New Player Studio Items: Dreamy New Cloaks!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Dexella Associate Producer

    Today in the Marketplace there are two new Player StudioTM items available for sale! These two dreamy cloaks were created by Stormyheavens E’Clipse. With lush colors reminiscent of Ethernere, these cloaks are sure to attract the eye of all you pass on your adventures through Norrath!

    Cloak of Butterfly Dreams
    Cloak of Cosmic Dreams

    For every Player StudioTM item sold, the creator earns money, which in turn means more items made and more items to buy! Let them know which of their items you like, which ones you don’t, and what kind of items you would like to see created next over on the Player StudioTM forums.

    And remember, you too can design and create items for your game of choice! Player StudioTM is currently available in Free Realms, EverQuest, and EverQuest II. Create items, earn cash, and change your game today. For more information on Player StudioTM, click here.
  2. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Holy wow, the colors are fantastic.
  3. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Fabulash! Desperate for another triple station cash deal :D

    Love the artwork!

  4. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Very nice job on the cloaks, really pretty !
  5. Cuelaen Well-Known Member

    Up until now, i havent really been impressed with the player made stuff, but these cloaks are amazing. I especially like the second one-well done!:)
  6. Cloudrat Well-Known Member

    Omg this is one gorgeous cloak! It was the purrfect cloak for my kerran who wears purple! I foresee some makeovers on a couple of my fae as well:) Nice work!!

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  7. Mae- Well-Known Member

    Oh man, I really really REALLY like that butterfly one (I LOVE butterflies!) but not one of my girls wears an outfit it would go with =(
  8. durgaprasadzone New Member

    thanks for info.
  9. Cyliena Well-Known Member

    They are really lovely cloaks. :)
  10. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Agree, the butterfly one is amazing. Maybe the person that made the butterfly cloak will design an outfit to go with it? /HINT HINT

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