Niami Denmother Comes to EQII

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Kander, Nov 8, 2021.

  1. Jewels Member

    This is awesome... Congratulations Denmum... so exciting indeed, cant wait to see everything you bring to the team.
  2. Ellphaba New Member

    What a phenomenal addition to the team! Congrats, Denmum!
  3. Edelphia Well-Known Member

    I totally agree! Couldn't have happen to a more dedicated, talented and amazing person! I look forward to seeing what's to come for crafting and decorating in the future! Thank you Denmum for all you have and will do for the crafting community!

    Does this mean eq2traders will be passed on to someone new? Like maybe you're ever present helper Ocarinah? Or are you going to be able to do both? That's sure a lot to chew on all by yourself, even if you beat it all to death with your rolling pin :)
  4. Shaie Member

    WooHoo Conga Rats! So very happy to see this and that your health is good enough for you to accept! Cannot wait to see how awesome Tradeskilling (and decorating, by default! :D ) are about to become!
  5. Rosebelle Member

    This is fantastic news and well deserved. Big gratz to Mum and gl!
  6. Nayawk New Member

    Well that is more than grand. Good on you.
  7. Jumjumbandito Member

    This could not better news! Congrats, and looking forward to tradeskilling being in awesome hands!
  8. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Hopefully this means tradeskills will no longer seem like an afterthought with each new expansion going forward.

    This is the first bit of news that I've actually been genuinely excited about in quite some time. Tradeskills took a huge hit when Domino left and have never really recovered.
  9. Meisa Member

    This is so awesome it gave me chills and happy tears! Welcome, Denmum! Halflings everywhere, especially the tradeskillers and decorators, are rejoicing!
  10. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Passing this on from a guildy, who avoids these forums like the plague, but wanted you to know: "Holy S**t! Tradeskills may be good again. This news has made my day."

    Congrats again!

    (PS Gninja, we still love you too.)
  11. The Martian Active Member

    I have been thinking about this carefully... I only see one possible sad point.

    Denmum will be so busy that she won't get on as often as a player...

    I for one would miss that. As every time she is on my day is brightened.

    Nevertheless I know what she will brighten all of Darkpaw (it won't be so dark there lol), and continue to brighten everyone else's lives with her contributions!

    And anytime she is on I will give a "hug" and present my ankle!!!

    Love, hugs and Congrats yet again Denmum

    The Martian.
  12. Komatus Active Member

    This is a historic benchmark for the game! Congrats Denmum!!! Crafting and decorating will surely rise to new heights now!:D
  13. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Congranulations ! Yeehaa !
  14. Leeroy 16 year vet. Forum lurker. Altaholic.

    Congratulations Niami Denmother!
  15. TanekDK New Member

    Congratulations, Niami Denmother!

    I can't count the number of times that your websites have had crucial information that I couldn't find elsewhere!

    I am looking forward to seeing your footprint on tradeskilling in BOTH games (yes I play both) :)
  16. Dawnmeadow Member

    What fantastic news!!! Congrats Denmum! :)
  17. Karamella Well-Known Member

    This is so great! Congrats Niami, you're the best for this job :)
  18. Zypp Member

    This is such wonderful news! Congrats Denmum!
  19. Shakacon Member

    Congratulations Denmum! This news has me excited to see what new marvelous recipes and love tradeskillers will be getting in the future! You are going to ROCK this job and KNOCK their socks off!
  20. CopperCat Tailkinker New Member

    Congratulations! I've been stalking your TS info since I found out about baking in EQ1. And I know you're going to make everything you work on amazing!