No Kelethin start on Kaladim?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by stormtb92, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. stormtb92 New Member

    Hey guys, just hopping into the TLE for the first time, and as far as I knew EoF is out, but according to the FAQ they were going to release kelethin with it, has that been delayed?
  2. Adene Member

    Nah, it's available. You'll start on the boat (I'm not sure if you can instantly leave it or not) and get dropped off on the island. You can immediately leave the island, though. Just go to the beach and tell the captain that you want to go to Kelethin, and it'll pop you out in the nursery.
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  3. Venser Active Member

    Load in on the boat, right click the navigator behind the captain, leave the boat option. Spawn on isle, go to end of 2nd dock, hail captain, go to gfay if you're good aligned. Been a while since I've done it, usually go to DLW or FFS, but yeah.

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