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    From what I've read of the lore in EQ2, Holly Windstalker was a noble ranger in EQ1 who defended the creatures of the forest, and was murdered in cold blood because she was hampering the flow of gold into traders' pockets.

    Fastforward 500 years, and we now have an angry spirit wandering around who everyone is looking to kill again... is it just me, or does that seem wrong? You would think a more noble quest would be to have players help her spirit to continue to protect the animals, and not just kill her. Am I missing something here, or are Qeynosians not really the noble beings they portray themselves as?

    Granted, I don't know the details of the quest to kill her in EQ2, as I haven't gotten that far and honestly I don't think I'd do the quest anyway just because it seems to go against what Qeynos and my character stand for. Basically I'm looking for some more details of her history in EQ1, and I guess non-spoiler info on what shes here for in EQ2. I was going to ask ooc in game but didn't want to get into it there, so here I am.

    Any info, or even thoughts on the matter, would be appreciated.
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    She wasn't noble, she just went around butchering people who were fighting bears and wolves that might have attacked them to begin with.
    Ecoterrorist of the worst kind :smileywink:
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    The previous poster did touch on it a bit. Holly was a ranger NPC in EQ1 that would roam Qeynos Hills. Holly was an over-zealous protecter of all the animal NPCs. If you were fighting a wolf or bear and she happened to walk nearby she would aggro on you. Since this was pretty much a newbie zone, it was certain death.
    The bad reputation Holly got was even if you were fighting a bat for instance, and a wolf happened to walk by you while you were fighting, the wolf would aggro on you. The bears and wolves would auto aggro all lowbie players. Now if Holly walked by too and seeing the wolf attacking you (even though you never meant to engage it) she would slaughter you. Of course this angered a lot of people. So when people leveled up a bit, they would come back to Qeynos Hills and exact some revenge on her. Holly was a major under-conn too. Hit pretty hard for her level.
    I beleive her murder in the lore was from some group that lived near Jagged Pine forest near Qeynos Hills. A faction there believe it was ok to hunt the animals to aquire the pelts for clothing.
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    Oh man did I hate her!
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    Actually, wolves and bears wouldnt aggro on you if you were a druid, ranger too I think (maybe even a beastlord..?). However, for anyone else running around, they would. What was most annoying was even if you were killing a rabid wolf or bear (which, the clerics would reward you for) she would still kill you. I think she had rabies herself. She use to have a friend, Cros Treewind who was killed in the plagues I believe. There were groups of poahers hiding in surefall, it might have been them who decided to hill her.
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    If you remember there were a couple half elves sitting near a campfire just outside of Surefall Glade in Qeynos Hills. Brother and sister if I remember right. They gave you quests to kill bears for pieces of bear-hide armor (newbie stuff). And they didn't speak to highly of Holly either. They might have been behind her death too.
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    The ones by the campfire were the Miller's I think. Baobob was the man and the woman I cannot remember at the moment (starts with a "C" I think).

    Holly is one I took much revenge on. Hmm I may have to log on my 63 wizzy to go put a spanking on her for old times sake. Ohhh the times she killed my poor ol' little wizzy when he was young.

    One that was her partner I was never able to exact my wizzy justice on was Cros Treewind. If only he had hung around until my wizzy was strong enough. But he was killed off about the time the "rude individuals" came along. (in regards to the rude individuals imagine one day logging in and running through your favorite newbie area only to find a few new kos npc's there that were twice your level...ouchie, was glad when they left)

    Happy Hunting.
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    Yah holly murdered a lot, but i'm not sure if any of the lore in eq2 mentions it but long time ago in eq1 there was a druid who would assist in it, anyone remember his name?
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    Baobob and Chandra Miller.. Those were the days.. I remember killing them, with my druid. Filthy poachers. Perhaps they were behind Holly's death, but even if not, Holly was a human, so she'd have been dead by now even without murder. Maybe the rabies got to her.

    I never did kill bears, or wolves, with my druid or ranger, anyway. Just for the roleplaying aspect. I remember a troll shadowknight was wanting to duel me one day, and i kept declining with a roleplaying reason. So, he in-turn walked over, killed a wolf, handed me the pelt and laughed. Yep, i had to kite him.. Man, those were the days hahaha. I miss EQ1.. it was a great game pre all the [expletive ninja'd by Faarbot] expansions and unrealistic repetitive content.
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    Here is a pic from EQ1 of her giving my shaman the lowdown to not hurt the animals.... heh I just killed a rabid wolf before she walked up, and she would have skinned me alive if she caught me.

    Funny thing is before they added factions in EQ2 Beta she was indifferent to all, and she would not respond to hails but she would not attack you, she just walked around in her ghost form. Then when they added factions and aggro and so on, she became a nasty surprise for many.

    I too would love to do a quest to find out more about her in EQ2, they have you check out her grave but not much more to do involving her.
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    Found a NPC in Graystone Yard earlier with some nice lore about Holly, and a little bit about her fate and how she died.

    You say,"Hail, Pathfinder Silentstride"
    Pathfinder Silentstride:pathfinder Silentstride\/a says to you,"Greetings, adventurer. Be careful travling outside the city.The nearby wilderness is as unforgiving as the fates themselves."
    You say to Pathfinder Silentstride,"Who is Holly Windstalker?"
    Pathfinder Silentstride:pathfinder Silentstride\/a says to you,"During the great Age of Turmoil, Holly Windstalker raced across the countryside of Antonica then known as Qeynos Hills. Once she arrived, she defended every living forest creature from harm."
    You say to Pathfinder Silentstride,"Tell me more."
    Pathfinder Silentstride:pathfinder Silentstride\/a says to you,"Holly Windstalker's devotion to protecting the forest creatures earned her hatred amongst the local residents and adventurers. She upheld the Code of Kithicor with such fervor that she became imbued with great powers of nature."
    You say to Pathfinder Silentstride,"Tell me more."
    Pathfinder Silentstride:pathfinder Silentstride\/a says to you,"The hatred for Windstalker grew, and eventually, the trappers of Qeynos Hills hired mercenaries to do away with her... The forest folk found her body and buried it in a secret location. "
    You say to Pathfinder Silentstride,"Tell me more."
    Pathfinder Silentstride:pathfinder Silentstride\/a says to you,"Rangers do not seek artifacts of great power, though her grave must contain them. We
    seek her blessing. It is said that forest folk who show great devotion to Holly and pay tribute to her gravesite, shall be imbued with her powers. "
    You say to Pathfinder Silentstride,"Thank your for sharing her tale."

    Ridian McNight
    50 Troubador

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