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  1. Bonesdontlie New Member

    I was wondering which was the best poped server for pst?
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  2. Ryonyx Member

    Kaladim is definitely the place to be for any New/ Returning players as it's a pretty fresh Progression server about to start EoF expac which is only like the 3rd Expac. Lvl Cap 70. Also TONS of newbies and people leveling shoes from 1-70
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  3. Raff Well-Known Member

    Kaladim is not the place to send totally new people. Especially if they want to solo for a bit to get a feel for the game and decide if they want to stay.

    Start out on a Live server to get your feet wet, then go try a TLE when you are comfortable with the game.
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  4. Kashue Member

    I think Bonesdontlie was referring to a server with a population in the Pacific time zone of US? You may want to create a starter toon on each server and take a look at the guild recruitment page to see the times they are usually most active.
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  5. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    It also depends on if you are a free player or an active subscriber
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  6. Ryonyx Member

    Totally Wrong... Even at level 1 on a "Live" server you know how much random crap is littered around and thrown at you? And once he possibly COMPLETELY SOLOS from 1-110ish you think it's going to be any simpler/ easier??? The TLE/Progression server allows anyone New or returning a "Simple" Fresh start with way more normalized game play/gear/ mechanics and content more similar to how the game originally launched, Plus TONS of people from level 1-70 you can easily and constantly get groups, which you DEFINITELY can't say about Live.. Very active at all level ranges and time zones even.. I don't understand how anyone could think with how Crazy Live servers are, that they would be better for new players.... Honestly? Who are you kidding...

    Edit: ANNNNNNDDDDD - They will get to slowly experience all the content WITH OTHER PEOPLE all the way from 1-70 and then 70+ beyond when new Expacs are slowly released, Of which would all be mostly skipped or sped through on "Live" so you can play "catch up" to where everyone else is at, at cap or close to it which is level 120 now with crazy amount of more complicated and HUGE time investment/Money/Costly in game things to do.... its really a no brainer as to where Newcomers should start... - And that is Kaladim! ;)
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  7. Ryonyx Member

    That is true, however... you need All Access for 15/Month to play play on Kaladim. Ifv you don't have that yet or wanna just give the game a shot BEFORE paying anything then yeah regular F2P servers are your only option. Or the Test server, you can "Test" it out there as well hehe.
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  8. Raff Well-Known Member

    Oh bulloney...In the first place, how in the hell is a completely new player going to know the difference between between how the game was originally launched and how it is now?

    What he will find out pretty quickly is XP is atrocious on a TLE server and soloing is like watching grass grow. Better find a guild as quick as you can if you want to level at all, OP.

    Also, TLE servers have this longevity thing. Meaning they typically go belly up as soon as a new TLE is rolled out.

    OP, I really recommend you start some toons on several of the live servers to find out which one is the most active for your time zone. Get going, learn the ropes...then dabble on a TLE to find out if you like that style of play.

    Not everyone does....not a fan myself. But I've run so many alts and raided through the 1-95 levels over the last 12 years that the thought of doing is all over again is not something I want to I'm bit biased to end game only these days.
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  9. Pixistik Well-Known Member

    Welcome back to EQ2
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  10. Ryonyx Member

    EXACTLY. Which is why you're biased to LOL END GAME. Whereas a completely new person wants to get immersed into the leveling process and exploration or all the low level content there is and then hopefully love the game so much they stick with it and play forever! Sounds like you're giving advice based on what you would do and prefer only. Not thinking about a Completely new players perspective.
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  11. Raff Well-Known Member should actually read other people's posts before going off the deep end. My advice to Bones was (and still is) to try the Live Servers first . Then I stated at the last of the paragraph my personal reasons for not liking the TLE experience.

    You like the Kaladim / TLE server. I get that. I just disagree with recommending that style of game play to new players.
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  12. Obano Well-Known Member

    New players should start on Kaladim which is the easy mode kiddie pool server with a level cap of only 70. It will be easy to find a group at low levels should you desire to see heroic content.

    Playing on live is a mad rush to endgame (level 120) where you will have to adapt to the ascension system, leveling epics, overseers, mercenaries, familiars, fervor, resolve, potency, etc, etc. Collectors edition of the game required to be viable.

    Learn the basics on Kaladim and then ramp it up hard mode if you're up to the challenge of playing on LIVE.
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  13. Ryonyx Member

    EXACTLY THIS!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^ (Besides the troll comments about it being for kids, can be quite difficult in heroic/raid content especially going into EoF)
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  14. Ryonyx Member

    That "Style" of gameplay? How exactly would you describe Kaladim's "Style" then???..... Let's see you talk your way out of this one.
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  15. Ryonyx Member

  16. Raff Well-Known Member

    Slow, plodding, atrocious XP. Want to fall asleep at your Keyboard?...go solo a healer in lvls 1-30.
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  17. Ryonyx Member

    You mean, More time to explore the game and adventure? Get to know your class and its capabilities fully? Do some quests? Dungeons? Groups? Lol. You can literally group from 1-70 ESPECIALLY as a healer or Tank. Why would anyone CHOOSE to solo to 30 as a healer??? You know on Live you'd have to Solo as A Healer up to 110???? LOL now THAT sounds miserable. But okay, I'm done with this conversation. Goodluck to anyone staring fresh on Live servers, or Kaladim. ✌
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  18. Raff Well-Known Member

    Well...the OP has certainly gotten a lot opinions. Good luck on whatever server you choose, Bones.
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