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Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-swirly commode, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-swirly commode Guest

    how when and where do i start looking to become a necromancer?
    im currently level 6 and still on the newb island.
  2. ARCHIVED-Baneful Guest

    You can start the necro quest at 18, but won't get tagged until you ding 20.

    Level 6 - Leave Island, quest a lot in town.
    Level 9 - Do class quest at town.
    Level 10 - Tag main class
    Level 18/19 - Do class quest at town.
    Level 20 - Tag your class
  3. ARCHIVED-swirly commode Guest

    can anyone tell me who the summoner trainer is in freeport, and where to find him?
  4. ARCHIVED-Harric Guest

    getting the sumoner class quest starts at lvl 8 and you have to do it to ding 10 later and then you become a summoner.

    the NPC is in front outside of the mage academy in north freeport :)
  5. ARCHIVED-Aeriez Guest

    im not the most advanced person in eq2 nor the most knowledgable but if im not mistaken your journal tells you exactly where every npc is for each hallmark quest. it may not say in the quest helper but if u hit "J" and check out the actuall journal entry for the quest it will tell you the zone and name of the npc.
  6. ARCHIVED-swirly commode Guest

    yeah, i figured it out.
    took me about an hour to find the **ZOMG** book in the summoning room. i looked all over the library upstairs for it. hehe

    level 9 summoner now. trying not to hit 10 till a friend gets her priest subclass quest done. its harder than i expected to NOT level.
  7. ARCHIVED-Aeriez Guest

    yea u keep telling urself that till ur lvl 15ish :p

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