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Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Piestro, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Piestro Guest

    Some of you may have noticed that non-recurring subscriptions are no longer available on the Marketplace. This change was premature, and the option will be restored. However, we do intend to discontinue offering non-recurring subscriptions in the near future, and we will be sure to let you know in advance when this occurs.
    We apologize for any confusion.
  2. ARCHIVED-SlashnGut Guest

    Another way to chase away people who try to play your games?
  3. ARCHIVED-njade Guest

    Piestro wrote:
    Piestro, could you clarify this pls? I am a bit confused...
    So do we have those subscriptions back for a week as Smed wrote in his post, or we got them back for now and in a seperate post you will inform us exactly when they will be removed so it can take more than a week?
    And I really hope it will take more than a week :D
  4. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Hakdagutz@Butcherblock wrote:
    EQ2 costs $15 a month. The days of being able to get an EQ2 sub for $1.25 a month or free (with Plat) are ending. There will be a 1 week grace period to buy as much EQ2 subscription time as you want. Years if you want. ;)
  5. ARCHIVED-Gorekin Guest

    1 week is pointless. I not sure where soe is going anymore. I been playing eq2 since it was in beta and now I am actually thinking maybe try something else. I don;t think you guys are thinking of the people who play the game. You can only toy with people so long. I know a lot of people who are moving on cause of this change. Trust me I am a loyal to eq2 ...just now don't know maybe after all theses years time to go to another game. I know the voice thing will be cool but to honest i would rather you add real voices in game( current games do this) ......You guys gave us things and we grew to like them then you just take them away...
    You only make money when people play EQ2...If you tick them off you will lose money...
    Look at what starwars did....and now it is gone
  6. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Piestro wrote:
    Discontinue for good or temporarily? I would like to know because this impacts my ability to remain a gold member once my current subscription runs out if it is taken away for good.
  7. ARCHIVED-Ahlana Guest

    Glenedhel@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    How? You can still buy $15 SC cards and use them for subscriptions at the time of redemption. You could also still buy said cards with Plat through your fellow gamers.
    The only thing this will affect is buying Subs on Double/Triple SC days and on rebate dys.
  8. ARCHIVED-akin99 Guest

    Ahlana wrote:
    It affects my ability to buy Expansions! Even the small bonus of 2000sc for $15 on walmart cards makes a big difference to multi account holders like myself.
  9. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Ahlana wrote:
    1.) My finances. Which is why I stated and underlined the word MY in my post. My ability to pay $15 a month to play a game has been taken away due to unforeseen circumstances. Other bills take priority over a computer game subscription, no matter how much I enjoy playing it. This is why I cancelled my 8+ year old monthly CC subscription last month and converted my account to a non-recurring gold membership.
    2.) I never have and I never will purchase a game card in-game using plat. I'm hard pressed to spend 500p or so, which is most of what I have anyhow, on the hopes that the person selling the game card does not give a false or already used code. I see it all of the time on Antonia Bayle in the auction channel where so-and-so sold a bad card and logged out on the buyer and SOE will not do a thing about that if it happens.
  10. ARCHIVED-gourdon Guest

    akin99 wrote:
    You can still use Walmart cards to buy one month and 500SC, or if you pay $15/month recurring, then you will still get 500SC per month. Since expansions can still be purchased with SC, there will be no change for you in this regard.
  11. ARCHIVED-jeremiya-bullfrog Guest

    i thik that if they are going to remove this feature, they should have some sort of truly secure way of trading SOE cards in game via in game currency.

    IE player 1 buys 20 bucks SC card. goes to SOE website. inputs a code and poof, the card becomes an in game item on his toon of choice that can be redeemed via right click for 2000 SC or 1 month game time +500SC or something like that.

    player 2 can then buy the in game item from player 1 with plat using the very secure in game trade method or hell, player 1 can brokersell the durn thing.

    if any of you play eve online as your second game as i do, this should seem familiar as they do it with PLEX.
  12. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    jeremiya-bullfrog wrote:
    Good idea.
    If they did something like this then I would consider buying game time in game using in game currency as long as I had enough plat to keep my subscription going on a month by month basis. As it stands now there is no chance in hell that I would risk it. Too many people get ripped off constantly.
  13. ARCHIVED-LadyMist Guest

    jeremiya-bullfrog wrote:
    Why should they secure a way for you to buy cards with the game money you aquire in their game again?
    They have already warned those who dont wish to pay with real money the risks of buying card codes from fellow players and discouraged it.
    I used to play eve onlone but quit felt like i was playing a mud
  14. ARCHIVED-jeremiya-bullfrog Guest

    LadyMist wrote:
    well if it's done this way then SOE will know SOMEONE is paying for everyone's time, and there would not be anymore problems with people getting scammed out of hundreds of plat.

    the way it was with the nonrecurring subs in the SC in game window meant that someone coujld only pay 2, 3 bucks for a months game time (thanks to taking advantage of all the various bonus SC days, etc) .... my way (well, eve's way) would mean that everytime a 15$ code is turned into an item, and that item is redeemed in game, that SOMEONE paid 15 bones for that code. who redeems it is really immaterial to them isnt it?
  15. ARCHIVED-alaplayer Guest

    LadyMist wrote:
  16. ARCHIVED-kullaili Guest

    What, Why I ask i have over 16k in station cash that I cant use becuase I cant buy a membership but you want me to put a card up to play. Well I dont put cards anymore not since your hacking but I guess untill you open your eyes and let us buy non-recurring subscriptions i guess ill just play WoW or something (btw dont pay with a card for that one as well
  17. ARCHIVED-BillieJoe108 Guest

    Really hope they get PayByCash/Ultimate Gamecard to start supporting their games again, otherwise I'll be out of a subscription too, mainly based on the factor that my only payment options for PC games are PayPal and gamecards, which stores around here don't seem to carry SOE's anymore...
  18. ARCHIVED-rowanleigh Guest


    Do you mean using station cash for non-recurring subs is being done away with? Or do you mean that all non-recurring subscriptions are being done away with, and time cards will no longer be allowed at all, even if redeemed on SOE website for time in game?

    The way you worded this makes it sound like recurring is the only way to go, and you are doing away with non-recurring all together even if we buy time cards at Gamestop/Wal-mart to redeem at the SOE account page for monthly time.
    and as your customer service can attest, my debit and my credit card is not usuable on your website. We have gone round and round with this, I say to your CS department the cards are good, they tell me my CC/Debit card companies don't allow the subscription, my Card companies say they do, and we always end up playing the same game of "it's not us, it's them".
    Time cards are the only way I can pay for my sub according to your CS department. A paypal option like Netflix offers would be fantastic. Any chance of that happening if you do away with time cards used for non-recurring subs?

    Thank you.
  19. ARCHIVED-Cratoh Guest

    It's now been 5 days since your post Piestro, and some of us are waiting for clarification before we decide whether or not we will be deleting eq2 or not, as some of us will plain not be able to play if we cannot use cash cards to do so.

    Some answers, clarification, thanks :)
  20. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    kullaili wrote:
    You've been given 1 week to buy non-recurring subscriptions with StationCash. What are you waiting for?
    Cratoh wrote:
    If you buy a card that says "1500 StationCash or 30-days Game Time" then you can obviously use it for 30 days of game time. What you will not be able to do after this week, is fund an EQ2 subscription with StationCash, whether your $15 bought you 1500SC or 12,000SC.

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