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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Celena, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    *happyhappy joyjoy*

    • Camping to an alt without shutting down the client will no longer cause the welcome screen to display.

    thank you, thank you, thank you. I didn't want to disable the thing because it DOES have its uses when first logging on, however, when toon hopping, this thing drove me batty!
  2. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    Thank goodness...this feature has been more annoyance than helpful. What a general waste of resources.
  3. ARCHIVED-TwinklingEyes Guest

    Is there a way to turn off the welcome screen all together?..I hate that thing!
  4. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    Flame@The Bazaar wrote:
    Find the Eq2.ini file in your Everquest II folder.
    Edit it using notepad and add this line
    cl_show_welcome_screen_on_startup 0

    If you dont have a modded UI then yu may not have an EQ2.ini file
    If not, just create one using notepad (be sure to save the file as EQ2.ini NOT EQ2.ini.txt )
  5. ARCHIVED-Brenlo Guest

    Yeah we know, this feature can be annoying. We are taking a look at it and planning how to make it better. To show our information on LON and Marketplace, most certainly, but also to pass along relevant info that you DO want to see. ONe of the ideas we are toying with is using widgets to allow you to customize most of what you see. I will keep you updated as this work rolls along.
  6. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    Brenlo wrote:
    TBH, Brenlo, I LIKE the feature. Now that I don't have to see it every freaking time I camp to an alt, I dont mind it at all. ( admitted alt-a-holic)
    I could do without the huge panel on trying to micro transaction me to death with LON and SC, but meh, can live with it.

    Edit to add: would be great to have this feature show what the TSO DD is each day. I know a couple third party sites have the rotating info, but would still be cool to see it in game as soon as I log in, so I dont have to trek up to Moors to find out, or bug the 70-79 channel.
  7. ARCHIVED-DisturbedMaggot Guest

    Or, you could just allow us to turn it off without having to screw around with the .ini file
  8. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    DD option would be grand.
    To me, making so I only see it once per start up was perfect.
  9. ARCHIVED-Leenee Guest

    I agree! Put the DD on the welcome screen.
  10. ARCHIVED-Yimway Guest

    Brenlo wrote:
    Want to make it less annoying?
    Take away the client lock while it is loading/rendering.
    Until it is closed, my KB does not have focus to the game client so I can't type /gu Howdy! until I hit the close button. I normally am lookign to open a game window / type something / in general interact with the client quicker than this window takes to render.
  11. ARCHIVED-erin Guest

    Almost everyone I know has turned it off in the ini so by the time they make it useful, nobody will be using it.
    Unfortunate deployment.
  12. ARCHIVED-Valdaglerion Guest

    erin wrote:
    The load time and rendering of it causes some machines to lock or crash, especially on toons camped in housing or guild halls.
  13. ARCHIVED-GrunEQ Guest

    Besides the daily double, if you could show the tradeskill mission of the day, would be helpful. Also if you had any live events or guide events, having them announced would be fun, too.
  14. ARCHIVED-Kordran Guest

    erin wrote:
    No problem, they'll just remove the old configuration option so it's not recognized, and replace it with:
    cl_dont_show_welcome_screen_on_startup 1
    That way everyone will be forced to look at the new welcome screen at least once. Then if they change it again, they can rename the setting to:
    cl_really_dont_show_welcome_screen_on_startup 1
    And if the third time is the charm, there will always be:
    cl_for_the_love_of_god_dont_show_welcome_screen_on_startup 1
    So there's lots of options there.
  15. ARCHIVED-Trevalon Guest

    I dunno, Is it really tht hard just to hit the close button?

    Perhaps I am just not technically challenged and hitting "close" or "x" doesnt seem difficult to me - and if a "welcome screen" is lagging your computer...well its time to invest in some new hardware there bud I think AoL is calling your name somewhere out there...

    That being said, if they would add the DD for the day to the welcome screen that alone would be more than enough to have it on my screen.
  16. ARCHIVED-erin Guest

    Trevalon wrote:
    When you are constantly switching around between toons, this got annoying on day 1. Sure, they've now fixed it so that switching toons won't do that anymore, but like I said, too late, everyone I know has already updated their ini to remove this.
    Its not technically challenging (but thanks for calling many of us morons), its simply an annoyance.
  17. ARCHIVED-hortefoutre Guest

    Brenlo wrote:
    Your first move should be to allow people to disable it in a single click. I will modify my eq2.ini as explained but it's very unfriendly.
    cl_show_welcome_screen_on_startup 0
    quite cryptical....
  18. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    I find the friends list section of this screen usefull and have not suffered the problems others have with lag, not being able to type in chat until it is gone etc...
    That being said, there should be an option to disable that does not involve messing about with ini files. Everyone whould have an easily accesable choice to see it or not.
    I cant see this happening though, it might just be my interpretation but Rothgars post here pretty much confirms here what we already knew, the primary purpose of this window is to advertise new micro-transaction offers.

    Extra features, such as displaying the daily Double, latest guild events, upcoming live events etc.. would make this screen of much more worth.

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