Noob inquisitor question

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Psistorm, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Psistorm New Member

    Likely a silly question, but I feel like I'm missing the forest for the trees.
    Currently leveling a new inq with a friend (had a lvl90 one some years back), and just got my strike replacements. But to my surprise, they miss 100% of the time.
    Now the question: What am I missing here? gear too low? some prerequisite buff/toggle? Anything?
  2. Relanah Active Member

    What's your weapon skill like?

    Since, as the strikes are Combat Arts, they use your weapon skills rather than your casting skills (Which typically means when you first get them you're starting with skill of 1/100ish or something around then)
  3. Psistorm New Member

    Well, aim is 5/85, crushing 90/95 and focus 80/80 not sure which skill governs them, id think crushing.
  4. Rubick Well-Known Member

    There's a snack that increases your melee stats by a ton called Jaffa (can be bought on the broker), plus you should probably reforge for 100% strikethrough and accuracy if you don't have to give up a ton to get them. Those 3 things should improve your ability to hit by an absurd amount unless there's a bug with inquisitor CAs that I don't know about.

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