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Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Arrk, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. Arrk Member

    On the Everfrost server, I have a dark elf berserker who got the Berserker title through connections (his father is a general in the Neriak army). He has never killed anything, yet he is level 41 (mostly discovery xp, collections, and a few quests that don't involve killing things). Should he start earning adventure xp using a mercenary, or is that "cheating"?

    He isn't exactly a coward, but a level 95 armorer, with the prayer shawl, pack pony, and flying gryphon mount. He IS a bully, who enjoys the cache that comes with high level, especially so he can lord it over people with lower levels.

    He HAS accidentally earned some adventure xp, when he was delivering armor to someone, and grouped (so they could find him on the map) and he trained a monster nearby, which he killed. He has been killed several times, especially when trying to harvest where he has no business being at his level.

    Would it "spoil" his reputation if he went and got a paladin from Qeynos (paladins make the BEST slaves) to go order him to fight things?
  2. Leeroy Well-Known Member

    Doesn't sound out of the ordinary for a dark elf. If they can get others to do their bidding, they do. It would give him even more cachet so he could intimidate others to his heart's content.
  3. Arrk Member

    I guess so, once mercenaries became available. Perhaps he will soon start to level at a faster rate. He can have his slave sort through enemies' remains and actually do some Legend & Lore quests, too.

    May I recommend no one wants him on a raid, though.

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