Niami Denmother Comes to EQII

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  1. Kander Developer

    Greetings Fellow Norrathians!

    We are excited to announce that Denmum has joined the EverQuest II development team as the tradeskill designer! Many of you already know her as the irrepressible halfling who has been running tradeskill websites based on the EverQuest franchise under the name of Niami DenMother, starting first EQ Traders Corner for EQ in 1998 then EQ2 Traders Corner for EQII when it launched as well. She has a strong MMORPG background as well as computer programming, writing and project management experience.

    After over 20 years as a player with a strong love for crafting and housing, Denmum graciously accepted our offer to officially join the team and started poking things like the Forgotten Furnishings recipes with her Rolling Pin of Doom, or using Ruldari to interact with beta testers. Now that we've formally introduced her expect to see quite a bit more of her under her new official "Denmum" handle.
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  2. Xianthia Well-Known Member

    Enjoying your content already on Beta!
  3. Morukta The ORIGINAL Micro-Gnome

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  5. Elowith Active Member

    Virtue rewarded! I hope, good luck Denmum :)
  6. poj1 New Member

    Great news! Congratulations!
  7. Denmum Developer

    Thank you everyone. I am glad for the chance to help out the EQII tradeskill community even more than I had been before!
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  8. Crazylayde Member

  9. Calthine Well-Known Member

    And about darned time! Gratz Denmum!

    ~ Calthine
  10. Dailyn New Member

    I am SOO happy! I hope your health is better now, I'm looking forward to seeing your additions
    Maj Dul server
  11. Noctew Active Member

    Wheeee! Halfling Devs are best Devs! Congratulations Niami! This calls for a second breakfast....with Denmother's Trail Mix.
  12. Suzze/Barshen/Baratroub Active Member

    She always had Great Information and Ideas. I look forward to seeing Some of these implemented into the EQ2!
  13. Galthier New Member

    Finally! Really great news :) You deserve it!
  14. Elostirion Well-Known Member

    This is amazeballs good news! Cant wait to see what they let you fix!
  15. Tanto Done, finished, gone.


    So.. wait.. Ruldari is Denmum? Or am I misunderstanding?
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  17. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    Congratulations Denmum! It's well-deserved, and you're a great asset gained for the EQ2 team!
  18. Kasa Well-Known Member

    Crafting stations, decorators, adventurers all stop throughout Norrath for a minute of gratitude that such a talented, kindhearted soul as Demmum would grace the position of tradeskill designer. Thank you Mum and the Gods of Norrath that have made this alignment occur we honor you! CONGRATULATIONS!
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  19. Denmum Developer

    Yes. Or "there is no Ru" ... or something like that. I needed a temporary beta presence until everything was officially official for me. Ru has been happily put out to pasture now.
  20. Miragian Well-Known Member

    *Takes a moment to quietly mourn the loss of Ru.*

    *Resumes partying in celebration.*