Newprogression server?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by cathulu, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. cathulu New Member

    Had anything more been said about this server?
  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

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  3. cathulu New Member

  4. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Is it today yet? :eek:
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  5. Cloral New Member

    They wont say anything untill 11:59pm PST
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  6. Kander Developer

  7. Cloral New Member

    Thank you for your time Kander, time to play beta!
  8. mmoDust New Member

    I tried to log in but I get an unauthorized error? It's the same account I am playing Agnarr on in EQ so I should be able to play on the EQ2 TLE right?
  9. KythosMeltdown Active Member

    Woot, downloading it now.
  10. Adjuvant1 Member

    That is a sizeable patch.

    Can't wait.
  11. Anomander New Member

    Getting the same error message as above even though I have All Access
  12. Charlargo New Member

    so this tle progression server is just temporary....
    hmmmm any idea if there is going to be a new progression server or if there will ever be one.... I wasn't aware when stormhold started and once i was everyone had started leaving LOL because of balancing and item issues :p Anyways, I hope there will be a new balanced TLE server soon - I miss Everquest 2 and though i wish that it would get a face lift one day, i am ok to returning to a more nostalgic period and playing with people on a paid server - i still hate what happened to Eq2 and many other games during the F2P hype that destroyed mmos for me.
  13. Zlith Member

    Fallen Gate is a new TLE server coming soon. The current Beta sounds like it will last a week or so, then there will be some time before it launches... I'm thinking late June/Early July.

    Originally it was announced as a set 12 week schedule to release new expansions (whether they have changed their minds on that we shall see when officially announced with dates and rules). It will definitely be a permanent TLE server starting at the beginning of the game though.

    Some things that were discussed were whether Beastlords and Channelers would be available at launch. I'm sure /claims will be restricted like on Stormhold, and Vitality potions will probably be unavailable at launch.

    We should see some more official news in the next week or so.
  14. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Well, T5 raid gear is still borked and it looks like they nerfed and/or outright broke the Prismatics rewards (e.g.: two handed weapons having identical stats as one handed, etc.)
  15. Zelox Active Member

    will beastlords be unlocked on live FG?
  16. Fisher New Member

    Has it been answered what exactly a "Fallen Gate Beta Box" has in it?

    Also "We’ll be testing a queue system for EverQuest 2 during this time. Don’t be alarmed if you have a short wait when logging into these beta servers." Yeah, as if there's enough people to really justify queues. Unless you're capping the number of players to 100 per server, you're not likely to see enough people on one server to ever need a queue in the first place. This is perhaps something you should've tested in, say... 2005?
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  17. tiptaptricktrack New Member

    For a period of time at launch, I fully expect FG to be the most populated server. Do not forget that there are rewards for players on all other servers if they play on FG to at least complete heritage quests. It is almost as if they are trying to drive population to FG. There should be no shortage of groups. Raids may be a different thing. Not sure how many heritage quests require raids.

    If they succeed in driving pretty much the entire EQ2 population to Fallen Gate, then they may very well need a queue system.
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  18. Kari Well-Known Member

    I am glad to see a beta server, hopefully they will be able to balance things a little better this go round.
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  19. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Is there a forum to report bugs, typos, or other notables...or just /bug in game?
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  20. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    You really think its a real beta and that they will change stuff based on our feedback? They didnt for Stormhold...

    Also, why not allow people to boost characters so we can test heroics and raids and making sure they even drop loot (DoF) especially and raids to see if they are tuned properly?

    Who honestly cares about the 1-30 content?

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