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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by cathulu, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Dude Well-Known Member

    Pretty much everyone that wants the TLE experience. If you want fast leveling to get to the so called "end game" then play live.
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  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    How do you know this already? The server has only been up for about 12 hours.

    ignore me.
    - you were most likely linking the item code in game to see what it looked like.
  3. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Did they fix/change everything that was suggested... no. But, if you think they didn't change anything you are sadly mistaken. Several players from Disturbance and Vindicate put is lots of hours testing and making suggestions for changes, and some of those were done.
  4. Elinea Well-Known Member

    A great deal of people "care". A lot of folks don't play on progression servers because they are focused on end game. They like the feeling of how it was back in the day. I know it's not a real beta...they usually last more than a week. But if I play there, and I spot something off, I'd like to tell them about it anyway.
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  5. Drekevec New Member

    I know this is probably not a very popular opinion but after SH server I kinda hope they up the xp rate just a little bit, and I do mean a little. I did not have to big of a problem with my SK as I could smash through most stuff but a lot of my friends left due to xp rates being too slow without vitality or boosts. I would like to see as much retention as possible on this server and not just die hard fanatics.

    Many will disagree with this and that is fine, just putting it out there though.
  6. Elinea Well-Known Member

    I was one of the ones who left Stormhold because of the struggle to get a single level. I started playing EQ2 at launch (actually beta for EQ2) but back then we had EQ experience for comparison, and the hell levels over there made launch day here seem easy. Now we've gotten used to vitality, veteran bonuses, exp potions, mentored powerleveling, and double experience weekends. To us, that is now the going back to experience levels such as they were at launch seems just as painful as EQ's hell levels of old. Only the most diehard fans will get any enjoyment out of suffering through those again.

    I agree, boost the experience gain a little bit. Not to where our current live servers are now, but good lord, somewhere in the middle please!
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  7. Liliun Member

    Perhaps this isn't the answer, but I had been surprised that they had nerfed the vitality bonus. I don't know if this was just on SH when it first came out, or if they did it for live as well, but I remember when 100% vitality lasted five levels, while on SH, it lasted maybe three. That was a huge difference to me in exp gain, and personally I would like to see it changed back to the five levels for full vitality. That five levels was nothing but solid grind, no questing. Just that would make a world of difference, namely make the vitality count more.
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I do agree it needs an increase, (15-20%) would be my guess. Just leveling last night on the beta, quests quickly became orange in Frostfang. I don't think zone hopping to level was the intended design. At least not in the first 20ish levels, before group content becomes more available.
  9. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Can't log into launchpad atm to even dl the beta version... or the workaround to play the regular game. /sad :(

    ((It is apparently being worked on, as it's all game login issue... again.))
  10. Rozyn Active Member

    Just keep in mind as far as xp gain goes, you have three months with that content. I had a 50 and three level 30s by the second month in Stormhold and there were people talking about how they were going too fast lol. Definitely give feedback though. I am also a little skeptical about how useful a 1 week beta will be, but at least they have one.

    I still want to know what's in that box too... >.>
  11. Kari Well-Known Member

    Maybe it will be T-Shirt that says "I played in Beta and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt."
  12. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Yes we have 12 weeks, but it should not just be about leveling. There is a lot to do pre DoF. (if they fix the itemization). You have Bloodline / Splitpaw stuff, on top of Fire and Ice and about 15-20 HQs.
  13. Drekevec New Member

    Every individual has a different way of playing. Some have lots of time to put into the game and can slam through content pretty fast. Others only play for 1-3 hours a day on average including weekends for some. There needs to be a healthy medium so that one can reasonably reach end game content withing the 12 weeks and still have the time to figure out the end game content be it raids, HQ's, Epics, etc.

    I am not seeking some crazy fast paced leveling process. It would just be nice to be able to follow a quest chain for an area my level and not fall behind by 5 levels. Especially when it seems everything I have to fight solo is a heroic these days.
  14. Rozyn Active Member

    Yup, lots to do and not all of it at level cap. I have no strong opinion about the xp speed. I thought it was fine on SH but if general consensus is it should be faster I'm fine with that too, as long as it's not too fast. I just meant people should keep in mind that this will be a slower pace than 1-50 has been in years on Live and you'll be in that content for three months. :)
  15. Pharone Active Member

    That's technically more than the hundreds of people got for killing The Sleeper in EQ1 after fighting it for ever and eating thousands of death touches ;)
  16. VGScastaway Member

    Why not just close live servers? You seem intent on splitting up the already dismal populations with all these things; not enough people left on live to do anything anymore anyways.
    Edit - p.s. what is the point of events which offer bis live rewards when no one plays on live most of the time?
  17. Scott4323 Active Member

    It'd be cool if somehow a live toon could transfer over to a new tle, but with no gear/benefits that make them overpowered. Instead, maybe some kinda special different reward that shows that they have been playing for a while and they transferred. Then we could all play together and no one would feel like they gave something up. Like what if a calculator could somehow quantify the worth of the live toon based on time played and other things, and upon transfer they could elect some things that don't make them over powered yet let all know that they supported this game for a while, maybe something like a cool appearance armor? Orrr, a cool icon next to their name that shows they are a legacy character? Or maybe it could be all converted to free account time?
  18. Siren Well-Known Member

    They aren't going to do that, for the same reason they never do that when new servers launch. If you want highbee advantages, play on an old server where highbees don't give you an unfair advantage. Most of the oldest servers are even F2P! There's no excuse.
  19. Rozyn Active Member

    Since this comes up in every TLE discussion thread... Most people who enjoy Live will not be diverted to TLE servers. Even if they play for a little while, they generally migrate right back to Live where they have their original characters, guilds, flying mounts, optional sub, etc. This server is not Race to Trak and should not have BiS rewards. From what someone else was saying, they talked about HQ's transferring over, but that's not exactly a huge incentive for mass migration to the TLEs, just a little perk for those who are curious but still devoted to Live. The TLE is mostly geared for people who are new or returning to the game after a long absence and who do not play Live anyway. The only people I could see having a real complaint are Stormhold folks, but for myself, SF was about the time the game got bloated and unfun, so unless they locked the server there would be less people interested in DoV and above anyway.
    TLE isn't the problem with Live, Live is the problem with Live. Don't be salty that some people want this who would never go back to Live anyway. Be glad there will be some TLE income that helps Live out as well and keeps the game running for everyone.
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  20. Rozyn Active Member

    Half of the fun of the TLE is everyone being on a level playing field, no twinks, no plat inflation or broken economy. Everything's fresh. So no, I do not want any Live character transfers. I would be okay with a special title, a fancy cape, or some rewarded sub time, that's about it though. And trust me, I loooove my vet rewards, but the TLE is still better off without them.
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