New player to EQ2

Discussion in 'Tips, Tricks, and New Player Questions' started by ARCHIVED-Elec, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Elec Guest

    New player to EQ2 here just stoping bye to say hi
  2. ARCHIVED-WNxTyr4el Guest

    I'm new too :D. Welcome to the world of Everquest! Enjoy your stay! People here are quite friendly and will help you out if you ask.
  3. ARCHIVED-Regolas Guest

    Welcome to EQ2! If you have any questions, post them here and someone will answer.

    Welcome to EQ2, both of you.
  5. ARCHIVED-Elec Guest

    Thank you all I am on permafrost server
  6. ARCHIVED-Brigh Guest

    WNxTyr4el wrote:
    Apparently this person didn't think so.
  7. ARCHIVED-WNxTyr4el Guest

    Brigh wrote:
    What did I not think? :O
  8. ARCHIVED-samael616 Guest

    Don't worry WNxTyr4el they weren't referring to you, hover over the words 'this person in the post and it's a link to someone elses post and they were referring to them :D
  9. ARCHIVED-stgninja Guest

    Welcome to the best place on the internets.

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