Non-recurring Subscriptions Removal

Discussion in 'Community News' started by ARCHIVED-Piestro, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Piestro Guest

    As previously mentioned, we plan to remove the ability to purchase EverQuest II Memberships with Station Cash.
    We again apologize for any inconvenience caused when these were removed without warning last week.
    As promised, we reinstated them to give those customers who wished to the opportunity to purchase.
    On Monday 18th June, we will remove Station Cash Memberships while we assess the best way to move forward.
    As always, we thank you for your feedback!
  2. ARCHIVED-Gealaen_Gaiamancer Guest

    Thanks for the heads-up.
    I am interested in seeing the results of that assessment you mentioned. And if you could please include in your discussions some kind of "prepaid by SC in bulk" deal (even something that's comparable to the 3/6/12 month recurring packages) that'd be splendid. Or ... multi-account payment method!
  3. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Gealaen_Gaiamancer wrote:
    I'm hoping for the same thing.
  4. ARCHIVED-Natsume Guest

    Removing this will, let me tell you this cause a huge drop in the amount of people becoming members. I was more than ready to pay for a membership (maybe even a year!) but after knowing this, the best I would do is buy a silver membership. And that's it. I think it's a terrible move by you SOE.
  5. ARCHIVED-BadLuck Guest

    Natsume wrote:
    I highly doubt this is even remotely close to accurate seeing as how people will still purchase SC cards and will just redeem them on the website as a gamecard.

    If anything, it'll hurt the sales of SC during event days IMHO.
  6. ARCHIVED-AngelNJade Guest

    This reply was posted under "Non-Recurring Subscriptions" as well.. thanks!
    This is not a complaint about the removal of the Station Cash (SC) non-recurring subscriptions. It's my own fault for not noticing this sooner, and not keeping up with the forums and social media sites the company used to announce such changes.
    I understand how someone purchasing two $15.00 SC cards at Wal-Mart and using them strategically to get a 1 Year SC Non-Recurring membership, ultimately, hurts SOE as a whole and the survivability of the EQ franchise.
    I simply want to express my hope that someone from SOE will read this and other users feedback and take such into consideration in bringing back a SC subscription based model. If it's in the form of a model that is less restrictive than F2P and more restrictive than recurring models, I know I will be okay with it. If it's finding a way to reenstate such a model that is not discounted during market place sales events and costs more to offset potential purchasing because of Double and Triple Station Cash events, I know I will be okay with it.
    Thank you.
  7. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    They did. It's called Krono.
  8. ARCHIVED-AngelNJade Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
    Krono is simply where SOE has followed in the foot steps of the orignial creators of such, CCP Games with Eve Online and their PLEX model by taking something purchased with real world currency that can be traded in game however the owner of the krono wishes.
    At no point does Krono deal with SC in any form. If you read what I've asked I said "bringing back a SC subscription model".
    Thank you.
  9. ARCHIVED-Geothe Guest

    Gandil@Oasis wrote:
    SC for Subs/expansions will never happen again.
    It has been so devalued at this point due to double/triple SC events (even just one last Sunday) that it is nothing but a money loser for SoE to allow SC for Subs. That ship has sailed and sunk.
  10. ARCHIVED-AngelNJade Guest

    Until they officially announce such I'll keep my hopes which is why I even suggest to look into a way to take 2x/3x SC events into consideration, even if it meant paying more.
    Thank you.

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