Non-lethal weapon, ability, or item needed... Devs?

Discussion in 'Lore and Legend Discussion' started by ajcz66, Jun 14, 2023.

  1. ajcz66 New Member

    Ok, so there are many quests that require you to reduce an item, enemy, etc. down to a % then "use" something on them. Normally this would be impossible on a live server, so playing on Kael I figured it would be doable.

    Nope. Well, barely, but really infuriating.

    Stripping all armor and jewelry, canceling ALL buffs, mount, familiar, merc, food, drink, no weapon, and using my level 1-10 entry level spells/abilities still proves this undoable and leaves my character unable to advance questlines. One example is the "Becoming an Orcbane" quest in frostfang. Trust me, this is just ONE of many I have come across...

    I'm enjoying playing on here simply for fun and the achievements, but I can't think it would be that difficult to code an item, weapon, or even a common ability that players can use in these circumstances that will do no damage beyond a certain percent of an enemy's health. Sweet spot that I have seen seems to be around 20%. An abilty that is common to all classes would sound like the way to go, but whatever. Auto mentoring makes sure everything has color, but this is a problem and it is not related to what gear I have on based on the previous paragraph.
  2. Mugwort Active Member

    Try experimenting with different mercs, which are wimpy on KD. Be totally passive with no auto-attack. All reactives/wards turned off. Merc is set to passive (follow only) Figure out how to micro-manage the merc. Each merc, character class interact differently, so I can't advise "use so and so" and "do this and that".

    However, for mobs that will automatically attack, try a body pull to get the mobs attention. Send in merc. Back off but stay within distance so that the device can be used at the critical moment. Maybe start spamming the device when the mobs health gets below 50%

    Inquisitors have Verdict, so they might cast Verdict when the device needs to be used. So, keep that in mind if an Inquisitor is chosen.
  3. Malachy Well-Known Member

    I have a set for "naked" and use an interrupt, dispel, root or snare if I can't just aggro and let thorns (or elixir of thorns) do it. But, yes, not being able to toggle on/off the godbuff makes some encounters nearly impossible - it is just one of many reasons why people want it in their knowledge book instead of permanently on our toons.