Nil Crystals

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Aeralik, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-Slako Guest

  2. ARCHIVED-Hellswrath Guest

    About time. Thank you for the fix.
  3. ARCHIVED-Obviousman Guest

    I also hope that the curses line takes a good looking at instead of just going in, removing the Nil Crystals, then shimmying on out.
    Nonetheless, this is a very good change and I sure hope LU45 means we actually get to improve ourselves. Thanks, SOE!
  4. ARCHIVED-ke'la Guest

    cxp1 wrote:
    Maybe you should check out this post instead... I am not saying what is thier will solve Coercers "issues" heck it may just remove some, make others worst, and/or add new ones... but they are being addressed as well.
  5. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    I am waiting to see if our damage gets halved, or just reduced by 25%. (was a useless mechanic though)
  6. ARCHIVED-Feneant Guest

    Wow, that is great news!! I detested constantly having to replenish my stock of them.
  7. ARCHIVED-Dracot72 Guest

    WasFycksir wrote:
    So sad to see this ********. I don't whine about needing the component for a rez. I ***** cause necro's ahve no defense in pvp at t7+. Once again Aeralik is 100% ignoring the needs of the pvp community and leaving us as fame/writ/token vendors. Stupid move with AOC on the verge of release also. Yes the necro population on pvp servers is slim, thats cause you gave us no means to PVP with. Dieing in 1 secon to multiple classes b4 we can even try to defend is utter ********. MAybe if you fixed the class we'd see more playing it and we'd get the attention scouts and healers and sorcerers get EVERY UPDATE. Oooo yay i can rez someone now, or oooo my invis dont break while zoning now.....what did that do to improve survivability? Not a damn thing.
  8. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    Why not turn those fuel spell items into an in house item for those of us who play Coercers/Warlocks/Necro's , as a way to remember what once was.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ashkanar Guest

    Wow, we don't need Nil Crystals anymore, and that is going to improve my gameplay by enabling me to do... what?.
  10. ARCHIVED-Wildmage Guest

    Ashkanar wrote:
    clear bank space so we can harvest more shinies?
  11. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    Ashkanar wrote:
    Save hours of Runnyeye Goblin Genocide? Or you just go wipe out the zone for fun?
    I know when i farmed crystals, I hacked a ton of people off. Wiping out entire zones for crystals.
  12. ARCHIVED-Dracot72 Guest

    Roukai@Kithicor wrote:
    Then maybe you can convince Aeralik to not post necro BS in his update notes? Not out fault this upgrade pisses us on pvp servers off to no end.
  13. ARCHIVED-Aerendor_Shadowbride Guest

    Aeralik wrote:
    Champagne !
    Ok, this is not the only issue we have but it's a most welcomed change, and it proovesthe devs have found back the path to our forum's section.
    If only this was the beginning of some warlock love, that would be marvelous!
    (I must admit, when i read this post from Aeralik, i checked twice to see if it was an April's Fool ...)
  14. ARCHIVED-Roukaianimia Guest

    Dracot72 wrote:
    I guess what i was trying to say was that when the post is made in your forums about the essences and thoughtstones with the post to the warlocks about the spell components is this: Warlock forum, warlock info, warlocks for the most part happier for the change and we warlocks have alts. The added infor im sure was to stave off the others from crying "well what about us". Being that your a Necro posting on a warlock thread and crying that this is not what you wanted in a change for PvP... im pretty sure the thread had nothing to do with it. Try asking if there are other changes in store for your class rather and assuming that there will not be. This thread was titled Nil Crystals, not changes to classes in GU 45. Try asking on your Forum if there are other changes for your class.

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