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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Whilhelmina, Apr 18, 2020.

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    So, I just completed my first season two overseer quest and I got a no-trait agent, Simrin of the Hood (and fragments of planar energy and harvestables *yawns*):
    \aITEM 1764746670 -2056299154 0 0 0:[Simrin of the Hood]\/a
    It's NO-TRADE.

    Yeah, ok, I'll get flooded with useless blues again, but I can understand that, as it's important for players staring just now on overseers to get no-trait agents. Ok.
    Why the heck is that agent no-trade?
    I run quests with several alts. I have one on each account who gets all the agents, and if I get agents, then I hand them down from side-alts to real char. Everyone does that. WHY, are some agents no-trade? (and I sure hope all new agents are not no-trade!)

    *steals a soapbox from an angel rat*
    Folks (understand "devs"), that's why we have a Test server, to check bad ideas/mechanics and bring them up. Last time, we checked overseer changes, made some meaningful remarks and nobody took a couple seconds to even answer a basic "we read you, we'll see if we take action". This time, we weren't even looped in on the changes. Test has a purpose, it's to test stuff. Of course we can't test raid and heroic stuff, because we don't have plats at all and nobody (except a couple masochistic few) wants to play on an unstable server that gets patches in a non-regular basis, can get them late or can break down utterly after one with no incentive/bonus/whatsoever. But we should be able to test some random stuff, like autoattacks now (my only scout is a brigand I don't know how to play at all, so I can't really input on that one) and stuff that need a meaningful time to test, like leveling overseers and checking if the new season works. It's obvious that it doesn't. But is there a single person that launched account-wide overseers quests on a temporary beta-server opened on invitation only? really? No, of course not. There are several of us who launch all our overseer quests on Test, and play ONLY on Test. Like me, like Niami, Randiom, Kasa, Jexia and all. Please, just remember we exist to test crappy mechanics for you. Thanks.
    *goes down her soapbox and goes to yell at the closest wall*
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    I promise even if they aren't listening the people who truly love this game are.
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    I checked a bunch of overseers from the crate and it seems to be the only one with the problem, the others are heirloom
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    This is still the case - any chance we can get it fixed ?
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  6. Caith Developer

    Several agents are no trade and do not convert into Rejected Agent Resumes because those agents are infinitely obtainable for various reasons, such as /claim.
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