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Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Piestro, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Cratoh wrote:
    wether or not subs can be purchased with SC you can still use the gamecards to claim gametime all it means is instead of claiming it as SC you have to directly claim it as gametime rather then storing the 1500SC for a rebate event as well as storing the cards for a double/triple weekend and then purchasing discounted sub time with SC (or converting it to sc for the occassional 500SC bonus).
    all this means for those that use game cards is you cant get discounted subscriptions unelss the cards themselves are discounted at the retailer.
  2. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    So unless you use a CC to subscribe going forward there is no way to purchase game time in blocks ( 3, 6,12 months ) at a discounted rate. That is not fair.
    According to Smedley's post the removal of non-recurring subs had NOTHING to do with the sc promotions.
  3. ARCHIVED-Raienya Guest

    Just checked the facebook page and found this:
    On Monday 18th June, we will remove Station Cash Memberships while we assess the best way to move forward.
    As always, we thank you for your feedback!
    Interesting that this hasn't made it to the forums yet (if it has, I haven't seen it, and apologize). Spend that SC this weekend if you have it.
  4. ARCHIVED-Piestro Guest

    Raienya wrote: Just in case people have missed it.
  5. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Thank you for letting us know Piestro.
    The NR Subs are all half price this weekend during the big 50% off sale that they have going on until Monday 6/18 so if you were wanting to sub via that method now would be the time to do it.
    This gives me more reason to believe that Smedley was being honest about them not being removed because of the SC promotions.
  6. ARCHIVED-Wyndfire Guest

    Piestro wrote:
    I am posting this in this thread as well per a suggestion from SOE's support staff. He linked it for me to do so. I am not spamming the forums to be heard. I am just doing what I was told.
    I have been a loyal Gold member of Everquest 2 since launch. Prior to that I had been a loyal Gold member of EQ1 for almost 3 years. During that time, I spent 2-3 years as an All Access member paying $29.99 a month. Until recently, we had always paid for our accounts via a monthly credit card transaction. I say "we" reffering to me and my wife. A couple of years back, my wife and I happened upon some financial hardships surrounding an illness and eventual death of a family member. My wife made the sacrifice and let her account lapse to save the monthly fees. She would not hear of me doing the same, since I truly enjoyed the game so much more. When you allowed players to start paying via SC, it was a blessing for us. We were able to take advantage of the SC sales from time to time, while removing the worry of adding to our credit card balance every month. Honestly, things were THAT tight. So paying for a years subscription via SC was a godsend, and for that we thank you. However, with the recent fiasco involving pulling the non-recurring subscription off of the marketplace with NO warning (I pay close attention to things like this in the forums), I must say I am appauled at what I logged in to see today! Smed posted that he would have the non-recurring memberships put back up for a week so folks could use the SC they had saved strictly for the purpose of purchasing one year subscriptions, including me and my wife. So, last night I did what I thought was the right thing to do and on day 7, I purchased 2 one year non-recurring memberships for my wife and I in anticipation of this feature being pulled. What do you folks do after telling everyone to make sure ya do it in a week....? You put it on sale for 50% off on day 8! I am sickened that almost $120 of our SC has just been wasted merely a few hours prior, on YOUR ADVICE! I know the policy on no returns or refunds, but how can your company honestly say this was a fair manuver? At this point, I feel betrayed and lied too. I am not a sucker for SOE to lure into deminishing my stockpile of SC that we hoarded and saved to spend on the items that we so much wanted to spend them on. This is WRONG and should have been announced!!! Please see what can be done to recitify this and make amends to the honest, hard working families that have been so loyal to your company for so many years. Sincerely, Sloke Silverwind...AKA a real life person named Bradley.
  7. ARCHIVED-superstormmy Guest

    alaplayer wrote:
    They shouldn't because all you will be doing is paying for their game with their fake money, profits go down. Eve I agree sucked and yes it is mentioned in this thread twice oh orange typing one. Maybe if you read whole posts instead of half you could respond to them right instead of griefing
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    Sorry, somehow I missed that there was a main topic and posted this in piestro's post. I'll amend that as moved to here.
    I have a point I need to raise. You re-instated the purchase of non recurring memberships with station cash for a short period but still removed it on the Monday 18th June, this is unfair to anyone who did not see this post or was not even aware that the station cash purchase had been removed. Anyone playing EQ2 and buying Non recurring memberships will only attempt to buy one when their existing membership runs out.
    I have a disabled son who plays EQ2 and uses station cash to renew his membership. He has over 4000 SC in his wallet and only uses it for membership renewal. The Station cash was purchased for him as a present specifically to renew his membership as and when required. His non recurring membership ran out on the 20th June and he tried to renew it at that time, only to discover that you had removed the option to do so. How does reinstating the option to buy non recuring memberships for a short period help those who have station cash for the purpose and yet did not know that the option had been removed.
    I have contacted SoE customer support who were less than helpful but did give me the email address of a customer services manager. However that prooved to be usless as well as the manager has chosen to ignore my email regarding this matter. My email was sent on the 20th June, as yet I have not had a reply.
    My gut feeling is that when SoE offered a means to purchase a non recurring membership through the Station cash store they encouraged players to purchase station cash specifically for that purpose. By removing the option without addressing the problem of players that already have station cash in their wallets ready to purchase memberships they have obtained funds illegally.
    Please get this option reinstated and find a way to remove it without leaving members out of pocket i.e. have accounts flagged that had station cash in them prior to a fixed date allowing them to purchase non recurring memberships with the station cash they had already purchased. Add a note to the non recurring membership option that only station cash purchased before the said date can be used to purchase the non recurring membership. Then players could not buy Station cash specifically for memberships and those that did will be able to buy the memberships untill their station cash bought for this purpose has run out.
  9. ARCHIVED-Onuron Guest

    I feel for your son, i have a disabled son too. However the Non-recurring was placed back on for just over a week, to allow people to get their subs renewed. Everyone was talking about it in almost every channel, so hard to believe you didnt notice it, even if you didnt see forum. They already did right thing by allowing people to use their SC that way, in fact they even ran a 50% off sale ON those said Non-recurring SC subs, to even allow those with lots of SC to really take advantage of them being back on marketplace. At this point, theres not much they will do for you im sure. They may return to marketplace, they may not in future. You can still buy SC cards to pay for a month for him though.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lord Locton Guest

    Onurissa@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Thank you for your comments but discussions in 'in game chat' will have gone unseen. Personally I played EQ2 from launch to about a 2 years ago. I came back for a short run around the creation of the Freeport server but I have not played the game for at least 3 months. My disabled son does not group or read the chat channels because he would not be able to play the game with the same, shall we say enthusiasm as most. He is partially sighted and everything takes him time to achieve. Having said that he gets great enjoyment form his level 92 conjuror and is perfectly happy soloing with a merc and his pets. He might be a rare beast in that he plays an online game by himself but thats his thing.
    The point I am making is that SoE owes it to every subscriber to ensure that they all receive fair treatment. If station cash was purchased soley for the purpose of buying their membership and before SoEs decision to remove the option from the station cash store they should have made certain that none of their members would be out of pocket by putting in place a mechanism to catch all those that slip through the net. Relying on word getting round through the chat channels or the forums isn't really good enough... just my opinion.
  11. ARCHIVED-Reazon Guest

    Would have been nice of them to send out emails to ex-subscribers of this game about this 50% off deal. I'm sure many would have resubscribed. I would have returned to the game in a heartbeat if I knew about this. I was considering returning to the game, buying the new expansion, and also signing up to an yearly subscription, but now I won't because I would feel like I would be overpaying. If I'm not mistaken, with the 50% off deal plus the triple station cash weekend and a Walmart 1500 SC card an yearly subscription would have came out to just $15 total. Can this be brought back for one last time for those who just barely missed out on it and would also buy the new expansion along with it?
  12. ARCHIVED-khiahh Guest

    I honestly dont care about what or why they remove this option what ticks me off is I was not notified this change was taking effect, go to walmart buy the card and go to soe website where it says RENEW SUB and has a card input, I input the card and it doesnt apply to my sub at all just goes directly to market place. So why have a option at all to renew sub w a sc card then NOT renew it? It shouldnt be a option if its not available. So now I have a expired sub but a account with sc?
    Why am I going to input my credit card for a recurring sub if they cant be straight forward and honest with what they advertise on their website?!
  13. ARCHIVED-Nidy Guest

    The problem here is communication. I know that I get an email with EVERY promotion that is occuring or going to occur but I did not get an email about this major change. Every gamer should have received an email stating the change in policy along with a time table for this change. After a specific date, that was VERY CLEARLY defined, make the change. As it stands now, SOE was short sighted. It was SOE that designed the Double and Triple cash days and it should be SOE's burden not the consumers. I think everyone can understand why SOE would want to change how it works but not at our expense. I am fortunate only to have $25 bucks in my account but to the people who invested quite a bit of money in their accounts to pay for their subscription cost only to have the option removed...well they have the right to be very angry.
  14. ARCHIVED-AngelNJade Guest

    This is not a complaint about the removal of the Station Cash (SC) non-recurring subscriptions. It's my own fault for not noticing this sooner, and not keeping up with the forums and social media sites the company used to announce such changes.
    I understand how someone purchasing two $15.00 SC cards at Wal-Mart and using them strategically to get a 1 Year SC Non-Recurring membership, ultimately, hurts SOE as a whole and the survivability of the EQ franchise.
    I simply want to express my hope that someone from SOE will read this and other users feedback and take such into consideration in bringing back a SC subscription based model. If it's in the form of a model that is less restrictive than F2P and more restrictive than recurring models, I know I will be okay with it. If it's finding a way to reenstate such a model that is not discounted during market place sales events and costs more to offset potential purchasing because of Double and Triple Station Cash events, I know I will be okay with it.
    Thank you.

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