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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by KythosMeltdown, Mar 17, 2022.

  1. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Varsoon launches somewhere between 4-8 weeks from now. Sure would be nice to have a date.
  2. Beneeto Member

    i'll be your date, zenji !
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  3. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    Back off my man! ;)
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  4. Smashey Well-Known Member

    Would be amazing if they could make content post DoV interesting and maybe give unique rewards account wide so we dont have to restart every 1½ years and get our character transfered to a dead live server.
  5. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    To be fair, it's not like the content past DoV isn't potentially cool. From my understanding, what most people really dislike is the way that the game gets bloated, especially where characters (stats and sheer number of skills) are involved. The actual content is probably pretty good, I just know that I'm not personally willing to give it a shot. I'm just not interested in the game when it starts shifting into the millions+ of dps, trying to figure out when/where/how blue stats start converting to other blue stats, when I need 13 hotbars of skills, or when I need to start dropping hundreds of RL dollars in Ascension classes or spell research.
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  6. Kurth Member

    One of the things I loved about classic EQ was the limit to 8 spells memorized at a time. Would be nice if modern MMOs did that (SWTOR and WoW are both really bad with hotbar bloat as well)
  7. Revvix Active Member

    There's nothing stopping you from doing this if you want to play this way. Having just returned from a nostalgia trip to EQ1 recently, I can say for sure that I hated only having one hotbar of spells. Having to constantly swap stuff around just to buff someone was a pain in the butt that added no additional challenge or immersion to the game.
  8. Kurth Member

    It absolutely adds challenge to the game, sure certain classes will swap stuff around to get buffs up, but for a lot of classes there's hard choices about what spells to have up in combat. EQ2 dealt with buffs differently using the concentration system, but having it be tactical which combat abilities you have available to you, instead of having 4 or 5 hotbars filled with crap (EQ2 admittedly isn't as bad as SWTOR thankfully) I think makes for a more interesting combat system.
  9. Turkish Member

    This is so true. The content is fine, it's the absurd system bloat that happens which is the problem for me and a lot of others I know.
  10. Laalon2 Active Member

    1000% this
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  11. Smashey Well-Known Member

    What system though? Diety points was not added until ToT in 2015. Ascension classes wasnt until KA in 2016.

    Between DoV (Crit Bonus) which released in 2011 we had, AoD (mercenaries/reforging/beastlord), CoE (Prestige AA tree), ToV (Channeler+Dragon AA tree) and AoM.

    If mercenaries is what people hate, I can understand but other than mercenaries nothing really changed and the addition of the prestige tree drastically increased the gameplay value of almost all the classes. The dragon tree is mostly passive AA increases.
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