New/Returning Player EQ2 to easy?

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  1. Ariogo New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I played this game before a bit back around launch, but randomly decided to come back and try it again yesterday since it's free. My account seemed to be banned but I just made a new 1 so no big deal. I started a high Elf Monk on the RP preferred server since it seemed to have good population and am in the ice/snow place dunno what it's called.

    Anyway I am finding things to be insanely easy, it's like the monsters don't really fight back there is no way they can win so it's a bit lame. I am wondering if things get hard once you get past the beginning (I am like 11 now after 2 hours or something) or if there is more challenging stuff available?

    Also I am wondering about the AA thing, I see that they let you have all these templates and you prechoose all your points, but I would much prefer to just select the points for them as I get them individually. Is there any way to do that or are you forced to just make / choose a template?

  2. Finora Well-Known Member

    You can just spend your aa as you go.

    As for difficulty, the newbie areas are super easy now for whatever reason. It does get more difficult as you go along to some extent. Some people seem to have more difficulty with it all than others /shrug.
  3. Ariogo New Member

    Ok I will keep going and see what happens I guess. Was hoping that some of the ah instances or adventure packs or whatever were more fun then others if that makes any sense.

    Thank you for the reply.
  4. Militant-Zanshin New Member

    It can be a bit easy. I just pull more or try things that are higher level:)
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  5. Khadoc Member

  6. Kalika Well-Known Member

    I started somewhere in 2007 and it was already much easier than when the game came out ;-)

    Since then player power have been multiplied by 2 or 3 and monsters remains unchanged and zone got revamped (in most all but a few ^^^ have been removed).

    I remember well those days in which a ^^^ heroic could jump at you almost anywhere.

    So yes the game is trivial if you limit yourself to solo content till 85. But nothing forces you to do that, and if you want some challenge the old dungeons are still there.

    I had ton of fun doing city of mist, solusek ro and many other place when mob where still up to yellow
    either solo or with a mercenary.

    I hope that they won't revamp the dungeon, the only one that got tuned down is the large underground
    below city sanks in which many heroic have been replaced by normal mobs. Rahotek also have been replaced by a crappy 1 ^.

    An alternative to doing group content is to pull 3-5-10 or more mobs at the same time.
    It's quite fun to do with a battlemage or a class with many AOE (paladin, sk, berzeker) ...
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  7. Regolas Well-Known Member

    I started in 2009 as a ranger and just followed the questlines, and I found it easy in places and hard in others. I often stumbled upon quests that took me into dungeons that were hard to solo. Died a fair bit but always managed to prevail in the end.

    This was before the simplification gear revamp though. No idea how hard it is now as I PL my alts (I'm not a fan of repeating questlines unless I have to, but I like doing them once)
  8. Ariogo New Member

    I did the condemned catacombs instance in Antonica over the weekend and it was allot harder and much more interesting. Even died a few times before finishing it. Was just me and a mercenary. So although the main zones are to easy (have had monsters die from a single ranged attack with a lucky crit of multi-attack) the instances are more challenging and interesting so there is fun stuff out there.

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