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  1. Stilinski New Member

    Hey folks, as the title says new player here! I played EQ1 for a long time way back and a few other mmos since then but never gave this one a shot. After reading around I ended up making a necro on majdul and i'm rly enjoying it so far! (lv 15 so not too far in lol)

    I have like 2500 of the marketplace currency(not buying anything till im settled in) from my days in eq1, and my first thought was bags because these 8 slots are sooo tiny lol,but browsing i saw a potion that gives my character 300aa's or so, is that worth buying as a new player? it seems like it would be lol (i've been just letting the game pick aa's so any help there would be good, are there like "go to" websites for guides and stuff?)

    ATM i'm f2p, but ive noticed i cant speak in gen chat so that limits the social aspect a bit, can i still join a guild as f2p? If I can are there like lowbie guilds or family/casual guilds to join on this server? ;);)

    Lastly, all access seems to be worth it in the long run if im enjoying the game, ive seen a few posts saying new players better off on progress servers, so if i pay should i reroll before i get too far? Maj seems to have people running around and in chat so thinking it should be fine but you guys are the experts.

    Anywho any advice is welcome, thx for reading
  2. Evilnok Active Member

    yes you can join a guild as F2P,just won't be able to chat tho I think til you sub But I could be wrong
  3. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    You can chat with your guild, just not on some of the public channels
  4. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I would not recommend the progression server for a player that has never played EQ2 prior. I would stay on MJ, you are having fun and currently it is the most populated server in the game. You can join a guild, which I have heard there are quite a few on MJ that are new/returning player friendly as well as casual/family style. If you do go all access, you can chat in any channel you wish.

    You will earn coin fast enough that I would not spend DBCash on backpacks. If you have any loyalty tokens, you can buy some of the biggest boxes and bags from the loyalty merchant, if not, even 48 slot bags are usually less than 1 plat on the broker. I would also not spend DBCash for AA's. You will earn these fast enough as you play, level, and learn your character that it would be a waste of money.

    As for go to websites, for crafting/decorating/harvesting EQ2Traders is your place, for most everything else, EQ2U and the wiki are your stops.

    Welcome and have fun in Norrath, enjoy your journey.
  5. Stilinski New Member

    thanks for the replies! i'll definitely check out those sites. Busy weekend but cant wait to play some more, messed around with tradeskills i went with crafting at lv 9, seems fun as well.
  6. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Once you hit level 9 crafting, speak to a trainer. You can't get past level 9 (or 19) until you speak to a trainer to select your crafting specialty (and later sub-specialty).

    What's your character's name? I would be happy to give you a few extra 48 slot bags that I have sitting around. :)
  7. NyteRose Member

    Welcome to the game and Maj'Dul.
  8. Kalika Well-Known Member

    If you like the freetoplay experience come to Fallen Gate, you will need a subscription but you will have Eq2 great again, before it got corrupted (progressiely) and turned into a non sense pretty much similar to Rune of Magic (a 200% P2win game ..)
  9. Stilinski New Member

    lol yea i was stuck at max lv 9 crafting for a bit before i googled haha but ill be sure to not waste time at 19! ty for the info, in game same as here: Stilinski, and wow that'd be awesome tysm!

    thanks =) cant wait to play some more
  10. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Sent you some 46 and 44 slot bags, and a couple of other things you might find useful. I sent them through the Norrathian mail, so you'll have to get them from one of the mailboxes. I figured it would be easier, since I have so many characters, I could be on any of them and you'd never see me. :)
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  11. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Good work, Juraiya! That was nice of you!
  12. Stilinski New Member

    i got them! tysm! i can harvest things again, so much less stressful now, very much appreciated!
  13. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    You're welcome. :) I know that when I create a new character, the first thing I want is bags. So I figure the first thing a new player wants is bags.

    Those were leftovers from the last time I made some for one of my friends' characters. I prefer to overestimate than underestimate, so I always have extras. You can put them to good use, so you're welcome to have them. :)

    I hope you have fun in Norrath!
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  14. Stilinski New Member

    just an update! hit lv 60 have about 215 aa, currently messing around in tangle/cloud mount line that my friendly guild suggested. Rly enjoying the community and the game in general, so much to explore lol. Still a bit overwhelmed but thx again for the welcome =)
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  15. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    You are welcome and I'm glad you found a nice guild to assist you!
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  16. Soara2 Active Member

    60 in your first 15 days. Nice!
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  17. Stilinski New Member

    quick question: does buying the expansion give access to mercs? or would i still have to buy that thing in the cash shop?
  18. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Yes, the latest expansion gives access to mercenaries.

    This is according to what people have said in general chat. I purchased the bundle when it was available and got mercenaries, reforging, etc. Mercenary Feature also was available with Kunark Ascending, the expansion previous to this one.
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