Fixed Internally No rewards from Overseers Quests

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Ramone_AB, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Ramone_AB Active Member

    Thanks guys! I love the new update!

    Since the update I can't get all my rewards from Overseer quests. I get 2 chests and either get 1 reward or no rewards for them. It is frustrating especially when I have a good percentage on them. I lost 5 chests out of 10. Of the 10 3 were singles only and the rest were Double chests.

    So maybe by Tuesday there will be a patch to fix this problem??? I hate this broken crap.
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  2. Udonn Active Member

    I can add to that. Just did a PQ and received 10 at first, and then 5 from doctor. As a member, I also received 15 more. I should have at least 30 restored quintessence, yet my character only shows me having 22.
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  3. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    If the reward is an item with a LORE tag and you already have one in inventory, you just don't get a reward. I think they should check and see if there's a LORE conflict, and if so give you something else!
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  4. Bludd Well-Known Member

    yes or at least give a textual warning to you what happened
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  5. Rashi New Member

    Problem is this happened to me with every single bonus chest lately. No 2 rewards on a single one out. Only had about 5 since the last patch, so its not a great sample size, but I do clean my inventory regularly.
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  6. Morrigu New Member

    same issue here...
    normally, if there is some conflict with the lore item received again from reward, there was error msg visible, that it happened and you can't have two same lore items, but for this case, there is nothing visible in logs
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  7. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Have had 3 boxes just poof on me today no warning message nothing. :(
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  8. Gnomfu Active Member

    Has anyone else noticed that it seems the agents are removed from the completed quest and the % reflects that when you get the reward rolls?
    Also mishaps seem to be happening at a greater rate than the % indicator vs getting a bonus chest. I'm frequently losing an agent to mishap with 1 or 2% fail chance and on the other hand i'm having 20%+ chance to get a bonus chest and it seems to succeed one in 8 or 9 quests. some of the 2-1/2+ hour quests with 2 agents have 30-50% and no bonus.
  9. Rashi New Member

    I received a bonus chest today successfully.
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  10. Uwopo Active Member

    It seems to be the instance lockout reset that causes the problem, since it is LORE. They also appear to be very common, since they're replaced almost immediately if I use one. I'd hate to see them become too rare, since they are useful, but with a reuse of 7 days, there's no need to get 3-4 per day.
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  11. Albanara Active Member

    Unfortunately, I have been running into chests going poof too...more so lately. I've been trying to see what I have that may be lore, that could affect it, but cant find anything as yet. Anyone know if there is a list of rewards to check against?
    As well as the quests going poof after a time and not coming back (not talking about mishap quests).
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  12. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Someone in another thread mentioned the zone unlock timer thing. I have one but I haven't been logged in to check to see.
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  13. Uwopo Active Member

    Not a bug, apparently the quests displayed each day are selected randomly from your pool of available quests. Makes we wish I could delete all the 1 hour quests with low bonus chances.
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  14. Albanara Active Member

    Thats interesting...didnt know that.

    Be great at least to see a list in general, with greyed out quests or something similar for at least keeping track.
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  15. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I would rather keep the 1 hour quests and get rid of the 2.5 and 10 hour quests I have as the reward chances for those don't seem to be any better than the 1 hour rewards. I do get a decent number of bonus chests, but mostly they are filled with potions or infusers that I'd rather not get anyways. I like getting the shinies...for now....since I haven't gotten any duplicate shinies. But once the shiny collections are done I can see the novelty of those wearing off as well. Sending off one overseer for one hour and having a chance at the same exact rewards as a quest that takes two or three overseers and lasts twice as long or even ten times as long....just not worth it in my book. If I am going to send off three overseers for ten hours, I want to see some better rewards...not just a small increase in the chance at a bonus chest.
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  16. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    The quality of reward chests is different. We have treasured, legendary, mythical reward chests. The longer the quest the better reward chest quality. You can see chest quality if you right click on the box icon on the overseer quest list.
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  17. Albanara Active Member

    Ok, so just to be cruel, i just did "Liberate Lady Laravale" quest and for the reward, I got....."Liberate Lady Laravale" quest, lolo hehe ehhhh:( I guess it's slightly better than the chest going poof... /s
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  18. Druantia Member

    Also I'm sick of getting the 2.0 upgrade mats. I think i have enough to upgrade about 30 toons now. Seems the chances at getting recipes etc need to be rebalanced. Oh do i miss the days where advanced recipe TS scrolls dropped from random mobs =/
  19. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I'll upvote this. I have had multiple occasions of receiving 2 overseer chests, but only getting one reward. ie. a regular chest and a bonus, but only receiving what appears to be one reward.
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  20. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Same, lots of rewards just going poof. There should be a check system in place not to continue giving me the same reward. I transmute and salvage all but the Reset item. So unless I am getting the reset item 4 or 5 times a day something is borked...
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