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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Swansong, May 21, 2019.

  1. Swansong New Member

    Like many, I am returning after several (5) years hiatus. I have a 110 wizard that I got for buying the expansion and my other mains are a 95 necro and a 96 ranger. I am really struggling with my original characters, and I think it is largely my outdated gear and trying to figure out where I even left off. I heard good things about Wizard and went with it. I know people say Warlock is better right now BUT I just want to be a decent Wizard. I read a ton of guides and forums but it's information overload. Anyone have (or willing to make) an updated Wizard guide with some good AA builds tossed in? The few people who I know HAD Wizards turned them into Warlocks, so I can't use those.

    Thank you!
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  2. Dilon Member

    Hi and welcome back.

    Feel free to check my toon for an AA build to start. But I will just note that my motivations as a raid DPS may be different than yours - for example many people think fiery blast is not worth it but I take it for the crit bonus overcap which is essential in high end raiding. I will also note that the AA abilities which indicate x increase to base damage are really just potency increases, and an extra 20 potency against however many tens of thousands you will have is not worth the points.

    Any questions you have, feel free to ask. It's always tough to know exactly what you have questions with, because there are so many mechanics. If you haven't already, I suggest you read through the Guide to Chaos Descending.
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    K so you can hit the AA tab on the character link he gave you and then hit button download current. Then you want to open file location after you save it. Drag and drop it off on the desktop. Then right click patcher icon for EQ2 and select open file location. Drag and drop the AA set up into there but not in a folder unless you are on test server. If that's the case, you put it in test folder.

    Exit out of those and log in the character. Hit L on keyboard or open your AAs then hit Alternate Advancement tab on left side.
    On top right click the Dropbox. Select new then click load and pick his AAs. Then save and commit them, recast your mount and buffs and you are good to go.
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