New to KD - some questions

Discussion in 'Lore and Legend Discussion' started by Robynous, Oct 23, 2023.

  1. Robynous Well-Known Member

    Hi, I am kind-of enjoying being the same level as the mobs wherever I go, so this server is a plus so far, however...

    I am a keen decorator and it is VERY convenient to make multiple items from the Tradeskill Prestige points - but we don't have them!! Are we ever going to get them or am I going to have to skin a house making tiles one by one? I also miss my goblin!

    I am doing Gathering Obsession. Please tell me that I will get a pony at the end! I assume it will not harvest rares, however?

    There does not seem to be a large population with few resources (recipes especially, or large bags) in the broker, even last night some guy was asking how to get out. Is KD successful or will I be needing to move sometime?

    Is there any way to get more advanced and tinkering recipes into the game? I really need to make some depot!

    I actually thought that on this server everything was level 90, but we mentor everywhere This means that we are continuously getting equipment and upgrades that are low level. I assume it is pointless to transmute them as we will not need the adornments of that level, and no-one will want to buy them through the broker. Do we just sell them to a merchant? It seems a waste.

    One last unrelated thing, why cant we send things between different EQ2 servers? I do like to feel like a pioneer, but even pioneers had SOME stuff from home!

    Also, anything else I should know about life in KD?
  2. Robynous Well-Known Member

    Okay, answered one of my own questions by getting my pony this morning!

    However! Earlier I tried to buy the triangle recipes - it's only when Maldura comes out? Come on, guys, so many other recipes include the triangle now (like the one I got from Nights of the Dead). Triangles should just be available...
  3. Robynous Well-Known Member

    I am starting to think there is hardly anyone on this server! I usually like to get the Moonshadow title, but I have seen a total of three people during the Nights of the Dead.
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  4. CharbrynEQ2 Well-Known Member

    There are very few people that play on this server. When they added the achievement for the green neck adornment there was an influx, but most get the achievement and then go back to the other servers. Hope you like soloing. :) (I do, which is why I've got someone on KD, but I also play my characters on the main servers especially for holiday events.) There's a lot of folks probably playing on beta for the new expansion too.
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  5. Buggabug Active Member

    I'm guilty, I've been playing the beta and doing some catch up on my main on live to get ready for the xpack. I will be on to get puppets for heroes festival though.
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  6. Robynous Well-Known Member

    Has anyone seen a way of acquiring house actors? It seems the recipe is beyond our level, and of course the raw materials are beyond our reach. Is there a way of buying them?
  7. gambitak Well-Known Member

    This server is pretty much dead. I've tried on and off for awhile now (1-1/2 years+). You have to remember their audience:

    • Solo-focused players who want nostalgia more than new development
    • Server is focused on "Lore and Legend", meaning they're after people who want to read a novel and then take part in that novel
    Or, at least, that's been my experience. I've been on the server when I was the only one for hours. At other times, I've found a half a dozen people through "/who all" and yet had nobody talk to me for 30 minutes before I logged.
    I LOVE the idea of this server, it's just not popular and the crowd it attracts is focused on themselves, for the most part.
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  8. Robynous Well-Known Member

    I wish I knew this before I created three toons on this server! I just found out about this person called Arabella that has an overseer quest that gets cool stuff, but you have to be level 120 to get it!! Why they Hell would they do that anyway?
  9. gambitak Well-Known Member

    One of my guildmates on Live has a guild there and invited me to join this evening. So, I made a new character and immediately connected with 2 people, one in particular, that made the evening enjoyable. It was literally the longest interaction I've had in my EQ2 career. It was nice.

    Hopefully you two are still around, it would be nice to build a solid, if small, community.
  10. Ibethia Member

    OK... Arrabellas quest you have to get on 1 char on live... then you will have the heritage daily on your KD char,just went thru this with 3 peeps in the last week.. hehe.. takes 5 min max

    If you are on KD and see me on i will be more then willing to answer question etc... plus i know a bunch a helpful peeps that can assist also.

    Dracpact guild