New xpac pre orders tomorrow 5th Oct?

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  1. taith New Member

    Am I right in thinking that pre orders are generally one month before release? if so does that mean pre orders will be within the next few days?
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  2. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    As fa as I know, the next expansion is not coming out until December. I suspect pre-orders will start somewhere around the 4th or 5th of November.
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  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    If DBG follows the pattern they have used in the past, pre-orders happen the day that the old expansion stops being on sale ... November 5. Since the producer's letter states the expansion will be in December, that falls in line with the pattern of being on sale one month before the expansion.
  4. taith New Member

    ty for reply must have missed the message from devs
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  5. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    As Dude stated, the 50% off sale for CD ends on November 5th so I would not look for pre-orders to begin prior to that. But it also does not mean that pre-orders will begin on November 5th, but it should be somewhere in that vicinity.
  6. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Wait, no, I need to buy waterfalls still...
    Thank you. November 5th works for me, I can get November 1st. I am still debating which account gets the upgrade. Lol
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