Norrath is a Silly Place (with Killer Rabbits)

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  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    As you're wandering through Norrath, you may have come across a sweet, non-aggressive (and non-targetable) rabbit or two... perhaps even an entire herd of them! Something has changed with these woodland creatures this week. You may want to run away... or run toward them, if you're brave enough!... from now through 11:59PM PDT on Tuesday, October 20th.
    A group of EverQuest II Developers recently came across one such Killer Rabbit in game, and they catalogued their adventure on Twitter:
    *Click on the images to visit the tweet directly on Twitter and give your favorite Devs a follow!
    Will you fare better than these brave adventurers? Your valor - and your tenacity - will not go unrewarded...
    The Killer Rabbit event will be happening throughout Norrath until Tuesday, October 20th. Don't miss out!
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  2. Mesryk New Member

    There is no Friday, October 20th this year. Do you mean October 16th?
  3. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Epic. Just epic.
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  4. reddawg New Member

    or October 23?
  5. Blueiris Member

    I am not finding it in my quest journal under live events, can someone help me so I can keep track of my kills?
  6. Mesryk New Member

    Or, possibly, Tuesday, October 20th? The possibilities are - well, not endless, but mind boggling. It's really hard to be so entirely unclear.
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  7. Seefar Well-Known Member

    Wait, what? Did April 1st come early... err... late? this year?
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  8. Blueiris Member

    I am not finding this in my live events in my journal so I can keep track of my kills, can you tell me where I can find it?
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  9. Canth Active Member

    It's under general, not live events. I had to get part way through it before I could find it.

    Also, it's hidden so won't appear until you complete it. It does, however, show up on EQ2U when you've started it.
  10. Margaritas Active Member


    Can I keep him?

    Pleeeeeease? I'll feed him and take really good care of him, I promise.
  11. Andowen Member

    or October 20th year 2017, which will be on a friday...
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  12. bugs New Member

    you have wrecked my plans how long is this going to last may I ask
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  13. Canth Active Member

    Holly said a week, so I'm thinking it's Wednesday, October 20.
  14. bugs New Member

    what are the areas they are in or if its easier where are they NOT and thank you for answering although I was hoping it ended tommorrow
  15. Mesryk New Member

    Except that October 20, 2015 is a Tuesday...
  16. Mesryk New Member

    I have seen bunnies everywhere from Butcherblock to Eastern Wastes. Don't recall seeing them in Tenebrous Tangle.
  17. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Killer bunnies ftw ;) Epic!
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  18. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    From the screenies it looks like the Kilkick bugs area of Antonica.
  19. Dexella Associate Producer

    I was looking at November. It's Tuesday the 20th -- will fix!
  20. Faeonara Well-Known Member

    This achievement was to die for ! Best fun ever :) thanks so much to all of you for the treat .
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