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    First off Hello! I have a currently lvl 83 necro and I have some major question about this class. Some of the question i will be asking may have been discussed in eariler posts but they are so old that I wasnt sure if the info was still relevant. Anyway here we go!
    1)Wanting to start raiding what is a necromancer focus? Do we mage pet/dot? Are we a sought after char for a raid?
    2) What is your "default" spell chain. I guess i wanna make sure im not forgetting anything or that im doing in wrong order. I bloodcoil, oppertunity/soulrot, Pandemic, awaken and the other dumbfire, Bats. Thats usually how i do it but ami forgetting something or doing in wrong order? thanks :)
    3) What are VERY important AA's to be getting/stiving for?
    4) Soulburn When do you use it? when a tank has alot of hate build up and you cant steal it?
    5) Are necros a powerful class to play or middle ground or weak?
    6) What are some things i need to keep in mind/know (usefull hints/tricks) for this class.
    7) Are we a great solo class? if so do we tank pet solo? Also what is a good thing/destination to look out for to go and solo?
    8) SHould we merc when soloing? if so what merc and why.
    THANK YOU! I really appreciate the help/support I will ask more questions later. Im having fun but i know im missplaying my class and I have no direction :)
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