new pvp sever lag for 3 straight days

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Candyman45, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. Candyman45 New Member

    i cant cast any spells, i cant zone and the lag is really bad. i activated my account 3 days ago. i didn't play for the last month. i hear the server got rolled back due to cheaters. when i came back 3 days after 1 month away i was in a group in RE then all the sudden everyone in my group started to lag.. its been this way for the last 4 days. i cant even call back come to repair!
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  2. Sunlei Member

    Candyman45 post this on bug reports. They may not notice your post here.

    Same thing happened to me yesterday. In Rivervale zone. Everything was fine for an hour, harvesting in near empty zone.

    Then a lvl 65? with 5 toons in tow appeared at the revive point. all Toons with immunity counter. Instantly the zone began lagging so much even a harvest wouldn't finish. I noticed the immunity message wasn't reducing on the 5 towed characters at the revive point.

    I think it was that group somehow making the zone lag? I asked him how he was making the zone lag but he just yelled at me lol.

    His group went LD and the lag stopped. His group returned in game and the lag started again. Weird and he sure wasn't happy I 'blamed' the lag on him. I zoned out to next zone and there was no lag at all.

    Can one of those group UIs or some group program make the entire zone lag like that? Far as I know we were the only ones in Rivervale at that time.

    just edited today to report the fix/patch that said they fixed the zonelag type I noticed (zone lag rivervale with broken armor group at revive point) has been fixed! Thanks!
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  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    Was just lagging hard logging into NQ. There were a ton of people there, though. Maybe I'll hit up that /bug reports thread just in case.