noch ändern wenn das nächte Xpac so wie BoL leuft.
  20. Fasinatia New Member

    why are raiders and heroic folks bigger spenders than anyone else in the game? I dont think you have any real data that can support that claim!

    There are many casual players (decorators and builders) in this game that spend the same amount for their monthly fee and buy plenty from the DB store. So please, tell me how raiders and heroic folks spend more in the game than anyone else that pays to play....
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