New PvE and PvP Time-Locked Expansion Servers Coming Soon!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. Huja Member

    Its supposed to launch "soon" Servers are live but currently only devs are in making sure everything is green..
  2. Koren Member

    I wasn't sure either, I thought maybe I was missing something on my end
  3. Skades New Member

  4. Gabaron Member

  5. Huja Member

    I see the same people post hours apart that they are going to sleep each time an update comes out. LIES!
  6. Slipshod Active Member

    I have taken two naps today. Both of them while waiting for the beta to start. I feel pretty refreshed and think that I may now test until the wee dark hours of the morn....
  7. Ecno Active Member

    I am not going to sleep until the sandman himself prys me off this computer...
  8. Bernouli Member

    unfortunately work won't let me do that... otherwise i would be on til i died of exhaustion.
  9. Almost Member

    I took a nap, went a got lunch, and am now on my 4th beer...I may need another nap SOON™
  10. Slipshod Active Member

  11. Ecno Active Member

    Oh im going to work tomorrow but im probably only sleeping for 4-5 hours
  12. Lexxiii Active Member

    Aye if people were really going to sleep, they would be about it not talk about it.

    Oh, yeah forgot to put this
    Defiler, betray to a Mystic ASAP, and a Warlock are my 2 starters.
    Sage for my Defiler, Tailor for my Lock
    Race: I want my Warlock to be an Arekyn, but seeing as I dont know if that will be available from the start. If not, I will play an Erudite. My defiler will be either an Erudite or an Arasai
  13. Gabaron Member

    Im sleeping!
  14. Bernouli Member

    it feels in large part like this will be an adventure for tomorrow once they do open it.
  15. Gabaron Member

  16. Kurre New Member

    Yup, que to log in though
  17. Chrissdae Active Member

    I got in, was making my toon, and lost connection!
  18. Almost Member

    Wha? My Que is goin the wrong way!!!


    Have fun peeps, enjoy your nakedness.
  19. Koren Member

    I made it to the character screen!
  20. Huja Member

    Now we get to start playing que quest!

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