Newprogression server?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by cathulu, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    The answer is simple...another cash grab opportunity ;).
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  2. Zelox Active Member

    He has a point though, being able to test the later content is also important to /report anything
  3. Givin Active Member

    Was it Necromancer that was the ungoly power class that ruled all the camps when SH first opened? Asking for a friend of course.
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  4. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    It was, but supposedly they were nerfed about halfway through the Stormhold TLE server.
  5. Melt Actually plays the game

    u w0t

    Based on all your posts, you seem to have an unnatural hatred for the live servers. Aren't you someone who wants a permanently locked server so you can get bored in 2 weeks and the game can die?
  6. Torrin Member

    yes it was Necromancer and yes they were nerfed partway through EoF. For soloing they will probably still be the best bet for speed / survivability / general farming ability. However I doubt a Necro will be soloing ^^^ heroics like they were prior to the nerf.

    More than likely they are focusing us on the 1-30 content because that is what has been ran through via itemization and adjustments so far. I get the impression that this go around, at least not initally, they're not using the lets change everything with an all-encompassing script / tool. I have seen so far gear with updated stats but not all uniform identical gear like previously. However almost anything linked-in that is "end game" for vanilla seems unchanged. Which leads me to believe they haven't gotten to that tier yet.

    As for the reward for getting to 30 or doing 150 quests. Well that's a bonus incentive to get people on the beta server to do what they need them to do for testing purposes. I've seen people in chat already saying about how it "better not be a BiS item" and "better not be a waste of time for some <insert personally useless item here>". When the reality of it is the reward is an added bonus and shouldn't really be the target goal. I dare say majority of people going after said reward 1) won't be bothered or are too jaded to believe they should leave any feedback whatsoever and 2) won't be playing on the new TLE server anyway outside of doing bare minimums for the HQ reward for their live character.

    Personally I think the beta for the server should be a month long not a week. But I can see how that can irritate players as well, people jump in and either not actually test / feedback stuff or get tired of the wipes and on-the-fly adjustments and just not continue on it. Doing it that way is a double-edged sword as it could lead to a better polished server launch but also to a much smaller population on said server.
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  7. Zenji Well-Known Member

    We only know this round of Beta is going to last about a week, we could get a 2nd round after some changes. They already said that Fallen Gate will not be going live immediately after this beta.
  8. Fisher New Member

    My biggest complaint is they're offering an item-based incentive to get on the beta and play for some amount of time without any indication as to what the reward actually is. Okay, so it's a beta box named after the upcoming TLE server? Well, what does it do? What's in it? Everyone's response seems to be "who cares?" Uh, anyone interested in the reward, obviously, which is most people.

    When the objective for earning that reward is level 30 or 150 quests completed, there's no incentive to do anything to actually improve the upcoming server like a beta should be doing. They're not saying "play on the beta for a while, provide some feedback and fill out a survey," they're saying "spend several hours playing on a beta server that will be wiped in literally one week for a nondescript item, rewarded on an undisclosed server." They're not at all encouraging people to treat this as a beta, but rather some event to earn items for their characters.

    Honestly, as long as it's not some other unobtainable item that provides practical advantages in the TLE server(s), I don't care what it is; I just want to know what it is in the first place. Offering this item as a reward without saying what it really is seems really fishy, and screams of the "trick/force our stupid playerbase into doing what we want" mentality that DBG employs so often these days.

    I'm worried I'll spend the week of beta time rushing to complete quests or get to level 30 for a reward that wasn't worth the effort, and I could've instead spent that time playing the beta properly, testing the content and reporting bugs. On the other hand, if it's some amazing item that I'll never be able to get otherwise, or even just something cool I would've liked to have, and I spent my time ho-humming through the beta, I'll be pretty bitter about it.
  9. Zenji Well-Known Member

    If your main reason for participating in the Beta is the unknown reward, you are doing it for the wrong reason. However, Daybreak can still take advantage of your Beta play. They are collecting data from the gameplay regardless if you give feedback.

    Again if the reward is your only incentive, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Nowhere does it say it will be wiped after 1 week. It says this beta should last about a week, and "is wiped periodically." They also never said this is the only beta test for the FG server. Also, "Undisclosed server"? The reward is literally called a "Fallen Gate beta box" rewarded from testing on the Fallen Gate beta.. so where do you think this box will be rewarded to? Could it be the upcoming Fallen Gate server that you just did beta testing on? You do not know what the reward is, but regardless if this unknown reward gets people to test on the beta, the data Daybreak gets just from them playing, can be extremely helpful.

    But you do sound like you care, have you read your own post?

    Ok let me get this straight, if there wasn't an unknown reward that you say you "don't care what it is", you could have tested Beta "properly". So to test properly, you wouldn't do quest or attempt to get to 30? And since there is an item that you "don't care what it is" being offered for playing the beta, you can't report bugs or submit feedback?
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  10. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Why I'm going to play on Fallen Gate TLE? One word: ascension. Logging in once a day to pick up a scroll, then waiting until I have enough guided ascension to do the same six daily quests to level up ascension so one day I may be able to get my epic 2.0 is so boring, I want to cry. It's also not really 'playing' they game. Going back to the beginning on Live isn't exactly a challenge, either, even if I don't get a merc. I didn't play on Stormhold because Live still had content for alts. Now it doesn't. So off to Fallen Gate I go for the joy of playing the game.
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  11. Torrin Member

    They may do another round of Beta sure. The only information, as far as I'm aware, of a release time for the FG server is a tentative date for "end of June". Looking at it from a business perspective if I were them I would release it by July if at all possible. The reason being 4th of July sale. They can launch the server before the 4th, have a sale for the 4th of say half-price marketplace stuff or bonus Daybreak Cash. People will spend. If Stormhold/Deathtoll is any indication, people on FG will spend a lot in fact.
    That is why I believe it will be launched by end of June or beginning of July. If that is the case that doesn't leave a lot of time for additional beta runs. A week now, at least a few days for adjustments, and even if they do another week plus another few days for adjustments that adds up to basically end of June already.

    From a developmental perspective I would do at least a month-long open beta with ongoing adjustments and resets using a tiered approach so that content gets flushed in waves; 1-30, 31-40, 41-50, raids. It would require substantially more devtime, however, than I'm willing to bet they have available. Again it would be back to the double-edged sword as well.

    I will agree that they should have released more descriptive information on what exactly this reward is. However I think the aspect of the carrot reward hanging there is making players lose sight of the reason for it in the first place. Getting to 30 takes some time, yes. Getting 150 quests done takes significantly less time, but still takes time. In either instance it has players playing on a new server testing freshly altered content. By doing those 150 quests you are beta testing the server. By beta testing the server if you happen to complete 150 quests then you get a reward. It's really not a matter of "is the reward worth my time" or "if there was no reward or if I knew if i wanted it or not I could beta test properly". By logging in and doing stuff, you're testing for them.
    Leaving Feedback and reporting Bugs goes even further in the testing process. As I said before some players don't want to bother with that aspect or are too jaded by the company / other companies / the game / other games etc. to care and just want their carrot.
    That is all well and good, to each their own. I just find it superfluous to complain about said reward and how people view it as a possible waste of their time trying to get it since they don't know what it is.
    It is simply a bonus incentive to get more people to help them test. The requirements for achieving it are in all honesty relatively minor. I'm sure initially it was "get to level 30" and that's it, but they added the "or complete 150 quests" part because in reality the former takes exponentially longer than the latter.

    Just to give an idea of how easy the mysterious Fallen Gate Beta Box reward is to get:
    Darklight Wood: roughly 90 quests.
    Frostfang Sea: roughly 85 quests.
    Commonlands: roughly 65 quests.
    Antonica: roughly 68 quests.
    Nektulous Forest: roughly 60 quests.
    Thundering Steppes: roughly 60 quests.

    That is not listing heroic quests, dungeon quests, heritage quests, signature quests, Far Seas Requisition quests or "difficult" quests.
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  12. Zenji Well-Known Member

    If this beta ends on Thursday the 15th, they take the weekend to make adjustments.
    The next beta starts Monday the 19th, ends Sunday night on the 25th.
    Take Monday the 26th - Wed 28th to make final adjustments.
    Fallen Gate server release Thursday June 29th.

    It is entirely possible. However, I agree with you 100%. It is very unlikely to have a 2nd beta, if the goal is to have the server out by July.
  13. Ashlie Active Member

    I'd love to jump onto Beta, but all I get after patching is a black screen with the intro music looping. It stayed that way for over 9 hours. I've uninstalled and reinstalled, still can't get past the black screen and music to get into beta.
  14. ssiard New Member

    I've never played EQ2 and only some of EQ1 but a ton of WoW.

    1) Do you need All Access to play on this beta TLE server? Seems dumb if you do! The character creation is telling me that I do.

    2) I get an error when trying to pay for All Access on both Chrome and IE. Any ideas?

    3) Should I go Berserker or Guardian tank? I plan to level only in groups. What's the play style of each?
  15. Smip New Member

    Trying to be on beta, but I get to character creation and no models show up.
  16. Venser Active Member

    omg all people ever do is ask why their beta wont play, or toons to make...

    you guys, click create character, and choose progression. lol if you choose traditional then yeah, no access. come on get with the program, basic pre-schooler investigating here, progression server is more than likely under the section called progression, just a thought.
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  17. ssiard New Member

    I was finally able to purchase all access. Odd that I had to do that to play a beta but no matter. I made a guardian!
  18. Dude Well-Known Member

    TLE servers are only for subscribers, so it makes sense that you need to subscribe to do the beta for a new TLE server.
  19. questiondude New Member

    Agnarr on EQ1 is going to be perma locked at planes of power before the game was messed up. I hope they decide to perma lock Fallen gate at the EOF expansion.
  20. Fisher New Member

    It's not my main reason, and it never was. You clearly aren't trying to understand what I'm saying, at all.

    Again, the reward is not my only reason, nor even primarily the reason I'm playing on the beta. As for the "nowhere does it say it will be wiped after 1 week," maybe you should read. It's literally the second sentence. Considering the Fallen Gate server is scheduled to launch sometime this month, I seriously doubt they've got another beta planned. That was another complaint people had: that one week was not enough to test all the content before it was launched.

    That's just it. It is undisclosed. The box is called "Fallen Gate Beta Box" because it's the reward for playing on the Fallen Gate beta. That doesn't at all specify where the box would be rewarded. However, it's supposedly been confirmed on Discord that the reward will be claimable on all servers, including both TLE servers. Not sure if that's true or not because I'm not in that Discord and I think it's incredibly strange and unprofessional to have to go to Discord instead of their official forums or website to find this information out.

    Again, you're the one not reading. I said "as long as it's not some otherwise unobtainable item that provides a practical advantages in the TLE server(s)..." meaning I do care what it is, to an extent. I want to make sure it's not something people have to get by playing the beta because they'd otherwise be disadvantaged when Fallen Gate launches. If it's a title, or a fancy looking mount, or some similarly unimpactful item, I don't really mind.

    Allow me to get it straight: I have a week to complete those quests, and I'm playing on limited time because I have other things to attend to in my life. I can log into this beta maybe an hour or two a day, and I have to decide what to do with my time. I can either rush through the content, hopping from zone to zone, completing as many quests as possible to get 150 of them done before the end of the beta, or I can play like I normally would, i.e. "properly," and spend the time to report bugs and submit feedback.

    I don't have the luxury of spending my limited time typing up a report every time I find something wrong if that time would be better spent towards progressing towards a limited time only reward. The nondescript item they're rewarding distracts from the proper use of a beta. It deters people from worrying about testing and encourages them to rush through the game for something they're not even actually certain is worth it.

    Well, that would assume they can actually make anything of the data they collected. It's going to show what people are killing, how fast they're killing them, what quests people are doing, how long it takes them to complete it, etc. It's not going to show any actual feedback or bugs, except maybe indirectly by noticing a playing took too long to complete X objective.

    Maybe it's because I wasn't playing a necromancer or beastlord or some otherwise currently imbalanced class, but I've played for several hours and I've only completed around 50 quests. Maybe I'm playing "too slow," but that's really my point. If I need to alter my playstyle to meet this deadline for the reward, it really discourages me from testing it the way I should, which is how I'd be expected to play it when it actually released. And when the reward is not specified in any way except its name, I have no idea if it's worth doing so or not.

    My issue, that many people seem to be ignoring or failing to understand, is not that there is a reward, but rather that the reward is not at all presented clearly.
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