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    I felt kind of creative during downtime today and decided to create a new raid questline maybe for the future. I hope you also think it is creative, basically just putting ideas out there. Please give input on changes or better ideas.

    Main Boss
    Valluvyx – The Earth Dragon (aka: Grey Dragon)
    <Level> x 4 epic dragon

    Major Attacks: Note: can only use one type of attack per encounter
    Earth Quake
    Acid Rain
    Pyroclastic Flow

    Attributes: Travels through the Earth as most dragons fly in the air.
    Shape Shifts (always seems a bit dirty when shape shifted)

    Back Story: Valluvyx fell away from Norrathian lore after the destruction of Luclin, satisfied with creating and residing in an opulent realm deep inside Norrath.

    It is whispered that a distant relative of the Creator in Varsoon used a concoction of rare earthen materials and spells when mixed they accidentally created Valluvyx millenia ago. This creation raised the ire of Nagafen. (there may be an ancient tome (quest starter) located in the Creator’s lair or somewhere in Varsoon)

    He is protected and served by the Dwarves of Kalladim, whom are sworn to secrecy of Valluvyx’s realm.

    According to legend, there are 5 main Dwarves (bosses) that lead the other dwarves through possession and fear and are very well trained fighter’s, healer’s and mages.
    There is an elder dwarf located somewhere inside Kaladim who may be able to expand the knowledge of this legend. (Here you could probably create a raid zone Kaladim: Ancient Times to search for the elder dwarf, and he/she may send the raid on some additional quest(s) for the answers, usually found in the current dungeon the raid force is in or perhaps in Veeshan’s Peak, Laboratory of Lord Vyemm, etc.)

    It is believed the only known entrance to this realm is located in some forgotten sealed pathway in Solusek's Eye. All, so far, have failed to find that pathway…

    (Here again you could create another raid zone: Solusek’s Eye: The Pathway)

    Rewards: The idea is that the sub-quests, prior to final conflict, will reward gear that will suitably equip everyone for the final raid.

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    I don't remember enough of Varsoon or Kaladim to speak to the consistency of this story, but I love the idea of story-based raids. The first several expansions had them. Lately, the story is completely wrapped up in the solo content, while raiders run the raid zones simply for the thrill of the fight? This could also be a fun way to re-visit old locales. I know the dev team is stretched thin, so re-using old zones (with new populations) should be much faster than fresh zones, and I loved all the dungeons you mentioned.
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