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Discussion in 'In Testing & Test Server Updates' started by Kaitheel, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    Test is coming down now, so I assume it's the patch (and thanks for the broadcasted warning)
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  2. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, they're generally pretty decent about warning us there, even if it's just "We're bringing it down NOW. Find a good foxhole." ;)

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  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I know I am a little late to this , but where do you get the digging stuff and where do I get the quest for "Brocken Mirrors"
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  4. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    find a shovel in FP or Qeynos, usually around the batches of graves or pumpkins, ground item that looks like a shovel, it automatically equips into your appearance weapon slot (if you have something in there look for it to pop into your bags, so you don't lose it later)
    Then go around cities (not neriak, but all other cities have batches of grave stones) and click on graves, this will spawn either a present (LOOT!!) or a ghost that will either want to play with you or fight you, or a mob scaled to your current level that will attack you, or an apparition that will talk to you and give you quest Broken Mirrors

    PS, you get to keep the shovel for your appearance needs in the future, and also graves are clickable (on a short timer) only when you have that shovel equipped in appearance
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  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    NVM found it but thanks for the information anyway
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  6. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it took me way too long to figure out that I didn't need to fight most of the ghosts; if you have the option to talk to them, you can usually talk them out of a fight. Might as well, since you won't get any XP or Candy or anything else out of them. Then there are more solid monsters, like rats, snakes, bats, zombies, etc. that will usually attack with the first blow while the digger stands there going, "Oh, it's not Casper, it's a zombie that wants to smack me to death. Okay, time to fight back."

    And if you uncover 25 of these gravestones, there's an Achievement...but you can't tell how many you've done unless you keep track yourself, or you've hit 25. I HATE hidden Achievements. >:-/

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  7. Kaitheel Developer

    That's incorrect. You get XP from those ones and a possibility for loot.

    ~ Kaitheel
  8. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Correct - the ones that spawn and attack are not xp, but the ones you have to interact with to fight give you xp. That was discuessed early on in this thread, but we've been a bit verbose since then. :D

    Meanwhile, did you manage to hire a TLE merchant, Kaitheel? :D
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  9. Kaitheel Developer

    Yeah, I found a willing and qualified soul.

    ~ Kaitheel
  10. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Couple tidbits FYI ( not bugs)

    picking up a shovel prevents you from seeing more shovels

    putting your shovel in wardrobe destroys the item, hence you cannot dig graves if you just use shovel appearance from wardrobe, UNTIL you find another shovel, which you can see again! You need to have a physical item to dig

    picking up a shovel does not make it gone for other players, others will see the same shovel in same spot until they get one also

    Some locations for graves and shovels, note not all grave locations seem to have a shovel nearby

    New Halas:
    graves 102, 150, -115 shovel 93, 150, -131 by firepit where Halas festival questgiver stands
    graves -46, 147, -31 shovel -29, 146, -46 middle of town
    graves -146, 152, -81 entrance to housing area
    graves -146, 148, 7 shovel -140, 147, 24 by Hobson adobe
    graves -129, 144, 157 shovel -123, 146, 106 path down towards orcs
    graves -402, 24, 145 dock area
    graves -333, 91, 19 shovel -329, 95, 48 top landing on path from dock to city

    graves 458, 91, 183 by main bell/ramp to Green Knoll
    graves 158, 108, 148 kelethin library platform
    grave 328, 127, 270 shovel 315, 126, 269 by warrior guild
    graves 126, 93, 411 granite hills acorn lift platform
    graves 215, 76, 439 close to scout guild
    graves 443, 90, 369 behind Inn
    graves 454, 108, 474 shovel 425, 108, 439 platform with Aerie Kolams behind Inn
  11. erissah15 New Member

    Hi Guys I'm in Broken Mirrors and I can't find Memory of Honor, have i missed it? or is there people experiencing bugs?
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  12. Alenna Well-Known Member

    scroll up stairs landing bottom of bookcase
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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    amm thanks for the vendor, Kaitheel
    But the subjects are rebelling on " Fallen Gate".
    It's probably to late but one thing I hear a lot is we want more housing items.
    If not this year please if we don't already got the full festival put a little more on that vendor.
    Please don't look at me as ungrateful I am speaking for my fellow players.
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I forgot could we maybe get the arrow trough the head mask please ?
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  15. Alenna Well-Known Member

    what is the name of the merchent for qeynos
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  16. Raenius Well-Known Member

    I have spent 300 pumpkins for today, trying to get Baktor, the Voracious. After having no luck and I have recognized there is no Baktor listed on that reward crate after you have thrown a pumpkin I stopped doing it.

    Is it a hidden reward or it is truly missing atm? Also: I got Kartob, the Gandiose - does this mean Baktor won`t drop for me?
    Please consider clarification for us - thx.
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  17. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    if your looking for the vendors on "Fallen Gate "
    the name of the vendor "is a Night of the Dead merchant ".
    the one in Qeynose is next to the claymore on the southern side.
    the one in Freeport is outside the Trade center near the executioner place.
    but if you have any more Questions just look up Niami's post on wiki she is a lot better at telling you what is where and how to get to it .
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  18. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    He drops and he's not from the crate but an additional reward. But some people throwed 3200+ pumpkins without getting him so there's a real rarity problem (and if you want it for appearance only, it's very bad)

    Link of mount: \aITEM -722678679 -1064184678 0 0 0:[Baktor, the Voracious]\/a

    My opinion is: reduce the rarity of Baktor and add back Kartob as a statless appearance mount with a very high chance of dropping for those who just want an appearance mount.
  19. Morukta Member


    The drop rate for Baktor is BEYOND stupid rare. Especially given that it's a No-Trade mount. I agree, as I said earlier in this thread - increase the drop rate, make it heirloom and give us back a higher rate drop of Kartob without stats to use as appearance. And FFS, make them Heirloom !!!

    Also wtf is with the new urns? TOO MANY, especially since they're basically worthless - if they sold to a vendor for more than just 7c, ok I wouldn't complain, but given how many we get for throwing literally THOUSANDS of bombs trying to get the 'impossible to obtain' Baktor, that is just salt in the wound.

    If things don't get changed, and changed soon, there WILL be a rebellion of players on ALL servers.... COUNT ON IT.

    In addition, while digging up graves the only real problem I have encountered is, yet again, the STUPID rate for getting the new spider familiar. On my first toon to do it, it took over NINETY MINUTES before the familiar dropped. Then, last night I spent OVER TWO HOURS digging on another toon AND NEVER GOT IT AT ALL.

    Whoever decided on these drop rates and approved them needs to be fired. Honestly, how has this game and the team behind it survived for so long while giving the middle finger to their customers? If you want to drive people away from what USED TO BE the best mmorpg out there, just shutter the servers already.....
  20. Morukta Member

    Server timeout caused a double posting . . . bah
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  21. Morukta Member

    And yes, I FULLY expect that My last post in this thread will be nuked under the "We Do No Wrong" policy of removing any and all negative feedback. . .
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