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    So I've beaten EQ to a pulp well... 15 expansions worth. Got tired of GW2 too repetitive and gets boring. Also beat that game to a pulp and got to rank 45.

    Well I tried a bit of EQ2 and when I did it was pvp and it was extremely fun, better than EQ and GW2 because of the mechanics like jump off cliff and jump towards mountain and get on the vines while your pursuers think you jumped in the water and other stuff in that nature. When I did play it I just got to lvl 29 and that was 6 years ago, was when the desert area was the common battlefield on nagafen server.

    I plan on starting all over again now, and I want to start it again on the PvP server because PvP makes the game so exciting. Is nagafen still a good pvp server? I remember awhile back I was enjoying the questlines in EQ2 too much but on the things was that I was being severely gimped out and losing to people lower levels than me because I wasnt going for the best items my level. Is there a list someplace that shows you a armor and weapon guideline of what zones and what quests you must do to be on equal playing field as others? Like I remember riding a carpet is there someplace that shows you must do quests for your levels. Also I'm going to try the F2P method, how does this limit me? Will I be gimped in PvP? I know in EQ you cant use a lot of items and its pretty bad is EQ2 the same way? I'm talking about from levels 1-60, I plan on trying this game for a week before I go back to college. Also can I use the general chat (the chat everyone is in, not sure what its called on EQ2) in EQ2 while I'm F2P or am I all by myself in EQ2? The only other game I can play while on break is GW2 but that game has gotten extremely boring and repetitive, I've never beaten or reached end game in EQ2 so I hope its newplayer and F2P friendly.
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    Oh I want to prepare myself with EQnext so thats also why I'm trying this game. I pretty much know EQ by the back of my hand, I dont know EQ2 that well, only got to level 29. I plan on starting over.
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    Attempting to answer the questions that I can pick out in the wall of text ;)

    1. They lifted item limitations on Free to Play Accounts. So no, you won't run into any gear you can't equip.
    2. The only thing that might make you less able to fight in PVP are the spell restrictions. You will be limited to Expert level, which while great, is still a hair short than Master unless you spend money. If you're smart, you'll do fine... unless you come across a really able player with full masters and great gear.
    3. As a silver member ($5), you will be able to access all chat channels.
    4. Must do quests? Not really, but there are timelines on EQ2i that show common progression arcs for solo and heroic.
      1. Soloing Timeline
      2. Heroic Timeline
    Think that's everything!

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