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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Bashiez, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Bashiez New Member

    I have been playing EQ2 off and on since it was released and would love to take the plunge again on the TLE server. I raided kunark out of era and continuously thought it would be a blast to play in era (as "in era" as you can get on a TLE.

    That leaves me wondering what classes are highly desired in high end raiding. From my reading I see that some classes are rather meh at the moment. Just looking for suggestions since I would like to try my hand at raiding this time around.

    Please dont give me the "play what you want and play it well and you will get a raid spot". I have thoroughly enjoyed just about every class in this game and have played a lot of them, I really just want something that will be sought after in the raiding scheme, as raiding is where i get enjoyment, moreso then any individual class.
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    well I would just make any class and check out what classes guilds recruit , there is also one thread on the forum for
    guilds recruiting .
    at the moment Furies , bards and chanters are in demand , I think but that can change when RoK comes out .
    And if you never played on a TLE server , we got a mission only we get called the hunter missions .
    This quest rewards top of the line items after you collect 30 coins ( you get 2 at a time for each finished mission .
    Anyway any tank is sought after for those .
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  3. Ghorast Member

    chanters and bards
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  4. Beneeto New Member

    just bee urself bro
  5. Kittik Well-Known Member

    chanters and bards
  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    lol everybody seams to agree on the Chanters and Bards , but if you don't like mages or utility scouts , for healers I have seen guilds recruit Clerics and Druids for fighters , not for raids most guilds already have their tanks .
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  7. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    It's hard not to, in my experience, as a casual raider on Kaladim, the mid range raid forces all see a well played character, regardless of class get recruited by a top end raid force. There is another post where we are arguing the potential of the Predator class as not being desired, so I would avoid that, it seems predators are not desired at all. Bruisers seem to be kicked to the curb as well as Paladins right now. However, with the ROK launch tomorrow, there is no telling what they did with itemization to allow one class to rise. For example, Swashbucklers were not as high rated in POF as they are in EOF.
    If you have played them all, then you should be able to play one well.
    Here is the best answer as of 22 June 2020. Chanters and bards are constantly being spammed right now in chat channels as classes needed to fill high end guild raid spots. Shamans and druids are secondly most sought after.
    I read this two days ago and thought I would mark down how many times a guild spammed for a specific class.
    Chanters, 6 guilds. Bards 4 guilds. Shamans and druids each had 3 guilds and there was even 2 guilds posting about T1 mage dps. Tomorrow brings a different set of desired classes.
  8. Dude Well-Known Member

    The problem is that there is no such thing as a class that is universally needed on any server. Individual raiding guilds will have specific needs, so find one that you mesh with and see what they need.
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  9. Kahleem Active Member

    Coercer/Illusionist (mainly coercers since illusionists do so much dmg and every enchanter wants to be an illusionist)
    Bards (Mainly Dirge, again, everyone wants to be a caster-version of bard/enc so there's too many troubs running around)

    Those two are going to be the most given class if you ask. Hence why you should be asking what classes a raid guild might accept OTHER than those two.

    Your answers would be:
    • Any DPS class
    • No tanks, even dps focused ones like Zerks
    • No leather healers (Primarily Warden, as Fury can be focused on dps)
    You can probably play whatever you want given the above information. Raids on Kaladim are not as sweaty as previous servers because of how differently itemization has been done. You could probably bring a dps team of purely berserkers now and still get away just fine.
  10. Sanasu New Member

    So, to be clear, *other than chanters and bards*, the general advice is *play a DPS or a non-leather healer* and to *avoid leather healers and tanks*? I'm new too and trying to pick a class. The number of them is a little overwhelming lol.
  11. Salte New Member

    So no Zerkers? Bah...I am new also and really liking them and Bruiser...sad times...
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    hell play your zerker if that's what you like there is more to playing this game when raids all tanks some more than others are still needed a lot for groups , often the only thing a group still needs before they can go of to their dungeons is a tank .
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