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Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-HurkyHeretic, Mar 28, 2010.

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    I'm a new player to EQ2 and i have no idea how to spend my AA points. I play with a few friends and solo sometimes. I did put some points down the strength path not sure if thats good or not. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  2. ARCHIVED-Vicotnik82 Guest

    I put my first 10 AA points into Magi Shielding but im not sure what to go after magi shielding i read stamina tree next correction if wrong please.
  3. ARCHIVED-Blaidd Guest

    Warlocks biggest problem is the fact spells are so slow casting.

    I think most warlocks go down agility 1st for the increased casting speed
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  5. ARCHIVED-Araxes Guest

    Good info in the linked thread. Bear in mind, it's slightly out of date, as the new expansion includes alterations to the Sorcerer trees and certain Warlock abilities (Pillaging, for instance) which may influence how you would spend the points - but the principles are the same.
  6. ARCHIVED-ThyMajesty Guest

    I have made myself a path for this, all the way up to 250AA, i'm lvl 55 with sth like 85 AAs atm
    Tree abilities - overall AAs spend (AAKosTree AAEofTree AATsoTree)
    Notes: "KOS" refers to 1st tree, "sorcerer" in this case...its aka "KOStree" because it was introduced with release of Kingdom of Sky - within that "1st" means the one branch very left, 2nd the one right next to it etc...
    "EOF" => Your "Warlock"-tab, was introduced with "Echoes of Faydwer"
    "TSO" => "Shadows"-tab, introduced with "The Shadow Oddysey"
    KOS starter - 1KOS 2nd line 4-8-10-2 - 25 (25 0 0)
    EOF middle 8 Mageshield - 33 (25 8 0)
    EOF left 3 dissolve, 5 acid, 5 pyre, 2 encase , 5 distortion, 1 focused casting - 56 (25 29 0)
    EOF right 5 cataclysm, 5 absolution, 5 apoc, 5 rift, 1 afterschock - 75 (25 50 0)
    KOS 1st line 4-8-10-2 - 99 (49 50 0) <- Here you might argue, some prefer WIS for manasavings/base, some 3rd line for improved survivability, i went for str, its the more offensive way (you wont find very much critgear until mid 60s)
    KOS 4th line 1 FreeHand - 100 (50 50 0)
    TSO 10 anything you want in general - 110 (50 50 10)
    TSO Mageline - 5 mageshield 5 masterstrike - 1 bewilderment - 121 (50 50 21) <- Here you may choose dissolve instead of masters strike, because in early levels its more often in your rotation, i however wont use it in endgame very much, so took MS right away
    TSO Sorcererline - sorcerer mastery 5, critical mastery 5, 1 thunderclap - 132 (50 50 32)
    at this point you should be either lvl 70 or save your AAs, because you cannot spend more than 50 pts each in KOS and EOF until you ding that lvl
    i wont post my further way, this is (more than) enough info to get you started...for the rest of your path i think you should have learned the basics of the warlock at this point, and be able to improve him yourself without someone telling you what to do
  7. ARCHIVED-ravenkitty Guest

    well, as a new little warlock, you need to think of a few things. are you soloing more then groups? or grouping/duoing more then solo. if duoing, whos the other? what class? :) these are important things to think of when deciding wich way to go.
    surviveablity is important to big and little warlocks. in the TSO line, after you place your first point in the sorcerline, you should place 5 points in the heart to increase your health. honestly as a little warlock, your probly goign to go thru several aa specs until you find the right one for you when your big.
    specing for cast speed,crits, and your major spell improvements are important, even your roots if you have a couple extra points. tho honestly, you wont be doing much rooting when your big in groups. the root is mainly for soloing and living long enough against a higher con mob. im not ingame atm but theres a SF endline that is nice were it reduces your hate even more if i remeber correctly. that will come in handy when your bigger, and your spells are critting big time on mobs. yes, you want to do damage but you dont want to take away from the tank, and make him constantly pull mobs off you. but theirs also hate redusing gear as well.
    i dont post exact places to put your AA points because, along with reading these post, you need to read what spots do, then decide wich best fits your playstyle. i love beeing a warlock, i honestly think we are the better of the two sorcerers. a warlock played right, isnt too smooshy, and very deadly. but dont be sad, if you do smoosh in a group. it happens. we are wearing cloth :D. us lil finger wigglers sometimes make amusing death noises. makes me giggles sometimes. out of some of the mage class yes, we are a little slower casting, but thats because our spells do so much damage. so your tank may think, ''sweet! the locks beeing nice and holding back!'' and in reality your casting your big boomer. then when its fired off, hes not ready, and you go splat because he wasnt ready to pull the mob off you fast enough! but thats how life goes as a warlock. some tanks just dont know how to handle us, or dont like locks. and some absoloutly love us in their groups. :D and they know how and what to expect when grouping with a warlock. i think most locks will agree with that heh.
    i am glad you chose to be a warlock, and we are glad you chose to be appart of the warlock club :D. continue to learn your class, and you will become a pioson throwing, death dealing,agro stealing,funny death noise making, scaring your tank, making things go boom boom dead warlock! :D
  8. ARCHIVED-Vicotnik82 Guest

    I tank rather well at lvl 26 i rarely use root at all my spell rotation is absolution, disorientation, catalysm and acid/dissolve depends on how many left alive in multiencounters. I guess there are diffrent ways to play a warlock but it is fun indeed i play mostly solo group up now and then.
  9. ARCHIVED-HurkyHeretic Guest

    I am duoing with a SK and Inquis. I'm now level 42 and have put points in the Agi tree and am now headed for the mage shield. Where should i go after that? What sould i do in the warlock area?
  10. ARCHIVED-sirdunnigan Guest

    HurkyHeretic wrote:
    Becoming a good warlock is not going to happen for you by having someone hold your hand through out your lvl'ing. If you'll quit being lazy and spend a little time in the warlock section of eq2flames, there is more than enough information to help you grow as a warlock by learning the mechanics of the class. IMO, a lot of the advise you'll find here is sub par.
  11. ARCHIVED-Braz Guest

    As numerous posters have stated already (and prolly will be stating until the end of EQ2) it is a toss-up between defense and offense.

    If you want to solo and kill heroic nameds with relative ease, you obviously want a little more safety and stability. Magi's shielding upgrade in the EOF tree is something you definitely should consider putting a couple of points in. Since the ward replenishes in combat, it basically increases your maximum hitpoints by an amount that increases the longer a given fight takes.

    Personally, for soloing nameds, having the battlemage line up to BM's fervor would be my top priority. Extra subjugation and disruption help with one thing, and one thing alone: reducing the numer of resists.
    10 points in Fervor coupled with a few cheap adornments of magical aptitude enable you to shackle yellow heroics with relative reliability. Those heroics with a meaningful ranged damage potential (eg the mage at the end of the menagerie in Everfrost) are neutralized by your replenishing ward.
    Obviously, until you reach level 70, this will limit your AA selections in the KOS tree somewhat. One other line apart from BM, with three viable choices - I personally hated the long casttimes and opted for the AGI line, although for soloing, all three lines are viable in my opinion. The next thing after spending 42 points in KOS and 10 points in EOF is to enhance your single target nukes and dots in the EOF-tree. Focused casting will be your weapon of choice when you cannot reliably control a spawn and just want to get rid of something really quick. An example would be soloing the Djinn with his two adds for the carpet-questline in sinking sands. You can root the whole spawn for 15 seconds - but you cannot afford a drawn out fight since the djinn will gun you down from afar. Once the roots break, the adds will rip you apart in meelee. The way to solo? Prebuff with every cooldown, fire off focused casting, ae-root and use the 15 seconds of meelee-safety to burn down the djinn as fast as possible.

    That should help you to get a grip on what the warlock can do and how the spells and AAs react - as soon as you got some experience under your belt, the AA distrivution will not seem intimidating anymore. You'll have a basic understanding of what you can and can not do.

    Conversely, if you group a majority of your gametime, skip battlemage. Instead, focus on the AGI-line first, then the single target nukes, and then go either wisdom or strength, whatever you prefer.

    Just my 2 cents - I am a relative EQ2-newbie, yet I was consistently able to both grind fast and efficient and kill any yellow and orange heroic nameds that I encountered.
  12. ARCHIVED-Froed2004 Guest

    What I've found to work the most is to try out different specs for yourself and see how it goes. As a new player, you get the chance to try 5 free respecs in each tree simply by hailing the AA respec merchant. You can check some of the resources around the forums for AA suggestions, but keep in mind that a lot of those resources are made with specific things in mind, usually for raiding where you drop most defense abilities and try to squeeze as much dps out as possible.
    Folks have posted their ideas for personal specs, and mine were fairly close to theirs when leveling up, so I'm not going to really post that here. The only other thing I'd say is that if you're grouping with others and not really taking the hits, drop the magi's shield and defense AA's, and spend them elsewhere. I've found more often than not that stuff just takes up space that could be spent elsewhere, and you're going to really need to be good at root&nuke later on in the game when things start to hit hard enough that those abilities don't help as much. You might as well get used to it now, rather than later.

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