New PVP Server in 2020?

Discussion in 'PvP TLE Discussion' started by BaKKo, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. BaKKo New Member

    I am not an active player and I am sure everyone will say that its like beating a dead horse at this point, but I for once had an absolute blast in Deathtoll and would love similar experience again. Yes Nagi was a failed experiment (tried it myself) but its a learning curve, right? o_O

    I saw a couple of comments say something about seeing DEV's mentioning a server for the beginning of 2020, but I haven't been able to find anything. Can anyone confirm? That nostlagia is real, after listening to the OG soundtrack. Don't really see a valid reason for having temp-servers for something where grind and ongoing progress is a big thing.

    p.s. feel free to bash me and the idea, I know there have been a lot of threads already :D
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  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I heard those rumors too yes and it was posted on one of those other social web sites
    well we see when it get's closer to next year , if that turns out to be truth or not .
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  3. Dude Well-Known Member

    It's not a rumor. Kander stated it himself on Discord. What he said, though, is not a guarantee. He only said there are discussions happening about the possibility of a permanent PvP server sometime next year. That's it. Nothing more. It's quoted several time in the other thread in the PvP forum.
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    so I must have heard the news from you Dude , I would say a very credible source.:D
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  5. Jarvan New Member

    I'd urge you both to move froward to a different game, because even if they open a new pvp server, they will not take care of it and it will die. Look at the track record.

    Alot of us have pushed for fixes, countless bug reports, suggestions, etc. and nothing has been heard, ever fixed, nor have we ever even gotten a Dev response in forums addressing the issues of why these servers keep failing.
  6. BaKKo New Member

    I have moved on on long ago. I play mostly shooters, some semi-rpg games.. but at the end of the day, nothing feels like an old-school EQ2 and if I am to commit to an MMO fully again, it would only be EQ2. Who knows, say they address the issues after they have more time & resources to spare after the expansion, push out a server similar to Deathtoll and make changes time to time. Leave it be. It works it works, if it doesnt it doesnt... it brings people back and with the sub-based system, they get a financial boost.
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  7. Brutalis New Member

    Bring on the PVP server =D
  8. Siren Well-Known Member

    Kander just said in Kander's Candor #4 that "We're not done with PvP." Woot! Bring on the permanent TL-PvP server already! :cool:

    However, he also said they aren't bringing back Battlegrounds because they were too rushed in their creation and insertion into EQ2 (at the long-ago command from up high in management), that BGs would basically have to be recreated from scratch to function correctly, and they do not have nearly the resources required to do that.

    Back when BGs were active, people were constantly losing their PvP characters, getting stuck zoning in and out, or even having other PvE server characters vanish from their login screens.... It was a disaster.

    Caith has also said in more recent times that the team is too small (Caith handles PvP pretty much alone from what I can see) to keep two sets of gear going (PvP and PvE), so nope, BGs are not coming back. And good riddance as far as I'm concerned, because they killed open world PvP and were one of many nails in the coffin of the original Nagafen.

    But also remember, Nagafen's heyday was its pre-BGs early years of open PvP, and Kander just said in Kander's Candor #4 that "We're not done with PvP." So....Yay! Dreamweaver (Meanweaver? His idea, not mine hehe) said during Kander's Candor #4 t that they may further suss out details for PvP during the next Kander's Candor #5.

    Bring it!
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  9. Lovidicus Member

    Same boat. I had such a great time on the last PvP TLE server. I'd love to do it again. The whole seasonal Nagafen server has no interest to me at all since it's entirely focused on PvP. EQ2 PVP is pretty bad, but it serves as a fun compliment to the PVE game which is where EQ2 shines most.
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  10. eelf New Member

    Give it up, game is dead.
  11. Frostfang Member

  12. kafodoo Member

    If you want my opinion, I believe they should start a TLE pvp server in KOS, and go up from there through a server vote (like, stormhold). However, there is going to need to be actual beta testing to create a balance. If they put in this leg work and actually used the player base as a focus group to test out pvp, and make it to where it is not unbalanced there would be a healthy server population. Even going as far as putting it on a separate server away from inflated gear would be ideal......
  13. Zenji Well-Known Member

    What do you consider a healthy server population? What you are asking for would take a fair amount of time and resources.

    I think a more realistic option would have a new TLE server, start at EoF. KoS is an awkward place to start, at least EoF adds several zones for lower level content.

    But have the server with optional PvP flagging. So instead of dividing the TLE / PvP population you can put them all on 1 server. You will likely end up with several more people trying PvP if they feel they can also turn it off. Do it similar to how WoW did, you can only flag/deflag inside major cities. Could also have some group zones as auto flagged like Castle MM, Kaladim, Permafrost, Rivervale, Sebelis, etc. But mostly solo zones like Antonica, CL, G fay, etc you have to choose to flag for pvp.

    The EQ2 population is small, we need to find ways to get people to play together instead of dividing the already small community.
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  14. Siren Well-Known Member

    Most of EQ2's PvP fans don't play PvE; they wait for PvP servers to go up to return. That's one reason Skyfire is the deadest server: all the PvP servers merged into the original Nagafen, which eventually merged into Skyfire once Nagafen shut down for good. AB is the second deadest, because Deathtoll merged into Stormhold which merged into AB. See the pattern here? The PvP players left once their server of choice was gone.

    I think you would find that anyone who leans toward PvE would stop flagging after the 1st time a roaming group of 6 oranges wiped the floor with them, camped their respawn point while they were trying to run away with rez sickness, etc. You have to have a tough skin to be in a PvP situation, especially on an open server; there isn't too much real crossover. If someone is that interested in open PvP, they'll already be on the PvP server.
  15. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    The only way war mode or pvp flagging will work in eq2 is if the devs were able to some how adopt the separate server instance (or whatever it's called) that WoW implemented. Where war mode on and war mode off players are separated and can't interfere with each other. Otherwise pve'rs are going to complain to no end. I know, because if we aren't separated, you bet I'm gonna mess with bluebies.
  16. kronich Member

    i miss so much this game! lately i felt something may changed, found this post, but it was not it.. plssss bring pvp server back!!!
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